How Did Eminem Get Famous

By Tiara

As you know, Em is one of music’s greatest lyricists with hit songs like “My Way,” "Real People," "Just Give Me The Money" among many others. He also has some pretty famous feuds including his most recent battle against Taylor Swift.

But aside from his lyrics, what really set him apart was his voice. Not only does he have incredible range, but his vocals are very powerful which makes it easy to appreciate how well he sings.

He doesn't rely heavily on autotune or other digital tricks that can take away from the natural quality of his voice, instead bringing out the best in it.

His power-packed singing style made him successful not just as a musician, but as an artist. His vocal stylings helped make his music sound unique and influential.

This article will discuss some ways that Eminem got into the music business and how he built up his fan base. Included will be tips and tricks for aspiring musicians to learn from his career path.

Had an influence on other rappers

how did eminem get famous

As we know, rap is a very popular genre of music. Artists in this style are often referred to as emcees or hip-hop artists. What makes someone qualify as an artist in this field is their use of lyrics and songs that appeal to others.

Some people may not like what these artists say or how they say it, but that doesn’t take away from them as artists. People admire their talent and how well they do it!

Eminem is one such rapper who rose to fame for his controversial lyrics and messages. He made lots of money off of it too!

However, many feel he went too far at times and hurt his image and reputation. This article will talk about some of the ways he got here and done something spectacular.

Influenced many other musical genres

how did eminem get famous

As we know, music can have an incredible effect on us — it can motivate or de-motivate, inspire hope or despair, offer simple relaxation or powerful inspiration. It can make us laugh or cry, and it can influence how we feel about ourselves and our lives.

Music has always been important to people, from the sounds monks chanted for centuries to use as meditation tools, to the songs people sang during wartime to get through difficult times.

In fact, there are theories that suggest singing is one of the main reasons humans evolved into having language. Before someone could speak, they were baring their innermost feelings with song.

Released his first album

how did eminem get famous

In 2002, Eminem released his first full-length studio album, The Introduction of Em

This album featured eight tracks with every song having an underlying theme or story. Some songs focused on relationships, others raised questions about our place in this world as we know it, and one even dared to ask if there is a God!

The music video for “Clean” features us watching as Eminem trains for a boxing match while also giving his opinion on different topics such as racism and politics.

His lyrics are very direct and to the point making him seem very intelligent. Many people refer to him as a genius because of how smart he sounds.

His talent as a rapper has won him several awards including two Grammy Awards, three MTV Music Video Awards, and ten Rap Album of the Year Awards at the Billboard Music Awards. He also received the Michael Jackson Lifetime Achievement Award from the Recording Academy in 2018.

The success of his first album

how did eminem get famous

As mentioned earlier, before he was famous, Marshall Mathers made successful songs with lyrics about life as an average person. He also penned some track titles that are now popularly known as hip hop slogans such as “Been A While” for Jay-Z’s song “The Crown” and “I Am Not A Writer” for Tameem Jackson’s song "Writer's Block."

His first major hit is actually not a song but an extended music video titled “Clean Up Your Room”. In it, he uses examples to describe how difficult it can be to gain access to things like education and employment opportunities if you don't keep your room clean.

Made other albums

how did eminem get famous

As we know, Eminem is not your average artist. He did not start his career as a songwriter or recording musician with an empty portfolio. Before he was known for spitting bars about life experiences and politics, he made some music that most people didn’t like very much.

In fact, many of his early songs are considered to be downright bad. They include lyrics such as “I’m gonna f*ck you up, just like my father/ I fucked him up, now it's your turn” and “You want to fuck with me? Yes, then you better call me Mr. Porter.”

But what makes Em special isn’t just his talent as a lyricist and musician, but also his ability to connect with his audience in different ways. He doesn’t need radio play or mass media coverage to get attention.

He created his own method of marketing by taking whatever resources he had at his disposal and using them to promote himself. This includes talking about himself in interviews, posting pictures of himself on social media sites, writing blogs, etc.

It seems like every time he puts out an album, the internet is waiting to see if he will say something controversial or tell us about his personal life. His fans enjoy listening to him because they feel like they understand him and his personality.

His style has influenced many artists, making him one of the top hip hop influencers.

Became a famous singer

how did eminem get famous

As we know, Eminem is a very successful artist who has sold over 30 million albums worldwide and won several awards for his music. He is also one of the most well-known artists in the world due to his prolific output as an artist.

He started off writing songs with his friend Jimmy Jam while they were students at Eastern Michigan University. After graduating, he took some time away before returning to songwriting full time.

Since then, he has written and recorded many hit singles including “My Darling One” (with The Pointer Sisters), “Just What I Needed” (The Alias), and his biggest hit, “Clean Up Your Own Mess” (with Dr. Dre).

His career took off when he signed a record deal with Interscope/Universal Music in 1996. Since then, he has never looked back!

A lot of his success comes from being able to write catchy melodies and lyrics that stick in your mind. His powerful voice also helps people relate to him as a person and as a musician.

He is known for making fun of himself and other celebrities in his songs, which makes his audience like him more. However, as a lyricist, he does not shy away from talking about difficult topics such as death, depression, and sexuality.

Had a big influence on other singers

how did eminem get famous

As we know, Eminem is a pretty successful artist who has sold millions of albums and won several awards across music genres. He’s got seven Grammy Awards and even received an Emmy for his performance on The Voice!

But how did he get here?

He didn’t climb the ladder alone. He helped inspire many other musicians to succeed in the industry. Some may not know it, but some songs that you listen to today were influenced by works of Eminem’s.

Here are five examples of songs that directly or indirectly include lyrics from one of Em’s most famous rhymes.

1) Listen to this song next time you feel like giving up

The song: Best I Could Do (By Ariana Grande feat.

Released a book

how did eminem get famous

In 2003, Em wrote his first solo album, titled The Way I Am. It was mostly focused on his personal life and how he grew up. He also included some songs that were more upbeat, like “Sing About Me” and “My City.” Many people know these songs well because they have listened to the music or heard them in other lyrics.

But what most people don't realize is that not too long ago those songs weren't there. They didn't exist as complete works of art.

It's hard to imagine now, but back when Eminem made this album, nobody really knew who he was. Most people only recognized him from his song “Cleanin' Up the Kitchen” which features Rihanna and Jay-Z. That hit number one on the Billboard chart and has been covered by many artists since then.

Since The Way I Am came out, however, his career has gone through several different stages. Since then, he has released eight more studio albums and two live albums with D12 (his former group).