How Did Eazy E Became Famous

By Tiara

While not popularly known, before he was famous, rapper E-Money (Eddie Murray) had his share of success. He produced several hit songs such as “Put Ya Hand Up” for Bouncer Sean, “Dirty Money Talk” with DJ Drama and Freeway, and his own track titled “Bling Bling Bang.”

He also appeared in his own music video alongside fellow Los Angeles artist The Dimebag Darrell Beatdown! Check out their song here.

His rise to fame began when his friend Chief Keef asked him if he wanted to be part of an upcoming project. At first, Eddie said no but then later changed his mind and accepted the challenge.

After recording some initial lyrics, chief keef told eddie that they were too good and needed to be added onto the final product more prominently. So he rewrote them and made it his own.

The two then took these new lyrics and mixed them into one longer verse which eventually became what we know today as “Clap Yo Hands.” It soon climbed up Billboard’s Rap Songs Chart where it stayed at number five for over a week.

Chief Keef quickly picked up on how successful this song would become so he left town leaving Eddie alone to enjoy the fruits of his labor. Since then, the song has won him many awards and helped launch his career.

Albums and videos

how did eazy e became famous

After his initial success, what made Eazy famous was his prolific recording career and constant production of new music. He would constantly release new songs, albums, or both! This is how he became known for being in the hip hop industry that never stops producing content.

He started off by releasing two mixtapes back to back in 1996-1997 called The Real Story Volumes 1 & 2. These are now considered classic projects as they featured some of today’s top artists such as Young Thug, Future, Rick Ross, and more.

Then in 1998 he released his first album “Eazy Duz It” which features several rappers you have heard of like Above And Beyond, Mase, etc. Since then he has consistently put out quality material every year.

His most well-known work includes collaborations with Dr. Dre (The Beginning) and Nipsey Hussle (Death Row). Both had successful solo careers after working with him.

Rapper Eazy E dies

how did eazy e became famous

On March 31, 2001, at the age of 40, rapper The Dufflebag Don died due to complications from throat cancer he was diagnosed with in December 2000. He had been hospitalized since early February when he was admitted for breathing difficulties.

Eazy’s music career began back in 1985 when he released his first album, My Block. It featured hit songs like “Lollipop Polka (Dance Remix)” and “Real People.” Both songs are staples in any playlist that features hip-hop or polkas!

He continued to have success throughout his career, releasing such albums as Straight Outta Compton and No Introduction. His most successful song is probably “Move Bitch!” which samples Luther Vandross‘s classic tune “Never Let You Go.

Big break leads to success

how did eazy e became famous

Before he was famous, rapper The Darryl Johnson known as Eazy-E had an average life. He grew up in poor housing in Compton, California, and his parents were never there for him.

He didn’t have much of a childhood and he felt like he lacked support from people around him. This made him very insecure and shy as a child.

It is no wonder then that when he did start going out and trying to be popular, he would overdo it and say or do things that got more attention. This only increased his insecurities.

His early struggles with self confidence led to many issues later in his life. One of these was alcohol abuse which eventually landed him in rehab twice.

After getting sober both times, he decided to try something different to help himself stay that way. He started recording music. And he released it under his own label!

Now you may know me by my stage name but before I was Elusive Earle (yes, really), just Darryl Johnson. So how did we get here? Here are some fun facts about what made this hip hop artist famous.

Influenced others

how did eazy e became famous

There are many individuals who have influenced or made their career in music due to things they did that didn’t make them famous, but helped them grow as musicians. One of these people is rapper The Doxxle. His song “Make Money Not Drugs” features his fellow artist Necee, and it’s clear he was inspired by the way she carried herself.

The lyrics talk about how he wanted to be like her and that if you want to succeed in this business then you need to put in work. This gave him motivation to keep practicing and working hard.

His success came later, but his efforts paid off. He now has his own album and major tour! People know his songs and listen to him because he invested time into developing his craft.

He may not be well known outside his community yet, but he’s definitely putting in the effort needed for bigger opportunities.

Popularized rap group N.W.A

how did eazy e became famous

After leaving his home in Compton, California to pursue music as a career, rapper Dr. Dre launched his own label with business partner Sean “Dre” Williams. The duo founded Death Row Records along with producer Roger Allen (Dr. No) and record executive Jerry Heller.

Death row was known for its hard-edged hip hop sound that featured heavy bass drops and lyrics about violence and sex. Their most famous artist is probably not familiar unless you are very into Hip Hop.

Their first major hit was the song Straight Outta Compton, which described life experiences of people of color in America. Many songs feature an underdog voice who gets put down and then rises up against those putting them down. This lyrical style fits well within this genre.

The next level of success came when members began working outside of death row to launch other projects. Interspersed between recording commitments, they started their own label, Ruthless Records.

They picked the name because it sounded tough and scary. They wanted their artists to be feared but also respected. Two of their biggest stars were named after the initials of each member.

Nas went by Jay Z and Eminem used Michael Jackson as inspiration for his stage name. He chose his middle name from his father’s last name and made it his first nickname.

Top selling albums

After achieving moderate success as an artist, his career took off when he got involved in the hip-hop community. He built up close relationships with other artists by supporting them via lyrics or interviews, which helped them promote themselves. His collaborations included features, songs written about him, and even cover versions of his songs!

He was known for being very outspoken, making it clear who he did not like or believe in while also giving great speeches to inspire others. Many think of him as the father of gangsta rap due to his raunchy lyrics and stories that deal with issues such as drug use, violence, and sexuality.

His influence still lives on today. Artists often quote his sayings and refer to him as an inspiration. He is considered one of the biggest pioneers in East Coast Hip Hop along with Jay Z and Nas.

His legacy will always be remembered because he left his mark on music and culture. He inspired so many people and his death shocked everyone. However, his family comes together to remember how much he loved us all and what he would want to see done with his life.

Popular culture

how did eazy e became famous

As we know, popular music and media comes from somewhere else; it is influenced by something else. What was happening in society at the time gets incorporated into what people are listening to and watching. Music and movies start off as simple concepts that get expanded upon as they grow.

The term “gangsta” originated with the lyrics of NWA’s (New World Order) song “Straight Outta Compton.” The word has since been used outside of their context and attached to many different things, including rappers.

Music artists use slang and jargon not only for fun, but to promote an image or brand. For example, when Drake mentioned his favorite drink being “20 bobs,” he was referring to how much alcohol one can buy for $20 in Canada!

Another instance is when 2Pac said, "Put your guns up," in his track "California" about two men who fight. Many refer to this as putting your gun up because you cannot put your gun down unless you shoot someone first.

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how did eazy e became famous

As mentioned earlier, Dr. Dre was one of his biggest supporters and he helped him get into music business as an artist. He also produced most of his songs and received credit for helping to shape his style as an MC.

Dre launched his solo career in 1991 with The Chronic. At that time he was still going by his given name Andre Young. His first big hit was “Next Episode” which featured rapper Tupac Shakur.

Dr. Dre is well known for having made major changes to how rap music is done. One of these things is his use of sampling. Sampling is taking pieces of other songs or sounds and incorporating them into your own song. It is not plagiarism because the source material has been altered or replaced.