How Did Ed Sheeran Get Famous?

By Tiara

After signing his first deal with Syco, A&R manager Scott Murray got him into some sort of groove by having him write songs about different life experiences he was going through at the time.

One such song is called “The Way You Make Me Feel” which she wrote for her to use as her entrance music in an audition. It’s totally normal to have songwriting sessions like this, even if you aren’t looking to sign anyone!

It’s not unheard of for aspiring writers to get feedback during this process, especially since most people don’t know what kind of songs are commercially successful anymore. It can be tricky trying to figure out how to improve your writing when no one seems to agree on anything!

But hopefully you will find someone who gives you great tips that help you take your writing career or craft seriously.

Social media

how did ed sheeran get famous

Many people know who Ed is now, but how he got there isn’t as well-known. He rose to fame because he was very good at social networking!
He started posting songs online in early 2011, before most people had ever heard of him. At that time, he didn’t have too many followers, but his music was getting noticed by other artists’ fans and his fan base kept growing.

He also posted pictures and videos frequently, which is what most people these days do. His almost constant presence made him seem like a really down-to-earth guy with a fun personality.

His knack for putting himself out there helped him gain more attention and friends. That’s why it's so hard to believe just how much control he gave up back in 2012 when he decided to take a break from making music.

Ed still posts things on Twitter and YouTube occasionally, but he doesn't update his Facebook or Instagram pages nearly as often. It's kind of weird to think about how much less visible he is now.

He even deleted all of his accounts not too long ago.

Celebrity friendships

As we know, music is very powerful and can influence people in massive ways. It has helped make millions of people happy, it has inspired others to start singing and playing instruments, and it has even saved some lives by helping people find help or learning how to cope with stress.

Music was always an important part of Ed’s life, he just didn’t realize it at the time. He says that his father would take him to concerts when he was a kid and he remembers being completely blown away by what musicians could do.

It wasn’t until he was much older though that he realized that music could be more than just listening to something you like. He wanted to become one himself!

He made his first attempts back in high school where he would play the guitar for hours every day. But it was never really picked up quickly so he gave up on it.

It wasn’t until years later when he started singing again that things took off better. By then he had found his voice as a musician and he knew it would be worth investing into.

From there it was pretty clear that he belonged somewhere big; he just needed to figure out who his audience should be. Luckily, he already had a lot of connections due to his songwriting career, but he kept looking forward and exploring new opportunities.

His ability to connect with other people makes it easy to see why he became famous so quickly.

Lessons learned

how did ed sheeran get famous

As mentioned earlier, you do not need to be famous to have your work go viral. In fact, it is the opposite – while becoming popular as an artist may help launch your career, having a large audience does not necessarily mean success for you as an individual.

As singer-songwriters like Adele or Taylor Swift can attest, being in the right place at the right time can result in massive exposure. For these artists, their breakout songs were well known before they had a successful album or even music career.

For others, it takes many attempts before people truly get what they want to hear from them. This could be because they are self conscious of his/her voice, they fear other people will think they are too similar to someone else, or they worry about how their personal life might be perceived when they perform their own material.

Whatever the reason, most musicians cannot seem to find that perfect balance between content and personality until they are able to let go and just sing whatever comes out naturally.