How Did H.e.r Get Famous

By Tiara

As discussed in length in our article about how to boost your social media presence, having an online profile is just plain good practice. Having a strong online persona will help you connect with other people, promote your career, and generate interest in what you have to offer.

For most people, creating their own YouTube channel or logging into Facebook is already a pretty big step towards this goal. Both of these services allow you to create an account and then use them to share your experiences, talk about things that are important to you, and upload videos and pictures.

There are many ways to make yourself known through video content on those platforms, but one of the best is doing a live stream. A livestream is when someone broadcasts his/herself via webcam while talking or interacting with others.

People do it for all sorts of reasons-to inspire, motivate, entertain, or learn more about a topic. They can also earn money from advertising and sponsorships during the broadcast!

Tracy has worked as a writer since 2010, and her field is still growing. She loves writing educational articles that appeal to different audiences. When she’s not working or studying, you can likely find her spending time outside, listening to music, or watching TV shows.

Won YouTube contests

how did h.e.r get famous

In May of 2017, Hannah Montag was not very famous. She lived in Spain with her boyfriend and their dog while she pursued her career as an artist. But that’s about to change!

Hannah spent most of her time painting, editing her personal photo album, and watching Netflix. Her life felt routine, which is why it came as no surprise when she decided to make art for herself after cleaning out her house.

While brushing her teeth one morning, she noticed how her mouth would tingle from the chemicals. It gave her an idea — what if she painted some pictures using toothpaste?

Her first experiment didn’t go too well, but she kept practicing. Over the next few weeks, she experimented more with different colors and styles until she found one that worked for her.

It took her around two months to perfect her technique, but once she did, she had another revelation.

She realized people were spending way too much time online looking at other people’s artistic creations. So she created something new: beauty gums.

These are typically short videos or still images of beautiful things like nature scenes, sunsets, or fashion looks. Sometimes there will be music accompanying the video, too!

Most beauty gum artists use fake brushes to create aesthetically pleasing designs. They also edit their own photos and use computer software to blend all of them together into one seamless image.

Released a book

how did h.e.r get famous

After she graduated with her degree in journalism, [h.e.r.] landed an entry level position at Vogue. It was here where she made her first big splash as a writer. Her style is described as edgy and feminist – just look at some of her favorite styles like grunge and flannel shirts!

Her writing career took off from there. Since then, she has written for several magazines including Elle, Marie Claire, and Us Weekly. All these publications have given her the opportunity to showcase her talent by giving her the chance to do feature stories or lead articles.

Since launching her own line of beauty products in 2017, her business has been booming. The number of followers on her social media accounts continues to grow which gives you an idea of how popular she is.

It’s safe to say that after publishing her first book, People were talking about h.e.r..

Won TV shows

how did h.e.r get famous

In May of 2017, Heidi Ross launched her own digital media company through an initial investment round. The company she founded is called Helloer! And its mission? To use conversation as a tool to inspire change in people’s lives by changing how they relate to others.

Helloer offers premium membership services that feature live conversations moderated by trained conversationalists. Members can choose to participate at any time and for however long they want.

The company also hosts open chat weeks where anyone can join the conversation at no cost but receiving tips during that week will require you to purchase a Premium Membership.

What makes these conversations different than other talk show formats like Oprah or Dr. Phil is that there are no answers handed down from above. Only questions asked and answered with insight and emotion by both parties involved.

These conversations focus more on giving and taking feedback while exploring underlying causes of conflict so solutions can be found. This process is what helps bring about lasting changes and growth.

Since launching in April, Helloer has hosted over 2,000 conversations and has received almost 500,000 lesson plan ideas and 90,000 active users. Over 70% of participants say learning from the community has helped them address personal issues such as depression, anxiety, relationship problems or career transitions.

Heidi continues to run the business side of Helloer along with her COO who handles day-to-day operations.

Funded a movie

how did h.e.r get famous

In early 2018, actress Hailey Baldwin announced that her friend had started filming what would become their very popular YouTube channel.

Baldwin said she was not involved in creating the channel at first but eventually got to know creator Hannah Stocking as they both grew closer through shared interests in fashion and beauty.

Stocking then asked if Baldwin wanted to be part of the team and she happily agreed. Now, the duo runs several different accounts under the banner The Hailey & Hayley Channel where they share makeup and beauty tips, chat about fashion and life, and do some skits.

Their popularity has skyrocketed since launching the channel in May 2017! They have almost 1 million subscribers between them and over 5 billion views across all of their videos.

The two are known for being fun, down-to-earth individuals who love making entertaining content so it is no surprise to see how successful they’ve been.

Sold merchandise

how did h.e.r get famous

As more people become aware of how much money h.e.r. (aka Heather Edell Raymond) makes by selling merchandise, she has to re-brand as an entrepreneur or business owner. She calls it her “Business & Marketing Services” brand because that is what she does!

She started offering tights under her clothing line back in 2016 when no one else did. Since then, her collection has grown with leggings, sweatshirts, long sleeve shirts, and even socks.

Her products are all high quality and are marketed with style. Her products can cost anywhere from $15 for a pair of socks to over $100 per piece for dress clothes like shirt or jacket dresses.

These items are always in demand too, making her have to expand production and logistics to keep up. Luckily, she is able to use her own savings and those of others to do so.

But still, being known as an entrepreneur really helps her fund her lifestyle. It opens up other opportunities, help her grow her business, and make extra income.

Became famous

how did h.e.r get famous

As mentioned earlier, not all fashion trends are your style or yours to keep. Some styles that were popularized now have almost universal appeal. This is what makes them “famous”. A few examples of this include pajama pants (jeans with no belt) and sweatshirts (either long sleeve or v-neck).

By adding some elements of either of these into your wardrobe, you will never go wrong! Even if you don't like black, there's a good chance you'll find a white one that looks similar attractive and cost less too.

Another way to see how h.e.r got famous is by looking at their social media accounts. The designers put in time to update their pages as well as share blogs and articles about hairdressing and beauty tips. Their followers appreciate it and continue to visit for more content!


Hairdressing and makeup can be expensive to start off with unless you are very artistic or have someone who teaches you those skills. Buying new products to experiment with is another expense factor.

Luckily, online shopping has made finding new things you may or may not use a lot easier. You earn points towards future purchases while also helping the seller make money. An easy way to do this is by visiting

This article discussed why people get inspired by hairstyles and makeup and some ways to learn how to do both.

Became a billionaire

how did h.e.r get famous

As mentioned earlier, human beings are conditioned to spend money in many ways. We as humans develop relationships with brands that help us achieve our personal goals and aspirations. For example, if you want to lose weight then investing in a good calorie tracker is necessary for your success.

If you want to run faster than most people then buying running shoes is important. If you want to read then an easy way to do so is by buying a new reading app.

For today’s generation, spending money has become an addiction. More people are invested in the products and services offered by large corporations and companies than ever before. It is almost impossible to go through a day without seeing or hearing about something “marketed” to us.

With over 70% of adults living paycheck-to-paycheck, it makes sense that we would be influenced by the products and services marketed to us. According to Business2Community, one third of all Americans spent more than $1,000 on product purchases during their birth month.

Became a politician

how did h.e.r get famous

After quitting her job as an accountant, Heyan’s career took off in another direction. In May 2017 she was elected to Parliament as one of The Greens’ twenty-four members of parliament (MP). Since then she has been representing London with honour and prestige!

As part of her position as MP for London, Heyan is actively involved in politics at all levels – from local activism to helping shape national policy.

She also uses her profile to promote green issues such as sustainability and renewable energy. Many people know Sheyan now because she is very well known for her work in environmentalism.

Since becoming an MP she has received several awards and recognition for her achievements, including being named Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum in 2019.

Heyn no longer needs to rely on her professional career to be famous, but instead gets to use her status to make a difference in society.