How Did Dylan O'brien Get Famous

By Tiara

Before we dive in, let’s talk about how this article got started. Last week, I mentioned that The YouTube Channel of Zack Johnson has seen an explosion in popularity over the last few months. With almost 2 million subscribers and 250+ million views, he is definitely making his way up!

His channel features him talking about beauty products and fashion tips as well as some fun videos. However, one video caught my attention - it was for his “Best Makeup Tips For Dark Skin” series. In these videos, he talks about all sorts of makeup tricks and applications for people with darker skin tones.

He also includes some interesting stories and anecdotes to give you inspiration and motivation. One such story happened back when he was in middle school and had very little social skills. He would go through several rounds of trying to connect with other kids before giving up and sitting alone at lunch or recess.

It wasn't until years later when he realized what was happening, but he made a connection with another student during class. This student invited him to join a soccer team, which he did! After that, he received several invitations to play outside of classes so he gave more formal answers and now he's been playing sports ever since!

His passion for athletics helped him get out of his shell and improved his social skills. He learned that being part of a group means not only doing things together, but also listening to others and responding to them.

Had A YouTube Channel

how did dylan o'brien get famous

Before he was famous, Dylan O’Brien had his own channel where he would make funny videos. He called it DylanTV and he made content ranging from making fun of himself to making jokes about politics and current events.

His followers loved him and he received many comments telling people to look out for his big debut as an actor. People were always supporting his acting career even before he got popular because of his online presence.

He still has his DylanTV channel to use for his acting career but he is now too busy with other things to really focus on that. His new job takes up most of his time so there are not enough hours in the day to devote to his passion.

However, he does manage to put some time into his craft every chance he gets and he works hard on his acting skills.

Became A Dancer

how did dylan o'brien get famous

Before he was famous, before his rise to stardom, Dylan O’Brien spent most of his life dancing. He took tap dance lessons as a kid and later added jazz, ballet, and hip hop into his repertoire. At age 15, he landed a job teaching kids how to dance at an after-school program in Chicago!

He eventually made his way to Miami where he trained under some of the top professionals in the business. While he loved working with others, he always wanted to lead or choreograph his own routines so he left to pursue that career path.

He now has his own Dance Moms franchise which features young dancers who look up to him and learn from his tricks. Many of these teens have gone on to do their own dances and even become professional artists!

His success comes not only because of his talent but also his work ethic and dedication to improving his craft. He doesn't take just any opportunity for grand gestures, he makes sure every experience is meaningful and adds something to his skill set.

Started A Podcast

After his appearance on The X Factor, Dylan began sharing hilarious stories online through his podcast, My Drunk Kitchen. He shares recipes with listeners while getting really creative with food!

He even hosted an event for his followers where he made brunch-themed drinks and snacks! His culinary creativity has attracted many fans who enjoy listening to his fun anecdotes and learning new tricks in the kitchen.

Since launching his show in February 2016, it has over 1 million listens across all of his platforms (including YouTube). He also features famous people in the baking/culinary field as guests on the show!

His loyal audience keeps him busy by responding to requests via Twitter, Instagram, and other social media sites.

Became A Businessman

how did dylan o'brien get famous

After leaving The Vampire Diaries, Daniel Gillen decided to reboot his career by launching a business with his best friend. They opened up a restaurant in their hometown of Jacksonville, Florida called Refuel.

The two teamed up with another close friend who is also an aspiring chef and they all worked together to create this new concept. Their goal was to help others learn how to cook by teaching them how to prepare recipes from various sources.

They have now partnered up with several restaurants that are already successful so people can learn some tips from them as well. Since it is open source material, anyone can access the recipes too!

Their website currently features 10 different courses you can choose to study and pay per course or get all ten for one price.

Went On Tour

how did dylan o'brien get famous

After his appearance at The X-Factor, Dylan received a lot of attention! He went on several tours to promote his new album, including two headlining tours in America and Europe. These tour packages include all of your expenses, such as food, hotel rooms, and transportation.

Dylan’s manager and business partner, Justin Hayter, says that he and his team have been working hard to get him where he is today since he was a kid. They made sure to expose him to many different people and situations so he could find his voice and learn how to connect with others.

He also organized some private events for close friends and family to see what kind of person he is and what he has to offer. This helped them develop relationships with him so they can trust him more.

What sets Dylan apart from other musicians is that he does not only put effort into making music, but he puts just as much energy into promoting himself and reaching out to others.

Became A Star

how did dylan o'brien get famous

After his appearance at The X-Factor, Dylan quickly became one of the show’s biggest stars. He received over 1 million votes in the Superstar Showdown which made him one of only three contestants to win that season.

Dylan then went onto have his own music video where he sang his song “I Don’t Wanna Live Without You”. The lyrics for this song talk about how even when you are apart, you still want to be with each other. This brings importance to another part of his career; recording an album!

He recorded his self titled album in May 2016 and it was released through Sony Music. It is now his first solo album to make the top ten of Billboard‘s Best Selling Album Charts!

His new album has been successful not just because of his singing talent but also due to his entertaining style while performing them as well. His songs all seem to relate to some sort of situation or theme and they all sound very close together.

Won The Money

how did dylan o'brien get famous

While hosting a show for MTV, host Dylan O’Brien had to call in sick one day. When he did return, he was greeted with an unexpected surprise — his own talk show!

O’Brien took over as guest co-host of “The Morning Show” along with Robin Quivers and Carson Daly. Since then, he has become very popular and well known.

He is now in high demand as he interviews famous people for his show. He also gets to showcase his comedic side when he jokes around with his guests.

His success comes from his hard work and dedication to his career. He knows that no one can do everything themselves so he hires other professionals to help him succeed in the media industry.

He makes sure to give credit to those who helped him get where he is today by promoting their works and charities they are involved in.

Faked His Death

how did dylan o'brien get famous

Many people have made a career off of creating fake deaths, but only few make it as famous as Dylan O’Brien! In May of 2018, The Telegraph reported that his now-former best friend was involved in his death. According to sources, he paid someone $10,000 to pretend to be him when he died.

The next day, his close friends and family learned about this via social media where some suspected foul play. It is important to note that before he faked his own death, he had already been under investigation for serious allegations of child pornography.

He spent months trying to evade authorities while also deleting all evidence related to these charges. This effort on his part really hurt his reputation because it showed a lack of respect for others and their families. He never should have tried to hide like this if he wanted help from those around him.

His actions show that he did not care much about anyone else except himself.