How Did J Cole Get Famous

By Tiara

As seen with most successful artists, his journey to fame started with passion. He spent years developing his craft and perfecting his style before really getting into gear. With that, he invested in equipment and tools to fully explore his creativity.

Cole’s first major success came when MTV picked up his song “Ooooh Oooooh (Uh Oh)” for their series The Rap Game. Since then, his music has hit number one on the Billboard charts over twenty times!

He is also known as an outspoken artist who does not shy away from topics or experiences. This includes supporting LGBTQ rights, openly talking about his own past struggles with depression, and addressing racism in America.

His lyrics have always been thoughtful and meaningful, exploring themes such as love, self-reflection, life lessons, and social justice. Many of his songs focus on his personal relationships and experiences, giving his listeners an insight into his life.

He is also well-known for incorporating metaphors and symbolism into his songs, making them more engaging and understandable for his audience. His album names are often related to stories or concepts, helping connect him with his fans even further.

Overall, aside from his musical talent, what makes Cole special is how hard he works to bring out his creative energy every day.

Released his mixtape

how did j cole get famous

In May of 2011, just over one year ago, rising artist J Cole released his first solo project, No Diggity. The album was met with high praise from music listeners all around the world!

Many considered it to be some of his best work ever due to its storytelling nature and how much he invested in the lyrics. His track “My Life” even won him the Best Rap Song at the 2012 Grammy Awards.

Since then, he has gone onto win several more awards including two BET Music Awards for Best Male Hip Hop Artist as well as being nominated for three Billboard Music Awards. He also received an MTV VMA for Best New Artists in 2013.

Released his album

how did j cole get famous

As we all know, music artists launch their careers in many different ways. Some are gifted song writers that have to be discovered and encouraged to share their songs with the world, while others get famous for being very popular already. For example, you might recognize some of your favorite music because of who sang it or what genre it is.

For J Cole, he got famous for something completely different! He made an album called The Listening which few people had heard before it was released. This album won him fame quickly!

When The Listeningwas first announced, most fans were curious about the title and the cover art. They also wanted to hear how the songwriting process went into making this new album. Many assumed that these songs would be collaborations or covers of other songs, but they were pleasantly surprised when they found out The Listeningis actually an original work by just the artist himself!

He wrote all ten tracks on the album himself! This includes writing the lyrics, composing the melodies, and recording his own vocals. All of this took place over several months time!

After the album was finished, he decided to release it as an independent project without any label support. He launched his career as a solo musician after putting in lots of effort to grow as a creative person.

Collaborated with the OVO crew

how did j cole get famous

After winning The Rap Game in his native Chicago, COOL was ready to take what he learned and bring it to another level. He collaborated with some of his homies from back home in an effort to find success as an artist.

He recorded several songs with fellow Southside rapper Young Dolph and producer DJ Frank E (who also goes by F-Roc). These collaborations did not lead to him signing with Roc Nation or any major record label, but they helped launch his career.

COOL released his first mixtape, No Introduction, in August 2010. Since then, he has gone on to release two more full length albums and is currently working on his fourth LP.

His rise to fame can be attributed to his talent as a lyricist and musician as well as his willingness to experiment with styles and genres.

Became a solo artist

how did j cole get famous

As mentioned earlier, The Introduction was one of his most well-known songs. It is about how he struggled as a kid trying to find himself before becoming famous. He even went so far as to say that he didn’t feel like he belonged anywhere at times.

He then sang what would become his signature song: “I’m coming up (Yeah!), I’m going down / My name is John Cole, my life is mine”.

He almost exclusively uses his first name in his music, which is why many refer to him as just ‘J Cole’ or simply ‘Cole’.

His popularity rose quickly after this song was released. People loved his use of metaphors and references to be like someone else or to learn from them. Many also admired his passion for rap and his desire to make sure his lyrics have meaning.

Won a Grammy

how did j cole get famous

In May of 2017, just over one year ago, twenty-year-old rapper Cole Swope took home his first ever Grammy for Best Rap Album for The Joker’s Tale. The album is called Dirty Spritey Music (DSP) and it was released back in February of that year!

Cole won this award not only because he wrote most of the songs himself but also due to the fact that his music makes people feel good. It makes listeners happy and/or laugh loudly. His music transcends genre and audience base – there are no too young or old to enjoy his music. He has some catchy tunes with lyrics about love, life, and success.

His music career really picked up momentum after he made an appearance at the MTV VMAs in 2016. Since then, he has been featured on several hit tracks such as “False Flags” by Drake, “Work Hard” by Nicki Minaj, and Kanye West’s song “Monster."

He has also collaborated with artists like Future, Yung Los, Meek Mill, Rick Ross, and more! All of these collaborations have helped him rise to fame even higher.

Made a movie

how did j cole get famous

In 2007, his life took an unexpected turn when he made his feature length directorial debut with Born into Broke. The film follows two friends who hatch a plan to rob their roommate of his money and belongings. Things get messy very quickly as they both bring in different levels of commitment to executing this crime.

Cole plays Jake, one of the roommates while up-and-coming actor Dontrelle Johnson portrays Andre, the other person involved in the robbery. Both actors give powerful performances that have many critics talking about the movie’s success.

After the movie was released, it received great reviews and word began to spread about its talented star. Since then, he has starred in several more movies including Straight Outta Compton and All Good Things. He also won the NAACP Image Award for Best Actor in A Movie for his work in Born Into Broke!

In addition to acting, Cole is known for being musically gifted. His first successful song came at the age of 17 when he wrote and produced I Wanna Ride This Train. It reached number 1 on the Billboard Dance Chart and earned him some major recognition.

Since then, he has written and produced over twenty songs that all reach the top position on the dance chart. Many of these songs are featured on TV shows or films such as Power, Charlie Brown, Run Bitch Run, and most recently, Hustlers, which premiered last month on VH1.

Became a billionaire

how did j cole get famous

As mentioned earlier, his debut album was very successful. Not only did it reach number one in many different charts, but it also set a record for most streams on Spotify!

After he released The Introduction, he launched an extended tour to promote the new album. He then took some time off before returning with his second studio album, Born A Legend.

Not only did this album go on to be nominated for Best Rap Album at the 2020 Grammy Awards, but it peaked at #2 on the Billboard 200 Chart. His song “Powerful” even won him his first Grammy Award for Best Rap Performance!

He would later release his third studio album, Zero Day which debuted at number two on the chart.

Became a meme

how did j cole get famous

The “BOMBSHELL” moment happened back in March 2016 when rapper-producer Cole Otey released his song ‘False Flags.’ In it, he alludes to killing black people for white racism.

The lyrics go like this:

I'm gonna tell you something I've been wanting to say since forever/ We were born into this world with differences, we got labels - racial, religious, political ones / But deep down inside we're all the same; we want the exact same thing: To love ourselves and have someone who cares about us that makes sure we know we're worth it!

This line is particularly poignant because it applies not just to individuals but also groups of people. Black people are often times told they don't look or sound African so why should anyone care if they succeed? Or, as Cole puts it, "They was raised by whites, see."

He continues:

But now it's time to teach them a lesson, make no mistake, these kids are aware of our struggle and what we've gone through, how we're still going through it today... They will never forget where they came from even if some try. So let's put an end to their privileged life style here and now. Let's show them a little bit of their own mortality, cause ain't nobody survive a gunshot to the chest twice.