How Did Harry Styles Get Famous

By Tiara

As we all know, Harry Styles is one of the most famous musicians in the world. He rose to fame as part of The One Direction band before breaking off to pursue his solo career. Since then, he has starred in several successful music videos and albums including For You, What I’ve Never Had and Fine Line.

He is also very active outside of his work with charities like UNICEF and SaveTheChildren. In fact, he recently hosted an event for both organizations at his home!

Harry was born Thomas Middleditch in Ashford, Kent on March 30, 1992. His father worked as a police officer, while his mother works in educational psychology. When he was eight years old, the family moved to Crawley, West Sussex where his parents still live today.

He grew up listening to bands such as Blink-182, No Doubt and Green Day and learned how to play guitar when he was fourteen. It wasn’t until he was sixteen that he picked up the bass. By eighteen, he had enough skills to form a band with some friends. They called themselves New Hope Band and played gigs around London and the UK.

It was here that he made his first contacts in the music industry and got his big break into A&R (artist and repertoire). This means finding new songs for artists to record and perform and getting paid for it. Many well known singers have done this job at some stage in their careers.

Adopted his singing voice

how did harry styles get famous

As we know, before he was recognized as one of music’s top stars, Harry Styles worked in various industries including fashion, marketing and TV. He even spent some time managing a nightclub! But his career didn’t take off until he adopted what would become his signature style — his quiet, melodic singing voice.

When it comes down to it, Harry’s success is really all about how well he markets himself. When you listen to his songs, you’ll notice that he usually begins by introducing himself with his first name and then adding his middle initial or full first name. This is his personal branding strategy that works beautifully for him.

His musical style has also been described as “serenely beautiful” and many compare his vocals to those of classic artists like Ariana Grande and Taylor Swift.

He sometimes refers to this vocal stylist as his other half because they both help him achieve his goals and inspire him to keep going when he feels tired. Having a partner who supports you and believes in you makes for a happier life.

Went to concerts

how did harry styles get famous

Before he was known for his work as the frontman of one of the world’s biggest bands, before he was recognized by millions across the globe as an international superstar, Harry Styles spent most of his time listening to music.

He grew up in the suburbs of London with very little money, but he had lots of toys — action figures, comic books, games, you name it! He loved dancing so much that he took dance lessons at age 15. And he could never forget how to play guitar!

Harry started writing his own songs when he was 16 years old. At first he would make up melodies and lyrics and then later learn how to write basic verse-chorus structure songs. He would record them onto a phone or computer using GarageBand, a free software program.

Became a celebrity

Before he was known as the lead singer of one of the world’s biggest bands, before he was famous for his dramatic haircut or his close-knit group of friends, there were whispers about him.

He had become a star.

A few months ago, when news broke that One Direction would be taking an indefinite hiatus, it seemed like final proof. Once again, the media was talking about how Harry will now pursue other projects — maybe a solo career! Or perhaps he’ll form his own band with another musician!

But what if we take away all the talk of his potential retirement? What if we ignore those stories, along with everything else about his personal life? Then what is left?

We are left with one thing: Harry has been in the spotlight for almost half our lives, and he’s still coming out to play. He’s constantly sharing new pictures and videos via social media sites such as Instagram and Snapchat, keeping us up to date on every little detail of his daily life.

And why wouldn’t he? His profile has skyrocketed since joining One Direction back in 2011. Back then, aside from some fan favorites (like “What Makes You Beautiful,” which he sang himself), most people didn’t recognize his face. Now, he’s famous enough to command his very own style.

Made YouTube videos

how did harry styles get famous

After leaving The Champs in 2015, Harry started filming more intimate, personal footage of his daily life. He would typically film himself while doing something he was passionate about or just to keep people watching his channel.

His most watched video is one he uploaded in August 2017 called “The Way I Live My Life”. In it, he talks about how he believes happiness comes from within yourself and that you are never too old to learn new things.

He also says that even if you don’t feel like you belong anywhere, you still do because you are someone who loves themselves. This inspired him to start incorporating yoga into his lifestyle which has helped him relax and focus on himself.

After uploading this video, his fan base grew rapidly and he now has over 2 million subscribers!

His success really came after he made his YouTube account private so only those with his permission could view it. Since then, he has published several other, similar style videos talking about different topics such as politics, relationships and self-care.

Collaborated with artists

how did harry styles get famous

After leaving The Vamps in 2016, his next big move was teaming up with other musicians for his own music. He collaborated with several singers and writers to create songs that are now part of his solo career!

Styles worked with songwriters he had previously worked with or who had success writing their own material. Some of these writers include Mat Kearney (“Something I Can Never Have”), Martin Johnson (“Dangerous”) and Ash Howland (“Beautiful Nightmare”).

He also collaborated with various vocalists including Mattia Rizzi (“Someday”), Morgan Evans (“Missing You”), Lexy Panter (“Perfection”) and Laura Lee Gossett (“I Know What You're Doing”).

Released a song

how did harry styles get famous

After leaving One Direction, member Daniel "BJ" Barrett decided to launch his own solo career. He quickly garnered attention for his debut single “Numb” which was released in May 2016! The music video features psychedelic imagery and some very interesting choreography.

The song is about loss of innocence and how difficult it can be to recover once you've experienced something significant like that. It's also an ode to those who help you through tough times and inspire you to keep moving forward.

Harry styled himself as an artist throughout his early career, so this made sense to connect with other people. Many see him as an artistic genius and inspiration because he consistently produces quality work.

He wrote and produced most of his songs by himself, making sure they are solid pieces. His talent as a vocalist cannot be denied either - he has a powerful singing voice that fits his style perfectly.

These qualities helped make him famous and popular among music lovers all over the world.

Won awards

how did harry styles get famous

After leaving The Wanted, Liam Payne spent some time focusing on his career as an actor before re-branding himself as Jordan O’Connor, son of Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone. He then starred in the TV show Chicago Pawn Shop for one season.

In 2017, he made his acting feature film debut in the movie Dirty Boy where he played the part of Charlie, a struggling artist who meets someone new.

He won Best Actor at the Toronto International Film Festival for this performance. Since then, he has appeared in several other films including Rocket & System! as well as Night School.

His most recent work is as Harry Styles in the music video drama film Bohemian Rhapsody which was released in December 2018 to positive reviews.

He received very strong word of mouth for his performance as the legendary musician and lead singer of the band One Direction, Harry.

Became a star

how did harry styles get famous

As mentioned earlier, his career as a musician began when he joined The One Direction band in London in 2014. He was already famous before then! Before that, however, he had another big break — he designed his own line of clothing!

He designed simple white shirts with short sleeves and leather belts. These are called Oxford shirt styles and they were popularized by British men in the early 20th century.

Harry made his first fashion appearance wearing one at an award show for the group’s song “Best Song You Have Never Listened to.” Since then, he has become well-known for his love of all things classic chic and fashionable.

His designs have sold very well and he has his own collection. His company is named ROXY AND LUCY LTD and it sells both apparel and bags. He also does sponsored products such as hair gel.

These collaborations make sense because he is professionally trained as a hairstylist. Having a successful business means that he must be good at marketing and promoting yourself and your product.