How Did Eazy E Become Famous

By Tiara

Growing up in South Los Angeles, rapper Eazy-E was never really surrounded by too many people his age. He grew up mostly alone, aside from his older sister who he always considered his best friend. At an early age, he would make himself known to other kids by teaching them about music or letting them borrow his tapes for cars.

At school, he made few friends but instead focused more on studying. This didn’t sit well with some of his classmates though as they would often tease him about it. When he did get into fights, however, he was very good at keeping cool and walking away!

He eventually dropped out of highschool before graduating college so he could focus on his dreams of becoming famous. These dreams took shape when he started recording songs that he wrote himself and performing these songs live.

His first song “Real People” gained enough attention for him to start taking music seriously. Since then, he has recorded several successful songs including ones featuring fellow rappers The Lox and Nipsey Hussle.

As time passed, he built up his fan base slowly but surely until he reached a breaking point where he needed to do something big to gain recognition. What he decided to do was launch his own label!

So how did Eazy e become famous? Let us look at the factors that helped his career take off and what you can learn from his rise to fame.

Started a record label

how did eazy e became famous

After leaving NWA, Dr. Dre founded his own music production company in 1992 called Death Row Records. He hired Byron Allen to run it as CEO. At this time, he was already well known for his work with The Chronic and its accompanying album.

Death Row released their first artist in the form of an EP titled I’m A Returnee! which featured two songs that made it onto The Chronic. This song-and-album duo is now considered one of the biggest hip hop groups ever.

Dr. Dre left Death Row in 1996 after allegations of mismanagement and theft from investors were settled. He took most of his assets and money with him though. Since then, he has had very little success starting new companies or investing in projects.

He still works at Interscope Records where he produces albums and DJs occasional radio show nights, but he is not involved in running the business like he used too before.

Made a movie

how did eazy e became famous

In 1992, he made his feature length directorial debut with The Real Kings of Hip Hop. He also starred in this film as himself, along with Ice Cube, Tupac Shakur, Kurupt, and Dr. Dre. All six actors have their own scenes and storylines to develop throughout the movie.

The main character is an aspiring hip hop artist who must face challenges such as racism from white people, record label executives, and other rappers. He eventually overcomes these obstacles and becomes successful.

His success comes not only because of his talent but also due to his kind heart and willingness to help others. Many characters in the movie refer to him as “E” or even “Mr. E” which inspired his stage name.

After The Real King of Rap was released, it gained popularity and won several awards. It helped launch the career of its star, rapper Eazy-E. His music and films became very popular and he received many recognitions for his work.

He passed away in 1995 just two years after filming finished so he did not get to enjoy all of his achievements fully.

Was in a gang

how did eazy e became famous

As we know, death is a pretty important part of hip-hop culture. Artists use it as a platform to share their stories and influence others through inspiration or warning. For example, when Jay Z mentioned killing people in his songs, he was talking about himself taking care of business and not someone else.

Eazy-E was no exception to this rule. He died due to complications from AIDS back in 1995, but before then he had done things that helped make him famous. These things included being in one of the first gangs with drug dealing as its main activity, and also using these experiences to motivate other young men to stay away from drugs.

He once said, “You can’t tell me how many lives I saved by staying clear of cocaine and heroin.” This statement shows us two things: 1) He knew what it did to those who used it, and 2) He wanted to save people from the same fate he suffered.

Was a drug dealer

In 1987, at the age of 23, Dr. Dre was already making waves in the music industry as one of the founders of what is now known as gangster rap. He would go onto to have success with his own songs and collaborations including “Nuthin’ But A "G" Thang,” which features fellow rapper The Notorious B.I.G..

Dre has also been credited for popularizing the use of guest verses in hip hop songs and creating some of the most well-known tracks in the genre such as Drake's 2002 hit song “Best I Ever Had.”

His production style incorporated elements of jazz, funk, soul, and R&B into his work and he frequently collaborated with other artists. He received three Grammy Awards during his career and was inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame in 2017.

In addition to his musical achievements, Dre has made significant contributions outside of the music business. He founded After School Matters, an organization that teaches children life lessons through academic programs. He also started a shoe company called Foot Zone and launched his own podcast, The Drea Hour.

Was shot and killed

how did eazy e became famous

On October 16, 1995, at around 2:30 pm, rapper The Drip was sitting in his car outside an apartment complex in Las Vegas when he heard gun shots. When he looked out of his vehicle to see what had happened, he saw two men run into the building across the street and then return with a black bag. He also noticed that one man wore a white shirt while the other did not.

The two ran back towards each other down the sidewalk before collapsing onto the ground face-down. After several minutes, paramedics were able to get both men up and take them away in separate ambulances. However, it was too late; they both died soon after arriving at the hospital.

Police later found a 9mm handgun in the parking lot next to The Drip’s car along with three spent shell casings. They also searched the area for surveillance footage but came up empty handed. As such, very little is known about who fired the weapon or why.

It is possible that someone may have been arguing prior to the shooting however police were never given this information. It is even more likely that the person wearing the white shirt attempted to intervene but was ignored or threatened into staying quiet.

Had a feud with the Notorious B.I.G.

how did eazy e became famous

In 1997, two of hip-hop’s biggest stars had a confrontation at an event in Las Vegas. The argument was over who was better – Diddy or Jay Z. According to reports, it got physical.

A source close to the situation told Rapzilla that after the event wrapped up, there were some issues between E and B. I. G. They both went their separate ways.

The next day though, things took a turn. Apparently, Biggie wanted to speak to E about what happened the night before but he never showed up.

Biggie then posted pictures and comments saying how he would “shoot him right then and there.” He also mentioned something about going to see his cousin later that evening. Many assumed this referred to where he planned to go meet his crew.

E didn’t take too much time to respond. Within hours, he released a diss track titled ‘Remember Me?’ which included lyrics like, “You ain’t gotta be famous/ To want me dead.”

He continued, “Your whole team tried to set me up/ You hit men don’t let no one get in your way.”

It wasn’t long before everything blew up. People noticed changes in behavior as well as stories of people being harassed for having a relationship with Biggiewithout credit.

Influenced other artists

how did eazy e became famous

As we know, Dr. Dre is one of hip hop’s leading lights, but he didn’t make it alone. He learned his craft from many people who have influenced him, including Rakim, Tupac, The Notorious B.I.G., and more importantly, Eminem.

Eminem was arguably Dre’s most significant mentor in the game. They worked together several times and even mentioned each other in their songs!

In “My Offence,” for example, Em rhymes about how he would always look up to rappers like Dilla (the late rapper that inspired both Em and Eazy) and Rakim. Even though he may not agree with everything they said or done, he acknowledged them as influential figures in his career.

He also mentions another artist that made an impression on him at a young age, which may surprise some readers.

Had an impact on the culture

how did eazy e became famous

As mentioned earlier, his music was never about one song or album. He constantly influenced other artists through songs and styles he incorporated into his work. His legacy is not just in how well-known he became, but also what he left for others to pick up and add onto.

His use of catchy lyrics and voice are things that many musicians have since copied and improved upon. The way he dressed inspired other rappers’ fashion choices, from clothing brands to hairstyles.

By incorporating elements of Dr. Dre’s style, for example, Young Scrap began using nose rings and bald patches as styling accessories. This gave rise to more people doing the same thing. By showing off these features and making them popular, Young Scrap made himself famous.

He would later go on to say it best when he told MTV, “I want to be known for being rich and having lots of kids.