How Did Dylan O'brien Get Famous

By Tiara

Before we dive into his rise to fame, let’s take a look at who he is now. You may have heard of him!
He became famous for dating Hailey Baldwin, one of the most popular celebrities in America. They got engaged last December and are expecting their first child together this coming fall.

Baldwin made headlines when she revealed that her and O’Brien had broken up just two weeks before they announced their engagement. Since then, there has been speculation about whether or not it was because of his race.

Many people claim that racist comments he made about Baldwin prove that he is racially motivated. These include saying things like “white girls are so beautiful, why can’t you love yourself more?” and telling someone to “go back where they came from.” He also allegedly said something along the lines of how white women like having black boyfriends because it makes them feel powerful.

Some say these statements were too much, even breaking off the relationship. Others believe he is just a very passionate person and sometimes says things without thinking about the repercussions.

Appeared on Oprah

how did dylan o'brien get famous

In May of 2018, Life is Living aired its season finale featuring an epic showdown between Kris and Caitlyn. During their final conversation, Kris revealed that she had received some advice from none other than TV talk show host Oprah.

Oprah gave her life changing advice to Kris about letting go of past hurts and creating new beginnings by breaking up with people in your life. According to Oprah, this applies not only to relationships but also to hobbies you've been investing time into.

By giving up on something you invested energy in, you free up that energy for something more important. Your subconscious mind can learn things we never know consciously — like if there's someone or thing that makes us unhappy, it's telling us to give up on them.

This could be because we have made room for newer, better things in our lives or because we're no longer comfortable being around them. We need to work through those emotions before moving forward, but once we do, we can invest our energies in something else.

Was in a YouTube video

how did dylan o'brien get famous

Many people have famous dares, like telling their friends how much they love them before watching TV or eating something scary. Others go beyond that by putting up a little more money to prove their friendship!

A few years ago, one of our favorite YouTubers did something kind beyond his ability. He raised funds for a charity with a dare- he said if you are over 21, you must watch him and his friend play an online game together for an hour!

Some may call this challenge crazy, but not many can say they enjoyed it. The game gets increasingly challenging as time goes on, which makes watchers wonder why they agreed to spend time watching two strangers play a computer game.

It is because everyone else was donating money to help out a worthy cause. According to the website KidsWithClothesline.

Started a podcast

how did dylan o'brien get famous

Before he was famous, Dylan O’Brien did something rather unexpected – he started his own weekly podcast! What makes this different from all of the other podcasts you can find online is that it features only himself as an audience member.

Dylan began recording his show in January 2018 with himself as the host. He would talk about various topics and lead to some interesting conversations. His loyal listeners quickly realized just how passionate he is about music so his channel has grown very popular.

He now boasts over one million followers on both YouTube and Spotify where people can listen. Many consider him to be influential in the music industry because he brings attention to new artists and songs in a way that seems natural and friendly.

His success comes not only from being engaging and entertaining, but also due to the fact that he knows a lot about music. He always says that his passion for music helps make him successful, which is why he loves exploring new genres and dropping important tips and tricks for musicians to use.

Released a book

In May of 2018, Dylan O’Brien released his first book, Surviving A Suicide Crisis. He shared his story with the world about how he was saved from taking his own life by God and others.

Dylan struggled with depression his whole life, but it got much worse after his best friend died in April 2017.

He decided to take his own life one week later, and spent hours trying to find ways to do so before giving up and asking for help. Luckily, someone found him at the right time and took action to save his life.

Became a brand ambassador

how did dylan o'brien get famous

After his appearance as Chris in The Ditchling Society, Dylan received over 1 million views on his YouTube channel within just one week! He then started receiving more invitations to become an ambassador for brands through influencer marketing services.

He now receives up to $5,000 per sponsored video he makes for a company. Many of these are beauty related, like Nivea or Maybelline, but others are food related or fitness related. His current sponsors include IFA (International Federation of Association) Credit Cards and Insurance, Glade Plug-In Refills, and MightyYou!, a financial education site.

His success has allowed him to make some great money, invest it wisely, and live a comfortable lifestyle while doing what he loves – making entertaining videos.

Did a guest appearance

how did dylan o'brien get famous

After his first season, The CW’s teen drama series The Flash made an interesting move to bring back one of its characters for an upcoming episode. An unexpected cameo in the show is often referred to as a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it moment or a stealth cameo because you have to be looking for it to notice it.

But not only was this character important to the plot, he was also famous! His popularity has soared since that night he appeared on TV so clearly someone out there wanted to see him again!

So how did this happen? Well, he received some major attention before the filming of the scene including lots of fan requests and a very successful YouTuber channel with over 1 million subscribers.

And now, he's got his own theme song! This new track is performed mostly by guitar but also includes piano, bass, and drums.

Became a star

how did dylan o'brien get famous

After his first appearance as himself on The Goldbergs, he quickly landed one of his most prominent roles to date — that is, until this past summer when his dramatic turn ended as a surprise exit. As Ariana Kane on Teen Wolf, he left fans hanging for eight months before confirming his departure in March 2018.

Since then, many have speculated about what his future may hold next. While it’s still very early days for him as an actor, there are several possibilities emerging for where his career will take him next.

He has already starred in two major films (The Maze Runner and All Stars), which speak volumes about his talent and potential. He also recently made waves by revealing that he would like to play Spider-Man at some point!

So even though he’s not currently working, don’t sleep on him just yet. There’s no telling how far he’ll go from here.

Became a billionaire

how did dylan o'brien get famous

After his appearance on The Block, Dylan’s career took off in a major way! He was featured on several more seasons of The Block as a housemate, where he gained even more fame.

Dylan eventually won $1 million during an episode of The Block season 6, which allowed him to purchase the most expensive property at auction that week. This new home became his and his fiancé’s first apartment, and they later married there.

After their wedding, Dylan and his wife opened a restaurant together called The Office. They ran this business for two years before she got too busy with work and he decided it wasn’t working out, so they sold her share of the company and she continued running it alone.

The couple now has three kids, all under the age of five, and they live quite privately. When asked about his success, he says he just really loves making money and spending money, and people seem to enjoy being around him because of how wealthy he is.