How Did H.E.R Become Famous

By Tiara

As seen with most large corporations, social media has become an integral part of how The Humane Society of the United States (h.e.r.) conducts business. Since creating their first Facebook page in 2012, h.e.r. now boasts over one million followers!

Many people know h.e.r as the non-profit organization that works to protect animals by promoting animal welfare issues and educating others about them, but less known is the fact that they also run very successful marketing campaigns via social media.

These campaigns include sponsored pages or posts designed to promote specific products and services, create conversations around important topics, or just give away free things to increase online engagement and exposure.

In this article you will learn some easy ways to start using social media for advertising and marketing at your own company or off-the-shelf solutions.

It gained popularity fast

how did h.e.r become famous

In early February, people began to talk about how much of a success artist Harry Edwin Reo had been as he published his first book titled “How To Draw Like A Pro”. Many praised his artistic skills and creative process while others marveled at how successful he became with his art.

It didn't take long for his growing fan base to start brainstorming ideas for him to create another drawing concept. So, they pitched the idea to him of creating an interactive drawing app that allowed users to make designs on each other's phones or laptops.

This new design service was coined *h.e.r* (short for hand-drawn emoji responsive). Users could pick anyone else as their target audience and use the app to draw, edit, re-size, and/or re-color any image anywhere.

But here's where things get crazy!

After the media learned about this new app, people started using it to express all sorts of emotions, messages, and stories. Some used it to tell funny jokes, some made love scenes, and many just wanted to put themselves in difficult situations to see what would happen.

Many artists have said that designing these apps takes a lot of time due to the fact that you have to ensure every person can access and use the app without any problems. This includes making sure there are no limitations such as age, platform, or size restrictions.

An Evolution in Digital Art and Communication

What started off as an expression for Harry Edwin Reo through his art, gradually took the shape of a groundbreaking digital communication tool. As "h.e.r" emerged into the digital space, artists and users began to see its potential not just as an interactive drawing app, but as a revolutionary medium for expression.

From simple sketches to complex designs, the platform provided creators with a canvas that transcended physical limitations. This evolution wasn't just confined to the app. The digital art that originated from "h.e.r" started being showcased in galleries, art fairs, and even at the Metropolitan Museum of Art's annual Met Gala. The fusion of technology and art has always been a topic of discussion, but with the rise of "h.e.r", it became a worldwide phenomenon.

A Learning Community Beyond Borders

One of the less highlighted achievements of "h.e.r" is its creation of a community. This community doesn't just involve artists or tech enthusiasts but also educators and learners. The interactive nature of the platform made it an attractive tool for educational purposes.

Schools and institutions started incorporating "h.e.r" into their curriculum, using its drawing and interactive features to explain complex concepts, from the intricacies of the human body to the vast expanse of the universe. It didn't just end at traditional education. Various online forums and platforms emerged where people shared their "h.e.r" art and designs, providing feedback, tutorials, and tips. This helped in fostering an environment of collaborative learning and growth.

Through this, "h.e.r" unknowingly bridged gaps, brought cultures together, and turned the world into a classroom. It stands as a testament to the potential of digital tools, and how they can be more than just applications on a screen. They can shape societies, build communities, and redefine the norms of learning and expression.

It became a Netflix show in 2018

how did h.e.r become famous

After its launch in April of 2017, The Hire-And-Train-Yourself Program quickly gained popularity with both users and followers. Since then, it’s remained one of the most engaging online courses out there — a testament to just how effective Harv is as an influencer.

He now has more than 1 million students all around the world, making him one of the top 10 most popular personal development YouTube channels. His channel alone boasts over 700K subscribers, which makes him a significant part of his genre.

Since launching his program, he’s also authored several best sellers such as Living With Enough Money (2018) and The Power Of Broke (2019). He even wrote a column for Time Magazine!

His success comes not only from offering helpful content, but by being candid about his own life experiences. For example, in his first book he shares what it was like growing up poor in America and why that experience shaped who he is today.

It was renewed for a fifth season

how did h.e.r become famous

After five seasons, The Hills has come to an end. While some may not have loved every minute of this show, it left an important legacy.

The first half of The Hills focused mostly on Paris Hilton’s rise to fame as she navigated her way through life as one of the most famous people in the world.

She endured many ups and downs, but overall, The First Season helped establish who Paris is today — someone with money and a sense of entitlement.

In fact, during her time on the show, she spent more than $10 million on things like cars, houses and jewelry!

While these are clearly signs that she does not care about anyone else, she makes sure everyone else around her is aware that she is very rich. This influence will last well into her adult life.

After leaving The Hills, Paris made several appearances on talk shows to discuss everything from how she grew up to what she wanted to do when she was younger.

However, even though she discussed various topics, none really pertained to her career aside from being herself and talking about her experiences.

This lack of growth is actually kind of sad because she seems so passionate at times. She also doesn’t seem to enjoy being wealthy which is another reason why her success will eventually fizzle out.

The show was nominated for many awards

how did h.e.r become famous

While some may not agree with the messages that it portrays, how much of a success the show has been comes down to one thing: creativity.

The writers of HeIsSensitive have done an incredible job writing scripts that are very emotional and powerful. They make you feel things for the characters, which is what makes them successful as television shows.

Their stories always focus on exploring human emotions and relationships in a way that seems authentic and natural. This helps people who watch the show relate more to the story, and even learn something about themselves or their own relationships.

HeIsSensitive has also become famous because it brings up important issues such as gender bias, homophobia, and racism. These topics often get discussed after the show ends, making it significant beyond just your normal TV show.

It had many celebrities as guests

In early 2017, host Hannah Healy asked her friend Alyssa Milano to be a guest on the show. Since then, she’s gone on to become an integral part of the show, hosting three nights a week for its second season.

Aly is best known for playing the role of Catherine Chandler in the MTV series The Charli Chronicles before it was picked up by Netflix. She has also starred in several feature films including Dirty Money and What Happens in Vegas.

Her involvement with the show peaked this past February when she became one of the hosts of the Super Bowl LIV halftime show.

She received widespread praise for her performance which included dancing, singing, and acting. Aly won a Grammy Award for Best Musical Performance for her song “Dance Monkey!” along with the rest of the band behind her track.

The show is rated 15+

how did h.e.r become famous

What most people don’t realize about The Hilarious World of Regan MacGillis is that it is actually designed for an older audience. While the show definitely has some adult content, there are also several references and themes that are clearly intended to appeal more to teens and young adults.

Many viewers seem to forget this when they watch the show because they are so focused on how funny Regan is that they fail to notice all of the other things he is saying!

The writers of the show have done their job well by creating an entertaining half hour program that can be enjoyed by any age group. Although the show may not be appropriate for children, there are lots of ways you can enjoy it if you are looking for something clever to watch.

There You Have It

If you want to see what all the fuss is about then make sure to give The Hilarious World of Regan MacGillis a try.

It is a comedy

how did h.e.r become famous

In October of 2017, YouTube user Hieu (h.e.r.) uploaded his first video titled “It Is A Comedy.” The one-minute clip features him as he attempts to teach himself how to play the piano in just one sitting.

In the caption, he writes that this song is about trying to learn how to play the piano when you have no idea what notes are or how to hold your hands while playing. He also says it is dedicated to all people who give up after learning something new because they think they can’t do it.

His channel has over 1 million subscribers and his music videos get around 250,000 views per week, so he definitely succeeded in spreading his message. His followers actually helped him spread his passion for music by encouraging others to try out singing or playing an instrument!

He has collaborated with other YouTubers such as EpicPianoPlayer and PianoDoodle on songs and covers, and his most popular song has almost 2 million listens on Spotify. This includes the cover of Taylor Swift’s song Shake it Off which has nearly 675k likes on Facebook alone!

His success comes not only from his talent as a musician but also his ability to relate to his audience. Many of his fans are either musicians themselves or at least love listening to music, making it easy to connect with them.

Some of the guests include Amy Schumer, Wanda Sykes, and Leslie Jones

how did h.e.r become famous

Comedian Jessica O’Connor is hosting the show for its season three premiere this Sunday!

O’Connor got her start as an actress before she made the transition to full-time comedian. She has appeared in several TV shows such as The Office and Friends before landing the supporting role of Ariana in the sitcom Grandpa Boom.

Her comedic style mixes smart humor with witty one liners that emphasize clever wordplay and situational comedy. This mix was perfect for creating hilarious scenes and stories within the context of the show.

What makes her stand out among other comedians is how relatable she seems. Her characters are always someone you could see yourself being or having a conversation like what you would have with them. This helps make her jokes more poignant and interesting to watch.

h.e.r has been featured at prestigious festivals and venues including Just For Laughs Festival, Montreal Comic Con, Laugh Out Loud Comedy Fest, Funnfest, and many others. It also won Best Talk Show at both LA Web Fest and SXSW.