How Did Harry Styles Get Famous

By Tiara

As we all know, One Direction is a super popular band that has broken up but still manages to keep their fan base very strong. They’ve got several successful music albums under their belt with many collaborations and solo songs as well.

But before they were one of the biggest bands in the world, there was another member who didn’t get nearly as much recognition for his work. He doesn’t have an album or song by himself, but he’s definitely left his mark on The Direction!

His name is Harry Styles and he’s spent most of his time since 1D joining other artists and writers for songs. It’s pretty clear that he had a lot of talent as a singer, writer and performer long before he joined 1D, but how did this talented musician get here?

He wrote some incredible songs as a teenager which are now covers by other artists and even made it onto TV as a performance artist. This article will look at ten ways that Harry became famous beyond 1D.

Became a fashion icon

how did harry styles get famous

As we know, The One That Got You There is always influenced by what he or she loves and watches for fun. If you watch his YouTube videos or follow him on social media, you’ll see that he is very fashionable. He has his own style which includes classic clothes in rich colors like red and black.

He also frequently donses leather jackets and hats. Many believe that this influence comes from his father who was quite popular before his death when Harry was still young.

His style changes season to season but usually stays within the same brands. Sometimes he adds little trinkets to match with the look of an outfit. For example, if it has a belt, then he will get some new jewelry to go along with it.

These accessories make up for his lack of color as they are mostly white, gray, or silver.

Became a celebrity

how did harry styles get famous

As mentioned earlier, before he was famous, Harry spent most of his time focusing on school work, keeping busy with hobbies and spending time with family. He did not do very many social events outside of music festivals or special event filming.

He is an extremely private person so it took him a while to really come out of his shell as a popular musician. It seems like when he finally decided to have some fun in the spotlight, he made sure everything was planned ahead and he always kept himself at a pre-planned destination.

These habits helped keep his personal life separate from his career and only recently has his privacy been breached. His girlfriend announcement was filmed for television and now his relationship status is public knowledge!

His choice to be more open about who he is dating comes just over a year after he announced that he was in love and had feelings for someone. This shows how much his self confidence has grown since then.

Running into your ex at a party will probably create lots of talk but unless you’re both signed up on a professional website, no one will know who she is or what they were talking about.

Harry could not avoid this situation any longer and has released photos and information about her. Fans are speculating all around the world about whom she is and what their relationship means to him.

There is already plenty of speculation floating around but none seem completely correct.

Went on tour

how did harry styles get famous

After leaving One Direction, Liam Payne spent about two years going on various solo tours before he finally decided to launch his own band. He formed his new group with guitarist Jake Gosling (formerly of The Other Lovers), bassist Ben Langley (both from Vulfpeck) and drummer Will King (also formerly of The Other Lovers).

They are now known as G-Eazy, and together they have released one album and one EP. That album is titled Ego On A Budget and their most recent release is an extended play called What Happened Yesterday. Both of these songs were written by G-Eazy himself!

The song that got them famous was not part of either album but instead comes only from a few collaborations they did with other artists. It’s called “Holidays (Like Christmas)” and it features British singer Ariana Grande.

Won awards

how did harry styles get famous

After leaving The Wanted in 2015, his next big move was founding the band New Direction with friend Charlie O’Connell. They released their self-titled debut album in 2016 which featured the hit song “What I Like About You.”

That track got them into hot water when it was revealed that another member of the group wrote the lyrics to praise his romantic skills!

The other member is reported as saying he wrote the verse about how great Harry was at giving compliments and kissing properly. He allegedly didn’t know who would be listening until later so he left out any mention of his talent in writing his own songs!

After the scandal broke, Harry stepped down from music making for two years while he sorted things out. When he returned in spring 2018, he was accompanied by new musical projects including being the lead singer of an award winning rock band.

Became a superstar

how did harry styles get famous

As we know, before he was known as The Boy With The Golden Hair, Harry Styles was just another person with long hair. He didn’t have many friends and his life wasn’t quite going anywhere special. But things are never really what they seem in this world!

It seems like it would be impossible to tell how well or poorly Harry is doing these days, but there's one constant: His incredible work ethic.

He works hard not only at promoting himself, but also supporting other people through their career paths. It’s pretty obvious when you look at all of his projects that he doesn't take breaks, and he always puts everything he has into whatever he is working on.

His dedication paid off because now he is an extremely rich and famous musician. He makes enough money to live a wealthy lifestyle while also giving back to charities and raising awareness for important causes.

Harry made his big break by collaborating with someone who had already succeeded in the music business- Taylor Swift. Before that happened though, he needed to prove himself as an artist first.

Now that he has, he is considered one of the biggest musicians in the industry. Many say that his musical style influenced popular artists such as Adele and Beyoncé.

Launched a solo album

how did harry styles get famous

After quitting The Beatles in 2018, former band member Harry Styles launched an eponymous solo music career with his first single “Water On My Desert Island”. He then followed up this success by releasing his debut studio album Aura which reached number one on both the Billboard 200 chart and the U.S. Independent Albums Chart!

Aura was met with mostly positive reviews from critics and has since sold over 1 million copies worldwide. It also received several awards including Best Pop Vocal Performance for “Water On My Desert Island” at the 59th Annual Grammy Awards as well as Record of the Year and Song of the Year for the song.

Became a billionaire

how did harry styles get famous

Before he was famous, before his band became one of the most popular groups in music, and before he became arguably the biggest pop star in America, Harry Styles lived an almost anonymous life. He grew up in the countryside outside London, where he went to school with very few friends.

He never took part in sports or anything beyond studying hard so that he could get into a good college and pursue his dreams of being a singer. He didn’t have much money at home, living instead with his mother.

It wasn’t until he was in his early twenties that things started changing for the better. Having failed to find work as a teacher or business analyst, he got a job working as a marketing manager for a technology company in the UK.

Here, he met another young employee who would go onto become his best friend and business partner. This person owned a website called StylezNStyle, which paid him to design new sites for other people and market them. His advertising career had begun!

His first project was designing a site for a fashion store, but it soon escalated into doing more and bigger jobs for less pay than what he would normally be entitled to. It was around this time that he made his first dollar-novelty item: a t-shirt featuring the word ‘BOSS'.

This shirt sold well enough that he decided to make more just like it and put his name behind them.

Became a fashion icon

how did harry styles get famous

As we know, Harry has always been very fashionable. He consistently updates his look by mixing and matching pieces from various brands and silhouettes. His style is always vibrant and luscious!

He mixes classic formalwear with relaxed jeans and sweatshirts or t-shirts. And he never fails to match at least one item in his ensemble with some flashy jewelry.