How Did Dua Lipa Get Famous?

By Tiara

As we all know, singing is a very popular way to enjoy music. There are many different styles of songs that people have gotten famous for using their voice as a tool. For example, anyone can listen to Adele’s catchy tunes or Taylor Swift’s high notes and be inspired to try out some of those sounds themselves.

However, there are some who find inspiration from more sophisticated song structures and melodies. These types of songs often use instruments such as guitar, bass, piano, and/or drums to create an immersive experience for the listener.

Some of these tracks may feature lyrics as well but they are usually soft and smooth with no break in tone or effect. If you ever feel like listening to some new material, check out this article!

This article will talk about one singer whose career really took off after she released her first hit single. Her song received over 10 million views within 24 hours of being posted online and has helped shape her legacy as a musician.

Her debut track “New Year's Resolution" was written and produced by British artist Shahzad Ishmael. Many musicians have made references to him while working on their own projects including Ariana Grande, MØ, and even Future. He is also known for writing his rhymes quickly so that he does not waste any time when adding lyrics to a song.

Released her debut album

how did dua lipa get famous

After singing in various choirs since she was eight years old, British singer Dua Lipa made her professional recording debut at the age of 21 with her first self-produced solo LP New Year’s Eve.

New year’s eve marked the beginning of an incredible career for Londoner Dua Lipa. The song debuted at number one on both Billboard‘s Dance Album Chart as well as the All Genres chart. It also peaked at number six on the Pop Charts.

Dance music is a genre that has seen many shifts in popularity over the past few decades. Artists like Diplo have popularized dance tracks across different genres, making it more accessible to average listeners.

But New Year’s Eve is still considered to be within the realm of elite artists due to its intricate lyrics and experimental production.

Lipa’s vocals are mostly clean, but she does experiment with some slight autotune here and there. Her writing style is described by most critics as poetic and intimate, which align very well with her artistic image.

Her musical inspiration includes Aaliyah, Ariana Grande, and Beyoncé.

Appeared in a TV ad for Maybelline

how did dua lipa get famous

After filming her self-titled music video, singer and beauty influencer DUA LIPA was approached to do an additional appearance. The brand asked if she would be willing to model some of their products for their latest advertising campaign, which is focused around celebrating yourself through your looks.

Dua agreed and soon after she made her runway debut wearing only white lingerie and a giant sesame bag that matched the makeup collection! Her look received many compliments and she even won the contest (the winner receives a trip to New York City to meet with top fashion brands)!

Since then, Dua has starred in several more advertisements for Maybelline and has also done photo shoots and videos for the brand. She even appeared at the launch party of their new liquid foundation line!

Her success came as no surprise to those who have been watching her grow online since she first started sharing pictures and songs. Her infectious smile and passion for make up have helped gain popularity for her career, while her singing talent has allowed her to showcase it beyond just YouTube.

She is constantly sharing photos and stories about her life on social media sites like Instagram and Twitter, where she over 6 million followers. These followers are able to watch as she shares her daily experiences such as workouts, food tips, and reviews of different products.

As her fame grows, so does her fan base, making it easy to connect with her audience.

Appeared in a TV ad for Versace

how did dua lipa get famous

After appearing in an advertisement for fashion brand Versace, music artist discovery app The Music Asks You! noticed a pattern with how many of its users had connected to each other.

The company’s team analyzed these connections and discovered that one user matched another user’s profile. They then searched both users’ profiles and found that both belonged to the same gmail account.

Since most people have a Gmail account, TheMusicAsksYou! used this as additional evidence that there was more to discover about both users.

They ran a full background check and learned that both users lived less than a mile away from each other in the same city. And since they worked in similar industries, the team determined that it was safe to assume that they were in the same area within the community.

Had a breakout single

how did dua lipa get famous

After meeting in 2014 at an Iggy Azalea concert, New Zealand singer Januae Taylor (Dua Lipa) decided to add her vocals to his song. He then proceeded to make it into a music video! His collaborator enjoyed the final result so much that she asked him if he wanted to record your own track with you as a duo!

He agreed and recorded what would become “New Love”, which quickly climbed up the charts. With its catchy melody and lyrics about longing for someone new, it became very popular.

Since then, Dua has been touring nonstop while promoting her debut album, Self-titled Album. The album received wide acclaim from critics, hitting number one on both Billboard's Dance/Electronic Albums Chart and Independent Music Charts. It also hit number five on the overall chart.

Was featured in the Netflix series, The House of Flowers

After appearing as herself in an episode of The House of Flowers in 2017, singer-songwriter DUA LIPA was asked to join the show’s main cast. Since then, she has starred as Ariana, one of the three lead characters who go through intense personal transformations during their quest to find happiness.

Dua is the first Pakistani actress to have her own TV show in over five years and the first South Asian actor to play a leading role in the show. She also became the second most popular housemate of all time after winning a prize for being the best supporting dancer!

She received several awards and recognitions for her performance including Best Performance In A Vlog Series from Screen Rant and Best Supporting Actress at the MTV Europe Music Awards.

Released a music video

how did dua lipa get famous

After dropping her breakout song “New Year’s Eve,” British singer Dua Lipa made her first appearance on The X Factor as a soloist in season eight.

Her cover of Whitney Houston‘s “I Will Always Love You” was well-received by both fans and critics, landing her the third highest score of all contestants from her time slot.

Dua then reprised the track for her live performance at the finale which catapulted her into national stardom. Since that moment, she has not stopped growing her fan base and establishing herself as one of pop’s top artists!

Not only did she win over America with her infectious dance tracks like “Hot (Like) Fever” and “IDK,” but she also nabbed several other notable awards including Favorite Song at the MTV Europe Music Awards, Best New Artist at the Billboard Music Awards, and three Moonfolk Awards.

She is also nominated in the Pop Album category for her self-titled debut album which sold more than 1 million copies worldwide.

Went on tour

how did dua lipa get famous

After dropping her first album in 2015, Dance With Me, singer/songwriter Dua Lipa made her way onto the music scene with several concert tours. Her debut self-titled album was met with critical acclaim and she has been touring consistently ever since!

Dua’s success is due to many things — her songwriting, vocals, stage presence, and of course, her infectious dance songs. She always brings energy to each show and never seems to run out of inspiration or motivation for her performances.

Her concerts have become gathering points for her dedicated fans as well as new ones who may not know all of her songs but are still inspired by her.

She continues to showcase an impressive range of artists within her musical repertoire including some unexpected collaborations like “New Day” featuring Drake and “Hot n Cold” with Ariana Grande.

Became a celebrity

how did dua lipa get famous

As we know, before you are famous, you need to put in significant time working as an artist or musician before people recognize your work and talent. For Welsh singer Dua Lipa, that moment happened at the age of 22 when she released her first song.

It was called “New Love” and it featured lyrics like, “I wanna feel infinite / Like I've never felt before,” and “Give me everything you got, I'm ready to go.”

The music video for this track features lip-syncing and some pretty impressive dance moves from Dua. It is clear she has practiced her craft very seriously!

Her musical style has been described as neo-soul, with influences including The Weeknd, Adele, and Beyoncé. Since then, her music has garnered many fans all over the world.