How Did J Balvin Get Famous

By Tiara

As we know, Latin music is everywhere these days! Artists such as Beyoncé, Drake, Rihanna, and Cardi B have made it big in the music industry due to their infectious songs that stick in your head and showcase of impressive collaborations.

But before those artists were famous, they struggled just like anyone else does — struggling to be heard over all the other noise in the music scene. It’s no wonder then why so many musicians owe a lot of their success to someone who had faith in them when they didn’t.

In this article you will learn how one person was able to help shape the future of popular music by promoting and helping build the career of another artist he considered to be talented. That artist is bach paul zyro, also known professionally as bj the bronx.

He writes his own lyrics, composes most of his songs, and even produces his own projects with his team. Although he may not be well-known outside of his native latin america, bj has been developing his craft for more than two decades now.

If there’s one thing Bj The Bronx knows how to do, it’s promote himself.

Signed a record deal

how did j balvin get famous

Before he was known for his infectious dance moves, bhangra songs or collaborations with Taylor Swift, you probably know him as just plain old Jay! He has been singing professionally since high school when he took part in The Recording Academy’s Kids’ Choice Awards where he sang Ariana Grande‘s hit song “Break Free.”

He later signed his first recording contract at age 19. In August of 2015, he released his debut album Vivid through Universal Music Latino. Since then, he has not looked back!

His rise to stardom is something he never expected but worked hard to achieve. It includes releasing several successful singles such as his bhangra track “Disco Inferno” (which had over 1 billion views on YouTube), the electro track “I Know You Got This Dance” and more recently “Ojos Así.

Went to Colombia

how did j balvin get famous

As a young artist, he needed to hone his craft, so he moved abroad for some serious music education. He lived in Colombia from 2012 to 2016 where he refined his skills as an artist. During this time, he made many friends across South America who helped him grow as a musician.

He even opened up for international artists like Diplo, Natti Vida and The Boy Next Door while touring around Europe and Asia! In fact, one of these artists saw his potential and took him back home with her to Miami, where she recorded his first album.

From there, everything exploded! His song “Bora Bora” was picked up by TV networks all over the world and became popular everywhere.

Released a mixtape

In early 2014, before his music career took off, J Balvin released an album called Vondelzlek. It was mostly collaborations with other artists and songs that focused on romantic lyrics.

His first single “Dance Monkey” is about chasing your dreams and not letting anything get in your way. The song quickly caught on and became popular across South America and Europe. People started remixing it and changing the lyrics to fit their own stories, which made him famous!

He then followed up this success by releasing more singles such as "Illa Illa" and "Samba Soul." More people began listening to his music and sharing his songs online, so his fan base grew rapidly.

Released a studio album

how did j balvin get famous

Many artists spend years developing their craft before getting famous, but not for Colombian singer-songwriter Juan Sebastian de la Cruz. He released an EP in 2015 that got him his big break! His song “Dura mi Vida” (meaning My Life is Hard) was picked up by YouTube users and exploded in popularity.

The lyrics describe a couple breaking up after many months and how hard it can be to trust each other again. The music tone fluctuates between soft and loud with touches of synthy sounds and bass drops.

His catchy chorus has been stuck in your head ever since and he has never left our ears. Since then, he has launched several singles including “Bailando” (dancing), “Qué Onda” (what wave!), and most recently, “Ojos Completamente Moviendo” (fully moving eyes). All have received wide recognition and success.

Won several awards

how did j balvin get famous

In May of 2013, his song “Dura” was released as a single. It quickly climbed up the charts and has since been certified platinum by Music Canada, selling over 30,000 units in their country.

Balvin won Best New Artist at The Vibe Awards for this achievement! He also took home Best International Video for it, making him only the second artist to do so (the other being Ariana Grande).

He then went on to win two more awards that same month: Breakout Song and Dance Track of the Year for both “Dura” and “Mi Loco”. These songs were later re-recorded with English lyrics and featured on his album G I O S.

Became a brand ambassador for several brands

how did j balvin get famous

As his career as a singer took off, so did his fashion style. He has collaborated with major clothing companies such as Nike, Giorgio Armani, Louis Vuitton, and Givenchy to name a few!

He also launched his own collection of jewelry and footwear lines in collaboration with Sole Provider and Miu Miu, respectively. His collaborations have helped him increase his fan base even more!

His knack for marketing himself landed him other positions too. He is an ambassador for oral health charity Preventive Dentistry Foundation (PDF) which raises awareness about importance of regular checkups.

He is also an advocate for environmental causes by donating money to various charities that help save our planet.

Visited the US

how did j balvin get famous

As we mentioned before, his singing career took off after he was discovered by Luis Fernando Ospina, better known as DJ Luz in Cali, Colombia. He sang some songs for him that got popular quickly, which is how he landed an opportunity to come to America!

He flew into New York with little more than his passport and a suitcase filled with music. Luckily, he spoke some English, so it wasn’t too difficult for him to start making a name for himself here.

Once he made an impression on people, word spread fast about his talent. This helped his American success grow even faster once he arrived. People started sharing his songs online and letting their friends know who he was. It’s really hard to track all of these things you find yourself talking about, but overall this contributed to his rise very much.

Since then, he has only continued to gain popularity and fans around the world. His song “Ojos Chiquitos (Little Eyes)” became a major hit back in 2014, and it's still going strong today.

Collaborated with artists

how did j balvin get famous

Being famous isn’t something that happens overnight, it takes work and investment in your career. It also requires you to believe in yourself and have faith in what you are offering others!

Juan Carlos Alvarez (known professionally as Juan Basbali or simply “Balvin”) is one of the most well-recognized Latin music singers of our time. He first broke into the scene as a member of the group MÁS R¡POCO! before launching his solo career later.

He has collaborated with some of the biggest names in hip hop, pop, and dance music including Drake, Beyoncé, The Weeknd, Gucci Mane, Nicky Jam, Lil Wayne, and many more! His collaborations have spanned from singing back up vocals for songs to writing and producing new material himself!

His songwriting skills were noticed early on when he wrote his own lyrics and produced his debut album, which was self-released under his stage name. Since then, he has only gotten better at it!

It seems like every major artist these days wants someone with strong writing abilities to contribute to their next project.