How Did Dua Lipa Get Famous

By Tiara

As we all know, singing is a beautiful thing! There are many ways to hone your singing skills, from taking vocal classes or music lessons to going out into nature and singing- you get inspired by what you hear.

A lot of people begin listening to songs they like and learning parts of the song until it becomes familiar territory. When that happens, their ears start picking up things about how the melody goes and which notes sound good together.

The voice is one of our most powerful tools so using yours to enhance your self esteem and love for music is never a waste of time.

Having an audience is the ultimate way to gain inspiration for your own singing career because you will always be motivated by the sounds of others cheering for you. Your dreams can come true if you believe in yourself and work hard!

It’s not just about letting loose either, singing helps release endorphins which make you feel happy and relaxed. Plus, there are lots of opportunities to perform music publicly now- you can audition for a TV show, join a choir, go to concerts, or even do karaoke at home!

This article will talk about how British singer Dua Lipa got her big break as a musician and several other ways she boosted her fame. She also shares some tips for aspiring musicians who want to succeed in the industry.

Released her debut studio album

how did dua lipa get famous

After rising to fame with her infectious hit single “New Year’s Eve,” British singer Dua Lipa made her official music debut in 2015 with her self-titled LP. The album was met with critical praise and commercial success, as it topped the charts in over 10 countries and earned several Grammy nominations.

Lipa started performing professionally at just 19 years old, having first learned how to play guitar when she was 12. She then went onto write most of the songs for her first two albums herself.

She is well known for writing lyrics that emphasize love and relationship themes, making her song catalog one of the biggest outleeks of romantic material for young audiences.

Had a breakout single

how did dua lipa get famous

After winning Best New Artist at the 2018 Grammy Awards, people were left wondering how Dua would continue to stay in the spotlight. Her debut album, “New Day” was released in September of that year and it quickly shot up the charts!

Her catchy song "Hot (Like) Fire" features lyrics like, “Burning up, can't contain my desire / I want you, so hot like fire.” This lyrical style is what made many music listeners fall for her as she has become known for.

She also boasts some impressive collaborations including songs with Ariana Grande, Justin Timberlake, and Craig David. All three of these artists have received significant exposure due to their work with Dua.

Appeared in several music videos

how did dua lipa get famous

As we all know, before anyone really gets famous they have to prove themselves as an artist! Before you get that chance, you need to show the world your talent and style by creating and performing songs and/or music. You also need to showcase yourself in various settings to ensure people notice your work.

Dua is no stranger to this concept as she has been putting in effort into sharing her art for years now!

She made her debut in 2013 when she released her first song “New Day” which received significant airplay across radio stations, blogs, and YouTube. Many considered her voice to be a strong one, even if it was new at the time!

Her next appearance came two years later when she appeared in the music video for Ariana Grande’s hit song "Break Up With Your Boyfriend".

Became a YouTube sensation

how did dua lipa get famous

After winning The X Factor in 2015, lip-syncing hit songs with conviction, singer Dua Lipa made her singing debut as “New Love” for the song of the same name. She then took to social media to launch her music career.

On her personal Instagram account, she shared covers of other artists’ songs and dubbed it #DUALIPATHON. Her followers loved it and soon she was creating fan accounts and tagging their favorite songs in the process!

Her infectious energy has inspired many others to start performing again or simply give performance art a try. While most people use their skills for entertainment, Lip can be credited for helping spread hers beyond that.

Appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

how did dua lipa get famous

After performing for several music festivals, including BBC Radio 1’s Ibiza Festival in Spain, DJ and producer Nasher “Nas” Hamid asked if anyone wanted to come join his crew at Studio B. His guest was already lined up when another name was added to the list — someone who needed no introduction.

Dua Lipa, or Vania as she is known outside of her native land, made her television debut that same night singing two songs: one her own and the other an Ariana Grande smash.

Her first hit, “New Day,” quickly climbed the charts and has since been certified triple platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA). It also won Best Dance Song at the MTV Music Awards earlier this year.

Since then, she has released three more singles and EPs, with her most recent entry being “IDGAF What You Heard Last Night.

Received many award nominations

how did dua lipa get famous

In early 2016, British singer Dua Lipa won Best New Artist at The Grammy Awards! She performed her hit song “New Way” as well as another new song she wrote called "Hot (Like) Fever".

Her performance was praised by most music critics, including us here at Khan Academy. Many considered her stage presence to be powerful and engaging, and said her songs sound great!

In fact, one of her songs is so famous that it got featured in a movie. You may have heard it before – the song is used in the movie Spider-Man: Homecoming.

That song is also known as “Somewhere Only We Can Go." It's from the album Self titled, which came out in May 2017. Since then, it has been sung and listened to more than 100 million times on Spotify!

How did this happen?

We’d like to take some time to talk about how Dua made it onto the cover of Time magazine, what people are talking about when they mention her name these days, and some ways you can promote your own talent.

First, let’s look back at the events leading up to her success.

Released another album

how did dua lipa get famous

After dropping her breakout hit “New Year’s Eve,” British singer-songwriter Dua Lipa released an EP titled Nightfall in September 2016. The EP included two new songs — both of which have become fan favorites!

One of those songs is called "Selfish" and it features Australian rapper Iggy Azalea. Many music listeners refer to this song as the catchy bridge that brings the track back together after the initial listen.

The other song is called "Sway" and was originally performed by English musician Jess Glynne. This tune has been labeled as one of Dua's most popular tracks because it received over 1 million views on YouTube within its first month.

Both Iggy and Jess feature prominently throughout each other’s songs, making their collaborations seem natural and flow well with each other. All three musicians work very hard at what they do and it shows in their music.

Visited many countries

how did dua lipa get famous

Born in London, England as Hannah Boulter, she grew up listening to hip hop music. Her father was an accountant and her mother is from Wales. She has one older brother and two younger sisters.
As a child, Boulter wanted to be either a doctor or lawyer, but eventually settled on being a singer.

Boulter began taking singing lessons at age five and performed her first song when she was eight years old. It quickly caught the attention of several teachers who helped hone her craft.

She later attended St Paul’s School and The King’s School before going on to study English literature and psychology at University College London.

While studying there, Boulter took some vocal training courses and landed herself a job as a voiceover artist. Her talent soon got noticed and she started recording songs of her own.