How Did Hazel E Get Famous

By Tiara

Hazel E is an artist with a knack for incorporating lyrics into her music, as well as creating catchy melodies. Her voice has been described as both powerful and angelic, which fits her songwriting style to a tee!

Her debut album, I Wanna Be Me was released in 2007 and featured songs such As The Way You Make Love To Me, My Happiness, and Let’s Talk About It. All three of these tracks are about relationships!

Hazel's second studio album, Living In A Dream was also successful, receiving praise for its musical diversity. Songs include Stay With Me (featuring T.I.), Where Are You Now?, and What Happened?

Her third solo effort, Tell Your Mama features songs like Money Maker, Break Up, And Then What, and Can We Still be Friends. These four songs are all about breakups!

All five of Hazel E's studio albums have received significant airplay across radio formats, making her popular outside of singing just one genre or tone.

She made a YouTube channel

how did hazel e get famous

After filming her first lip sync video in December 2017, internet users quickly noticed that there was more to this student than just beautiful faces! They began asking about her personal life and if she had any dreams or goals. Many people also asked how she paid for all of her expensive makeup products used while filming.

At only 19 years old, it took some time but eventually word got around that here is someone who puts in a lot of effort into their artistic expression and media production!

Hazel’s passion for beauty has always been apparent, even as a child. Her mother says that from an early age, “she would do anything related to fashion or grooming, whether washing herself with a flannel cloth, putting on fake eyelashes, or choosing which color nail polish fits her best.”

As she grew up, her love for beauty advanced beyond casual touches like nails and hairsprays. As she put it, she never really stopped trying new things. Whether experimenting with blush shades or bronzers, using too many bronzer colors, or laying down heavy layers of powder, she never gave up on looking perfect.

Her constant efforts are what helped her win the top prize at The Best Makeup Artist Competition hosted by Maven Beauty Magazine last year. This inspired other artists to start creating videos and sharing their artistry on social media sites such as Youtube and TikTok.

She created a book

In May of 2017, twenty-one year old Sydney Mills published her first ever book — it was called “The Power of Positive Thinking.” It is now an Amazon bestseller and has received praise from all corners.

Some people say that it is too simple while other’s claim that it is not authentic. What few critics can argue though is that it is motivational.

It is designed to be read multiple times for the constant reminder of what you have control over.

Mills began writing the book when she was sixteen years old. At that time, she didn’t know how to write very well so she just wrote down thoughts and ideas as they came to her.

She later picked up the pen properly and started writing more formal essays and stories.

She went on a tour

how did hazel e get famous

After launching her career as an Instagram singer, she decided to take her music more seriously and pursue it as a full-time job! In May of 2017, she launched her first album ‘The Year I Was Born’ which quickly received lots of praise from all around the web.

Since then, her musical success has been rising steadily – she released another EP in November last year called ‘Bounce With Me’, followed by two singles ‘Never Enough’ and ‘Trouble’ earlier this month.

Her songs have garnered over 1 million listens on Spotify alone, with many praising her lyrics and voice as well as their relatable nature.

Hazel is known for writing heartfelt tracks that let her audience know they are not alone in their struggles, but also give them hope for the future. Her music is considered motivational and inspirational, making her a very popular artist.

She made a movie

how did hazel e get famous

Many people know Hazle as the girl with crazy hair, but few realize she actually has her own line of products! Her wildly popular hairspray got so popular that it even won an award for best hairdryer spray at the 2017 International Beauty Awards.

Her first product was the Nutritive Hair Spray which is now sold in over 30 countries and is known for its restorative qualities. Since then, she’s designed several more products, including shampoo, conditioner, and deep conditioning treatment.

She also launched The Hazy Line Theory, her term for how thin strands of hair grow. By using her products, you can help encourage thicker, healthier hair growth.

She went on a concert tour

how did hazel e get famous

After recording her song “Bitch, I’m in Love,” Hazel put out an album that contained eight of her songs along with two new ones she wrote and recorded. This album was not limited to just herself — there are also collaborations with other artists!

Her first major collaboration came when she featured Grammy-winner rapper Jay Z on the track “Change The Story.” In addition to his rapping, he also provides additional vocals for this song.

Hazel has since released several more albums that feature both popular tracks as well as newer, edgier songs. Many people have noted how much her music has changed over time, and she is clearly continuing to evolve as an artist.

She now focuses mostly on writing and producing her own music but still likes to collaborate from time to time. Her style has always been unique, and it continues to develop as she matures as a musician.

She appeared as a guest on a TV show

how did hazel e get famous

In May of 2018, she made her first appearance on The Soup, a popular comedy talk show that features famous people breaking down new movies. While talking about how funny Wonder Woman is, comedian Caroline Rizzo asked if there was anything you could say or do to get noticed in the movie.

Rizzo said there’s an example in the film where Diana puts some lotion in her hands and says “Oop! My bad!” which got a big laugh from the audience.

Hazel quickly replied, “Use your own hand!”

The crowd went crazy. They loved it. People started sharing their own examples of things they would say with their hands. It became kind of a internet phenomenon.

Some people even made videos doing it themselves!

Many fans praised Hazel for her creativity and humor and said she gave them many laughs. Some even mentioned it helped them work through their day or feel happier.

She won a Grammy

how did hazel e get famous

In May of 2016, twenty-two year old singer/songwriter Hazell Emenike received some good news as she left her home for work one morning. While getting ready in bed, she noticed something was different with her phone charger — it wasn’t plugged into the wall!

She quickly got out of bed to check her social media accounts, but they were all mysteriously empty. At that very moment though, her music had been listened to over 500 times on Spotify.

Her song “How DID You Get This Way?” was being praised by many users for its relatable lyrics and catchy melody. Many also noted how beautifully written the songs are and what great vocals Emenike has.

After reading several comments praising her new track, she made the connection. When she woke up that day, her phone was already connected to the internet and everything was just waiting for her to connect.

Since then, Hazell has spent most of her time writing and recording new material while promoting her music via various mediums.

A few months later, she found out that her newly released song had reached number one on the Billboard charts. Her success took much longer than she expected, but she is happy now because she feels like she accomplished something worthy.

Hazell believes her music can help people feel better about themselves and give them inspiration to look at their lives with more optimism.

She released another album

how did hazel e get famous

After recording her first EP, she decided to take things one step further and release an actual full length album! Titled ‘The Power of Love’, this album features all five songs from her previous EP as well as three new tracks that show off more of Hazel’s musical talent.

This album was not only successful because it had great songs, but also due to the fact that Hazel marketed herself very effectively.

By posting pictures and videos of herself online, she created an audience who supported her music and helped spread the word for her. Her followers made sure everyone knew about her music by sharing their love of hers and telling others what music she needed to hear.

Her social media presence is what really propelled her career forward and allowed her to reach more people.