How Did G Herbo Get Famous

By Tiara

Before we dive into how his career took off, let’s talk about who he is! Heading into this article, you should know that this writer will be talking mostly about his personal life, work habits, and significant achievements.

He has done something no other artist has been able to do in our generation — make music people actually listen to outside of their genre. His songs have lyrics most people can understand, they are not too flashy or over-the-top, and he consistently delivers them every time with a direct voice.

His sound is unique, but it also crosses genres. People compare him to artists like Drake, The Weeknd, and Future because of his lyrical content and flow. However, his style sets itself apart through its instrumentation and production.

He does not rely heavily on autotune or electronic instruments, instead incorporating real ones such as a guitar, bass, and drums. While his beats may contain some synth here and there, it is never enough to drown out the rest of the components.

He is very social media focused and maintains constant communication via Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook. He uses all three platforms for different purposes, promoting himself, interacting with fans, and sharing new music.

Overall, he is an intelligent, creative person that works hard to achieve his dreams. He knows what makes him successful and keeps practicing his craft until he gets there.

His debut mixtape was a big hit

how did g herbo get famous

Before he became famous, G Herbo made his presence known in the music industry with his first major success. He released his debut project, The Beginner’s Guide To Surviving Life As A Black Man In America, back in March of 2016.

His song “The Makeup Song” quickly caught attention for its catchy melody and lyrics that directly address racial tensions in America. Even though it was written almost two years ago, the song is still received well due to its ability to speak about important issues.

Music artists have always spoken about their experiences growing up, so it makes sense when G Herbo does it as an adult. His style has also been described as relatable and authentic – something many people look up to in this era of manufactured pop stars.

G Herbo isn’t just someone who made it into the music business, but rather, he helped make him business! Since launching his career, he has collaborated with some of the biggest names out there and even landed himself a TV show.

His debut studio album was a big hit

how did g herbo get famous

In May of 2018, G Herbo released his first solo LP, titled No More Pain. The project quickly garnered success as it reached number one on the Billboard 200 chart within its first week. Not only that, but it also broke several Spotify records in doing so!

He shared the news via an Instagram video where he announced his new single “Rough” along with the announcement of his upcoming world tour. He also mentioned how much money his music has raised for charity since its initial release.

Music is a tool to help people relate to each other and find happiness.

He released a song called “Solo (Intro)”

how did g herbo get famous

Many people know him now for his catchy songs with lyrics about love, but before he was famous, he put out an intro track that got him popular. His debut music video has over 2 million views on YouTube today!

In it, he introduces himself to the world as his stage name — let's call him G Herbo. In this short clip, he raps about why he decided to be famous and what kind of person he wants to be in the future.

He says how hard he worked as a kid to be successful and that he doesn’t want to go through life being lazy and careless.

Then, he lists off some things like how important relationships are and how you have to work on yourself to feel good about yourself before you can relate to other people. He says how difficult it is to share your secrets because they’re yours and only you know who really you are.

His second studio album was a big hit

how did g herbo get famous

In early 2018, G Herbo released his sophomore LP, titled Stay. The album quickly reached number one on iTunes’ chart for hip-hop albums and has since remained in that position. It also made it into the top five of Billboard’s overall music charts!

The main reason why his new album is so popular is because of its lead single “Broken Machine.” This song became very famous due to its catchy melody and lyrics. Both influenced many other songs with similar beats and melodies.

Many artists have covered this song, making it their own. Many musicians have even written their own versions of the song. Some even added their own style or rhythm to the track!

G Herbo didn't do anything different when he wrote and recorded his song. He just focused on how well it sounded.

He released a song called “Hey Mama”

how did g herbo get famous

Many people noticed his catchy lyrics so he decided to capitalize on it by creating an album titled The Album!

That album eventually got him famous, as his hit song had many collaborations with other artists. Some of these included Drake, Jada Pinkett Smith, Cardi B, Toni Gonzaga and more. Even Jimmy Fallon made a music video featuring all of those artist singing his songs!

He has also collaborated with some big brands such as Coca-Cola, Walmart and Forever 21. All of these companies have used parts or whole songs in advertisements or marketing campaigns.

His success comes from being passionate about what you love and investing time into your craft. He always wants to learn new things and improve himself as a person and musician. His consistent work ethic has helped him succeed in the entertainment industry.

His third studio album was a big hit

how did g herbo get famous

In early 2019, G Herbo released his third LP, titled Like My Daddy Do. The project quickly garnered attention for its title track as well as songs like “Naked” and “RUN! RUN! RUN!.” These three tracks alone have over one million YouTube views each.

The song “Naked” in particular reached number six on the Billboard charts after it received over 1.8 million likes on Facebook. This gave him the highest amount of followers he has ever had before.

He then followed this up with two more music videos that have almost 2.5 million views between them. All these success stories helped launch his career to new heights.

G Herbo is now known not only for his catchy songs but also his impressive social media presence. He always keeps himself posted by posting pictures and staying interactive with his fans.

He released a song called “My Type of Girl”

how did g herbo get famous

As we all know, in social media culture, songs often get people dancing or sharing their new favorite tunes. For his latest track, G Herbo decided to put together an impressive list of celebrities that he incorporated into the lyrics. Many of these individuals are famous for their looks or for being very popular, making his feature even more special.

His features include several A-listers such as Beyoncé, Jay Z, Ariana Grande, and The Weeknd alongside some lesser known names like Charlie Puth and Francia Valenzuela. All of these individuals appear either directly or indirectly in the lyric video!

He also includes references to himself with the phrase “I be lookin' at you like ole timey Tony from Happy New Year” which many may recognize him from due to his frequent appearances on YouTube.

His fourth studio album was a big hit

how did g herbo get famous

In May of 2018, G Herbo’s new album dropped to much acclaim. Many called it his best work yet, while others said it was his biggest challenge of all time. Either way, it did not take long for him to find success.

His first single off the album, “I Need You,” quickly climbed up the charts. It peaked at number five on the Billboard Hot 100 chart before dropping down, making it one of the most successful songs of the summer season.

That song also made it into another bracket: The Best Song Of The Summer. According to polls by music websites like Spotify and Metacritic, it is definitely in that category.

Many people credit this song with helping launch G Herbo as a major artist.