How Did J.k. Rowling Become Famous

By Tiara

As mentioned earlier, Jo was never really rich her whole life. However, she did have success in various career paths! Before she became famous as an author, she worked in several different industries including marketing, finance, and teaching.

Her first job after graduating with a degree in English from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry was working at British Airways as a commercial flight attendant. She spent two years there before moving onto corporate sales where she sold computer software.

From there, she moved into banking, becoming a business loans specialist for HSBC. After five years, she left to pursue writing full time.

She now makes a good living doing it! So why is she so well known? What made people start paying attention to her work? And what are some of her biggest sellers to date?

We will discuss all of that and more about The Harry Potter Series writer J.K. Rowling.

Won the first Harry Potter book award

how did j.k. rowling become famous

After graduating with her degree in English, Hermione quickly landed an editorial position at one of London’s most well-known fashion magazines. It was there she made her career changing decision – to pursue a writing career!

In fact, it was while working as an editor that she wrote her first novel, which would go on to become international bestseller The Half Blood Prince.

This is the first novel in what has now become known as the ‘Harry Potter series’. Featuring characters such as Ron Weasley, Neville Longbottom and Professor Dumbledore, it tells the story of seventeen year old wizard Harry Potter who must face his destiny along with a new student, a young Muggle boy named Tom Riddle who will change history forever.

The book was met with widespread success when it was published back in 2001, selling over twelve million copies worldwide and winning the prestigious British Book Award for Best Juvenile Fictionthe same year.

Since then, the books have gone on to be translated into twenty five languages and are still going strong today.

Influenced many other authors

how did j.k. rowling become famous

As we mentioned before, Harry Potter is not just one book; it’s eight books that have been written about in great detail. Some of these writers paid homage to JKR with stories of their own or at least mentions of her work.

Neil Gaiman, best known for his novels The Sandman as well as writing the screenplay adaptation of Coraline, wrote an article for Time Magazine titled “The Best Book You Never Read” which was a brief review of the first few chapters of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2.

He makes mention of how she influenced him by saying, “I read those two sentences over and over while I waited helplessly for something awful to happen,” referring to the climax of the book where Ron Weasley betrays Harry.

This inspired him to write his own chapter break downing suicide due to heartbreak and loss of hope. This also gave him inspiration for his short story called “How To Write A Break-Out Room Scene.” He included references to both Ginny Weasley and Luna Lovegood in this piece.

Stephen King has spoken about how he loves reading HP and even said there are similarities between himself and Sirius Black (the character who eventually turns villain). Both are described as charismatic leaders who enjoy teaching others.

Helped children with dyslexia

As we mentioned earlier, it was not easy for Harry Potter to find an audience. Even after she did, however, her success was not guaranteed. In fact, if you take a look back at some of her early works, you will notice that many people didn’t like them.

Rowling published her first novel when she was twenty-one years old. It is now considered one of the greatest books ever written, but it wasn’t always so well received.

Her debut work, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, features several characters who use slang and swear frequently. Many readers complained about this style, saying it was too young to read such strong language.

Some even said the book lacked dramatic tension because there were no conflicts or storylines.

But all these criticisms failed to dissuade other writers from reading her work.

Enjoyed reading as a child

how did j.k. rowling become famous

As a little girl, she enjoyed reading very much. Her favorite genre of books was fairy tales, which are stories that feature magical or supernatural events. She would read lots of them many times over.

Her mother never pressured her to be anything other than what she is now – an author. In fact, her parents were supportive and encouraging when she decided to pursue writing as a career.

She always had a lot of support in the form of readers. When she started publishing, she received so many messages and comments about how her work inspired people to put down their book and go do something they have planned for themselves.

That made her feel good and motivated her to keep creating new works. So, she really doesn’t consider herself famous yet! But she will someday.

Disclaimer: The article may contain strong language or themes not appropriate for children.

Liked some of her favorite authors

how did j.k. rowling become famous

As a child, J. K. Rowling loved reading. She would spend hours exploring different genres, looking at how story-telling styles differed from writer to writer.

She was particularly fascinated by stories that involved magic or supernatural themes. These types of books inspired her to start writing her own!

As she got older, her passion for storytelling grew stronger. After graduating high school, she attended various universities, studying business, psychology, and sociology.

It wasn’t until she enrolled in college that Rowling decided to take up creative writing as a career path.

Her first job after graduation was working as an assistant for a literary agency, where she helped writers polish their craft. This gave her the chance to work with both fiction and nonfiction writers.

After one year there, she was promoted to editorial coordinator, overseeing the content of other writers’ material. Her colleagues included people who now have successful careers such as author Jessica King (The Bitch Handbook) and journalist Cat Marnell (Bustle Magazine).

More recently, Rowling has worked as a freelance editor while also developing and running educational programs for Storyline Press. With this company, students can learn professional skills like copy editing and proofreading.

Rowling is still very much engaged in the publishing industry, acting as a mentor and trainer for aspiring editors.

Was inspired by Disney

how did j.k. rowling become famous

As a child, she was obsessed with fairy tales. Fairy stories were her genre of choice, making it easy to see how inspiration for The Sorcerer’s Stone came about.

Rowling has said that she would read these classic stories over and over again until they “loosened up and told me new things I could apply to my own life.”

She also noted how some characters in the tales behaved in ways that seemed familiar to her. For instance, Aladdin is always talking about finding his place in the world and wanting to help others, which resonated with Rowling as she grew up feeling like an outcast.

These experiences made her feel uncomfortable but at the same time motivated her to pursue what she wanted. This gave her the motivation she needed to start writing and eventually publish works of her own.

Wrote while staying at her family home

how did j.k. rowling become famous

As we know, Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling wrote her first novel when she was 19 years old. It would later be published in 1997 under the pen name of Robert Galbraith. She then proceeded to take it very seriously by writing five more books within the next decade!

It is interesting to note that even though she has now been written about and talked about for almost two decades, no one really knows how she became famous as an author.

She never made any major media appearances nor did she ever attend literary events or conferences. This is because she wrote her novels while living in a house with her parents and sister and they never seemed to have time for such things.

Instead, she focused on marketing and advertising herself online through blogs, social networking sites, and newsletters. Her main website always includes links to all of her publications so people can easily access them.

This article will talk more in detail about some of the ways she marketed herself and influenced others to pick up the book and read what she had to say.

Wrote in the same room she watched movies in

how did j.k. rowling become famous

As we mentioned before, Harry Potter is not just any book. It’s one of the most famous series of books ever written, with over 700 million copies sold worldwide. And although writing has always been her main focus, JK Rowling didn’t become rich overnight.

It took her several years to get where she is now, working hard at developing her writing skills while also investing in herself by taking advanced writing courses and reading business books.

She even wrote an article about how to manage your money as a writer! Her tips are very helpful if you want to improve your income as a writer.

So what did it take for this talented author to reach the top? In this article, we will look into five key factors that helped make her successful.