How Did G Herbo Get Famous

By Tiara

Before we get into his rise to fame, let’s talk about his beginnings. Born Garrett William Herbert in Orlando, Florida, he grew up with two very important people in his life: his father and his mother.

His father was an alcoholic who would sometimes leave him and his brother while their mom worked long hours as a nurse. When he was around, though, he made sure they were both well-educated and gave them the encouragement and motivation they needed to succeed in school and career paths.

He eventually got sober himself, which allowed Garrett to see more of him as he went through his teen years. At this time, Garrett began putting extra effort into studying so that he wouldn’t have to rely on his dad for help later on. He also found ways to make money by offering tutoring services and selling snacks at lunch.

By the age of 17, he had saved enough money to pay for college tuition online, where he could study anywhere there was wifi! After receiving his bachelor’s degree in business administration, he didn’t know what to do next, but he knew one thing: he wanted to be famous.

He started creating content on YouTube

Garrett created his first channel called “Biggs Diggler Vlogs” back in May 2015, just over a year after starting his youtube account.

Social media

how did g herbo get famous

As we already mentioned, social media played an integral part in his rise to fame. People loved his music so much that it allowed for him to gain more exposure. He has over 1.4 million followers on Twitter, which is pretty cool!

He also has over 500k likes on all of his Facebook pages, as well as almost 2 million followers on Instagram. All of these accounts are used to promote his songs, albums, and tours.

His biggest success came from posting videos of himself singing some of his hits with the help of a voice-to-text software program called ReLabelle. While most people use Google Voice to do this, he was clever enough to make his own version!

It is very popular among singers who need to proof read their lyrics or correct any mistakes they may have made before.

Selling albums

how did g herbo get famous

Many people know how popular musician Drake is, but few realize just how early he started his music career. He was performing songs and sharing his music with others long before he had a recording contract or big studio backing. In fact, he even released some of his first tracks online!

Drake’s rise to fame comes down to his knack for writing catchy lyrics that appeal to other people. His ability to do this is what made him successful in the beginning. He would write songs about things that were important to him, then use his vocal talent to get other people to feel the same way. This process is called lyrical marketing.

By creating and offering his own brand of music, he was helping others find success by giving them inspiration and motivation. Because of this, he became very well-known.

Creative control

how did g herbo get famous

In early May of 2018, you could have found G Herbo listening to his music on your phone or computer. He probably spent most of his time focusing on his craft and creating new songs.

That’s not typically what famous people do. They feel the pressure to launch their career immediately, so they compromise on how well they are at songwriting.

Herbo is different. He doesn’t need to quickly hit the ground running because he has creative control over his work. This allows him to take his time and focus only on the things that matter to him.

He can spend hours writing lyrics about life experiences before deciding whether it's worth it to share those words with the world. Sometimes he does -- like when his latest track is inspired by a news topic like the one above! - but sometimes he decides to hold off for another day.

This isn't necessarily a bad thing, especially if he finds something else later that feels ready to be shared. But until then, his audience will continue to grow as he waits.

The future of G Herbo

Since his debut in early 2017, South Florida rapper G Herbo has been making waves with his infectious music and entertaining performances. He quickly gained notoriety for his unique lyrics that touch on various themes such as love, success, and life.

His songs have shown an aspiring artist that even if you’re not rich at the moment, you can work hard to achieve your dreams and live a comfortable lifestyle. His song “Make Me Love You (Prove It)” is about proving yourself to someone before asking them to spend time with you or trust you. This lyric embodies his message that no one should feel like they are being asked to invest in you until you have done so first.

He also talks about how we should enjoy our lives while we can because it will be gone soon. In his latest track “I Got Money,” he raps about spending money freely and thinking about what he has now instead of what he does not. This ties into his earlier song where he discusses living within your means and keeping up with your commitments while you still can.