How Did Eazy E Get Famous

By Tiara

Growing up as the son of famous parents, you’d think that rapper The Drip would have always been surrounded by a crowd. But that wasn’t the case at all.

He was never really noticed or appreciated until he became very popular himself. Even then, his success came with many challenges — not only did people make fun of him for it, but he also had to contend with internalized racism.

His rise to fame is definitely interesting to talk about, so let’s get into it!

Firstly, let us look at the man behind the lyrics. His life and career are quite inspiring in several ways. He overcame incredible obstacles, worked hard, gave back, and inspired others through his actions and words.

This article will discuss his early struggles, how he broke out, and what lessons we can learn from his lifestyle.

Created the label group N.E.W.

how did eazy e get famous

As mentioned earlier, his career as an artist began with him creating his own music and promoting it through social media sites such as Instagram and Twitter. He also created his own record label called N.E.W (Never Ever Without) which he used to release his songs under. His first album was titled No Introduction Needed, and it featured five of his songs including one that would go onto become his very famous song!

His most well known song is probably “Lollipop” which has been covered by many artists since its initial debut in 2004. The lyrics contain references to marijuana and drinking alcohol, making it appropriate for all audiences. It even received an award for Best Rap Song at the 2005 MTV Music Video Awards!

He continued to promote his music and brand actively until his passing in 1995. Since then, his legacy has only grown and his influence can be felt throughout the entertainment industry.

Released his first album

how did eazy e get famous

In 1988, just three years after his high school graduation, rapper/producer Dr. Dre released The Chronic as an independent artist. He spent almost two years recording, producing, and mixing the project in his own studio before deciding to release it himself.

He marketed himself by posting pictures of him with his music on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. His marketing strategy worked —The Chronic became one of the best selling hip hop albums ever, going platinum six times over.

Dr. Dre is now considered one of the top producers in the industry due to his success while staying true to his artistic style. As he has shown, you don’t need lots of money or big name connections to succeed!

Eazy E was not only influenced by The Chronic, but also mentored and collaborated with many artists who have gone on to be very successful themselves.

Released his second album

how did eazy e get famous

After leaving South Central Los Angeles for California, he eventually settled in his career as an artist. He started by recording his first mixtape, which he titled “The Real Da Coach” before releasing it under his own label. This was back in 2002 when most people had never heard of anyone with his music talent!

He then released his first studio album in 2004, which included songs like “Lambo Love,” “California Dreamin,’” and “I Need A Girl (Party Time).” These songs featured lyrics about love and intimacy, making them appropriate for that period in his life.

After this success, he continued to focus on developing his craft as an artist while also building up his brand. He designed t-shirts and hats featuring his logo and slogan and gave away free merchandise to promote himself.

Released his third album

how did eazy e get famous

After leaving The Outlawz, Dr. Dre and his business partner Jimmy “OG Mac” Williams decided to form their own label. They recruited rapper Tierra Johnson as well as her brother Eric (E) Jones to join up with them. Together they formed No Limit Records in 1992.

Dr. Dre wanted to find an artist that could sing and rap so he asked his close friend Terry George if he knew anyone. He did and mentioned him to Andre Lawrence, who at the time was working under the stage name of Eminem.

Since Eminem made such a big impression on Dr. Dre when they were both recording for Death Row, Dre invited Em to come work with him at his record company. When Em agreed, he began writing his first solo song while also helping start the career of another person connected to him through music.

Went on tour

how did eazy e get famous

After leaving his home in South Central Los Angeles, he went on an eight-month international music tour with his best friend Lawrence “Benny Boom” Williams. The two were sponsored by management company West Coast Premier Management which helped them gain more opportunities as they toured internationally!

Eazy was able to perfect his English while touring England where he would meet many fans of hip hop that also spoke some form of the language. He even befriended members of the British rap crew A1 who had already achieved success before meeting him.

He eventually returned home but continued to work hard and hone his craft until he received the ultimate opportunity – hosting Rap Jamz alongside DJ Envy.

Released his fourth album

how did eazy e get famous

After leaving Death Row Records, Dr. Dre partnered up with Jimmy Iovine to form their own label, Interscope. They wanted someone they could develop as an artist, so they selected Em’s roommate Eric B.!

Eric was already known for being passionate about music, but he needed a platform to showcase his talent. So in 1996, he released his fourth studio album, The Real You.

The song that made this album popular is not only one of his biggest hits, it also helped make him famous. “Real Talk” features Ice Cube, Naughty By Nature member Treach, and rapper ODB (Oriental Disco Boy). All three artists discuss issues such as racism, women, and money.

But what makes the track special is how all three singers agree when Em says there’s no need to be fake because we’re all going through the same thing. He then lists off several examples of people who are rich and don’t seem like it, including Oprah, Angelina Jolie, and Hillary Clinton.

Went on another tour

After his first album was successful, he went on several more tours to promote it. He started off with only supporting himself for the next few months while he saved up enough money to buy a house!

He eventually built up enough money to purchase a two-bedroom home in North Hollywood, California. At this new home, he had his own bedroom and bathroom. It even featured its own backyard where he could grow plants or whatever he wanted!

His family would later move into this newer home as well. His son CJ is now 11 years old and his daughter Rayli is 9 years old. They both love going out to eat and doing activities like swimming and horseback riding together.

After his second album was completed, he decided to take some time away from music and focus on being an entrepreneur. He opened up a restaurant with his cousin and business partner Ervin Beck. But that didn’t work out so well.

However, he soon after founded Glam Life Magazine along with CEO Stacey Williams and Editorial Director Nicole Garcia. This magazine focused on giving entertainment and lifestyle tips to people of all ages who want to live a glamorous life.

Eazy also launched a clothing line called The Realness which has been very popular. People have loved how hard he worked to create products they believe are high quality.

He always gave his fans great service by offering reward programs such as monthly giveaways via social media sites and his website.

Got into a fight with Sean “Puff Daddy” Combs

how did eazy e get famous

In 1989, just as hip-hop was starting to take off, there weren’t too many famous rappers. Artists like Jay Z, The Notorious B.I.G., Tupac Shakur and DMX were popular, but none of them could be considered national superstars yet.

However, one rapper who had already achieved that status was Ice Cube. He released his third album in late 1988 which included the hit song ‘You Can’t Kill An Entertainer’ (later rebranded as simply ‘Aquarius’).

The lyrics refer to an artist who is no longer entertaining due to him being murdered, making the title appropriate for the life of rapper Eazy-E.

He wasn’t exactly known for his humorous or clever rhymes, but he was well respected within the rap community for taking various controversial stances. This made it very easy to associate him with anti-establishment themes, which are always high profile topics in entertainment.

So when Aquarius became a big international success, he received a lot of credit for it. He even won several music awards for it, including Best Rap Album at the 1990 Grammy Awards.

But not everyone appreciated his success. Some people felt that he had become more focused on political statements than creating quality songs, whereas before he didn’t.