How Did J.k Rowling Became Famous

By Tiara

As we all know, Harry Potter is one of the greatest book series of our time. It has sold over 70 million copies worldwide and it continues to be popular more than 10 years later.

It’s no wonder why its success has been so profound; not only do people enjoy reading it, but they also relate to the characters.

The protagonist is young and inexperienced, but he learns as he goes along. He struggles with internal conflicts and challenges his beliefs throughout the story.

He never gives up hope or sacrifices who he is for someone else, which are qualities that many can identify with.

The author writes very realistically about human emotions, making the stories relatable even outside the context of the books. This helps market her products beyond just what she wrote.

Her style is unique. She isn’t like anyone else when it comes to writing and storytelling, making it easy to distinguish herself from other writers.

She is well-known and respected within the literary world, making it possible to connect her as an artist to others.

This connection allows her to use her talents to inspire and influence others while at the same time promoting her career.

All these factors contribute to how JK Rowling became famous. They made it possible for her to achieve her dream of becoming a professional writer, and now she works in the entertainment industry.

She will likely continue to succeed in the field because of all these reasons.

Published her first book at the age of 11

how did j.k rowling became famous

As we know, Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling is famous for writing some incredible books that have been featured in the reading lists of many high schools across America and around the world. She has also garnered quite an audience outside of just literature, as she boasts over 50 million followers on social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter!

Her success comes not only from creating memorable characters and stories, but also due to her knack for marketing herself.

She began self-publishing when she was 21 years old with The Fountain Series, which are now eBooks you can find on most major digital marketplaces. Since then, she has published six more novels, including A Beginner’s Guide To Writing Fiction and The Girl With All The Gifts, both of which were recently made into movies by Warner Brothers.

Rowling started her career as a writer at such a young age, and although she may have already hit the big time, she still has so much potential to grow.

Published her second book at the age of 12

how did j.k rowling became famous

As we know, Harry Potter author JK Rowling made her big break in publishing when she was just 22 years old. She wrote her first novel while she was still attending school, which she published when she was twelve years old.

Her debut work was a children’s fantasy titled The Philosopher’s Stone, which was later rebranded as The Sorcerer’s Stone. Since then, she has written over twenty-seven novels that have been bestsellers across many genres, with more than 450 million copies sold worldwide!

She is also one of the most well-known authors in the world. Her books have earned billions of dollars for Scholastic, Bloomsbury Publishing, and Warner Bros., among others.

Published her third book at the age of 13

how did j.k rowling became famous

As mentioned earlier, it was not until Harry Potter and The Philosopher’s Stone was published that she became well-known. This is because before then, she lived in anonymity. Even though people knew who she was, they didn’t know much about her.

This is very different now. Her biography has been written over and over again by various sources. She herself even wrote an autobiography!

Her success comes from two main factors. First, she built up an audience through writing blogs and posting material online. Secondly, she marketed herself consistently to increase exposure for her work.

Won the first Harry Potter book award

In 1995, when Harry Potter and The Philosopher’s Stone was first published, not many people knew who JK Rowling was. She didn’t have much of a fan base and she received very little media coverage.

But that all changed in early 1996, when Rowling won the annual Young Writer Award from the Children’s Book Forum for her novelization of the screenplay to the movie version of Harry Potter and the Gobstones!

The CBFA is an organization made up mostly of journalists and editors who write about children’s literature. They choose one winner per year by asking each nominee five questions and then announcing the winner at a gala event.

Rowling’s win was particularly significant because it wasn’t only professional writers and critics who voted on this prize — anyone with access to the internet could vote too! That meant that even non-readers like myself were able to recognize Rowling as a talented writer.

Won the second Harry Potter book award

how did j.k rowling became famous

After graduating with her degree in English, Rowling spent some time working as an assistant editor before she got serious about writing. She wrote her first novel while sitting outside or around her house because she could not find anywhere to write!

It was during this time that she became acquainted with another writer who would go onto have a major influence on her career- Christopher Columbus Meyer. You may know his work from all three of his New York Times best sellers: The Girl Who Knew Too Much, Tell Me What You See, and If These Doors Were Made Of Wood Then Why Can’t I Push Inside.

Rowling took note of how successful he was and decided to try out being published herself. Since she already had a platform through social media (she has over 50 million followers on Twitter alone!), she created a website where people could read her latest work for free.

Became a movie star

how did j.k rowling became famous

As mentioned earlier, Harry Potter is one of the greatest trilogies ever written. It boasts three parts that have each received their own level of recognition and praise. The first part was the book series which consisted of seven novels that were all best-sellers.

The second part was the eight film adaptations that starred some of the most popular actors in Hollywood at the time. Daniel Radcliffe (Harry) won an Academy Award for his performance as Harry Potter.

Then there’s Rupert Grint who played Ron Weasley, Emma Watson who played Hermione Granger, and Matt Smith who portrayed Professor Severus Snape. These characters have become recognizable even outside of the books and movies.

Not only are they known for their acting, but also because people admire them as individuals — something that many think is missing from Harry Potter.

Smith has spoken about this before, saying how he feels “isolated” while filming scenes with him. He wants to connect with other people after filming ends, so attending events or meeting up with friends is his way to help re-connect.

Grint said similar things when talking about feeling isolated during production. Both actors described it thusly: it can be difficult waiting for your character to make a move or do something before someone else does. This creates a sense of emptiness you need to fill.

This article will talk more about why these celebrities have left the world of literature and moved onto bigger and better things.

Popularized the idea of wizards and witches

how did j.k rowling became famous

Before Harry Potter, there were very few stories about magical beings that people knew about. Even fewer people understood how they worked or what it meant to be a wizard or witch!

Prior to Harry Potter, there was The Wizarding World of Henry Sturgess, written in 1869 by British author Walter Meringue. In this book, magic is not an elusive concept to understand, but instead comes from natural energy. For example, when someone experiences strong emotions such as anger, sadness, or joy, their body emits light at a brighter level. This light can be seen radiating off their skin and filling the surrounding area with its glow.

This effect, known as photic flux, is used to cast spells because of the way it invokes emotion. By targeting these emotional states, one can use the element of illumination to manipulate others’ behavior.

There are many other examples of clever tricks using photic flux in different books throughout The Elder Scrolls series. However, none of them have become popular enough to earn a place in our culture outside of fiction until now.

With the rise in popularity of witchcraft and occult practices in today’s society, writers have inspired more creativity in terms of spellcasting. Many find inspiration for their ideas directly from sources like The Wizarding World of Henry Sturgess and learn something new every time they do so.

Encouraged kids to read

how did j.k rowling became famous

After graduating with her degree in English, she worked as an editor at various publications, including The London Sunday Times and Metro Newspaper before quitting to pursue writing full time. In 1989, just one year after launching her career as a writer, she published what would become her first bestselling book — Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone.

The story of how she became famous is really quite remarkable!

It goes something like this: One day, while out for a walk, Rowling came across some children who were not reading or even talking about books. So she took out her own copy of Harry Potter and asked if they wanted to check it out.

They did, and now she has a very passionate fan base that continues to grow every year.

Her success landed her many awards and recognition, both from the publishing industry and her personal life. She also received honorary doctorates from several universities.