How Did J Cole Get Famous

By Tiara

As we all know, music artists spend their lives trying to get famous. They put in long hours of work creating their art and meeting with people to promote it, they develop relationships with other musicians and industry professionals, and they are constantly working to grow their fan base.

But what many artists don’t realize is that even though they may have spent years developing their craft, getting recognized for it can actually happen quite easily!

It’s true – you can be an incredible artist who doesn’t get the recognition they deserve, which isn’t anything against you- but it could possibly indicate that your success has more to do with luck than talent.

As hard as it might sound, being a successful musician isn’t about being talented or skillful at making music, It’s not about having a great voice, or knowing how to tell a story through lyrics. It’s not about playing guitar really well either, although those things definitely help.

Released his first single

how did j cole get famous

In May 2009, just over a year ago, 21-year-old Cole Depp released his debut solo song “Go Up”. It was originally recorded for Drake's album More Than A Year Ago We Started, but he never officially released it so people didn't know what everyone else knew — that Cole wrote the song.

It wasn't until late last month when his official website went up where everything became clear. There you could listen to both "Go Up" along with other songs off of More Than A Year Ago we Start as well as The Introduction, which features him talking about how he got into music.

He also mentioned some of his favorite artists such as Future, Drake, Big Sean, and Kanye West.

Went on tour

how did j cole get famous

As we know, music is a form of expression that allows us to explore different themes and styles. Artists are influenced by their surroundings and what they experience, so it’s natural for them to make connections with things related to these experiences.

For example, when artists go on tour, they are exposing themselves to new environments, meeting new people, and experiencing how other musicians market and promote themselves. These insights can be applied to your career!

It may sound crazy but there’s a way to do something great even if you don’t have much money. And I’m not talking about starting a band and performing in front of crowds every day — although that could definitely work!

I’m referring to creating and promoting your own content that will draw attention and inspire action. You only need an internet connection and some basic tools to get started.

Released his debut album

how did j cole get famous

In May 2009, just over a year ago, twenty-year-old rapper Young Joc released his first solo LP, The Introduction of Jay Rock. Since then, he has not looked back! He quickly became one of the top rappers in the industry, with songs like “Power” featuring Eminem and Kanye West’s “Monster.”

His success came early, but it did not come easy. It took years for him to break into the music business as an artist, so how did he do it?

He gave up most of his money to invest in his career, which included buying new equipment and recording studios. He also invested in social media sites to spread his brand. And he never stopped working on his craft – creating and rewriting his lyrics and adding new styles to fit what was popular at that time.

Became a superstar

how did j cole get famous

As we know, rap is a very competitive genre. There are always new artists coming up to challenge the ones that were already popular. For someone who wants their music to go beyond just listening for fun, they must build an audience!

To do this, you have to put in some work. You can’t expect to be famous by sitting back and waiting for your song to get listened to.

You need to actively promote yourself and your art by posting about it online, sharing your songs via social media, hosting meet-and-greets, etc. More people means more exposure which means more listeners!

There are many ways to gain fame as a musician but none of them are guaranteed to succeed until you try.

Opened for Big Sean

how did j cole get famous

Over the past few years, music has seen an explosion in diversity. Artists such as Drake, Jay-Z, Kanye West, and now The Weeknd have dominated the charts with their lyrical content and style. Others like Rihanna, Beyoncé, and Frank Ocean have shown us that there’s no wrong way to be rich!

But what about those who don’t fit into any of these categories? An artist who doesn’t quite belong in the hip hop genre but is making his or her mark all the same? That artist is twenty one year old rapper, J Cole.

Cole started off his career by opening up for some big names. Back when he was still performing under his given name, Jeffrey, he opened up for Drake at London’s O2 Arena back in 2014. Since then, he’s gone onto open for several more artists including Kendrick Lamar, Nas, and Future. He also performed alongside Eminem once.

He made his first appearance on our list in 2017 where he ranked number three. Read on to find out how.

Made more music

how did j cole get famous

As we know, before anyone can be considered famous they have to make their own music and spread that music for people to listen to. This is what made Miley Cyrus, Taylor Swift, and Ariana Grande famous!

All three of these artists had to start from somewhere with no fame or followers. They needed to create an album people wanted to hear, so they worked hard to get feedback for their songs.

By giving your audience a chance to respond to your work, you are letting them use you as a tool to help yourself grow. Plus, it’s a nice way to give back to those who supported you in the past.

Cole started recording his first song at the age of 17. Since then he has recorded five studio albums and two compilation albums. He also released several EPs while he was developing his career. All this musical creativity has allowed him to win many awards and recognitions.

He received his first Grammy Award in 2016 for Best Rap Album for The Deeper We Go. His second award came just one year later when he won best hip hop artist. Both of these achievements were given for his album Born Free.

Went on tour

how did j cole get famous

After leaving South Florida for an extended break, Jay-Z made his way across America to perform at music festivals such as Lollapalooza in Chicago and Coachella in California. He also performed at several other well known events like Summer Jam in Atlanta and Rock The Bells in Maryland.

Not only did he put in some hard work by traveling across the country, but he also connected with many people along the way!

He interacted with fans frequently and would sometimes do giveaways or collaborations with brands. All of this helped him gain more exposure and followers.

After all of these performances were done, he returned home to release his new album which featured the songs “Numbers” and “Oochie Wally.” Both of those songs got major airplay and received positive feedback from critics and audiences.

Made more music

As we know, Jay-Z is one of the most popular rappers in the game. He has been putting out songs for over 15 years! He has also collaborated with some big name artists such as Beyoncé and Rihanna.

But before he was famous, he made an impressive amount of music. Many people have credited his success to this.

He started off by rapping himself and then other people got into it and helped him get where he is now.

He produced many of his own tracks and hired professional songwriters to help shape his lyrics and melodies.

This article will talk about how he got here! So, stay tuned and read up.