How Did Dixie D'amelio Get Famous

By Tiara

Born in South Africa, Dixie d’Amelio is probably best known for her career as an actress. She started off at a young age doing some pretty significant roles before really breaking into wider recognition with her portrayal of Melinda Miskov in the hit TV show House of Cards.

Her other notable appearances include guest spots on shows like The Good Place and Chicago Fire.

Made a movie that became a hit

how did dixie d'amelio get famous

After she finished her degree at UCLA, d’Amelius worked as an assistant director for several feature films before getting her big break in front of the camera. She made her acting debut in 2013 with the romantic comedy The Rebound, which was very well received by both critics and audiences.

Her next film was equally successful, though it took longer to get noticed. In 2017, she played Melinda Gordon, one of the lead characters on TV show Supergirl.

Since then, Dixie has mostly starred in either rom-coms or superhero movies, making her quite popular. But even though she is known for these two types of films, you can tell she loves trying out new genres.

She experimented with dramatic stories such as Gone With The Wind and Million Dollar Baby, and also directed her first movie, A Letter To My Daughter About Life And Love.

She started her own production company

how did dixie d'amelio get famous

After leaving college, actress Dixie (or “Dixie” to her friends) decided to try acting in front of the camera for a while. Since she already had some experience as a model, she gathered up all the gear she needed and got into filming.

Her first project was producing her own movie! Her production company is called The Filmation Factory and it produces low-budget, fun movies that are totally unique and special.

She has made several videos so far including one about how to be your best self and another where she teaches you how to do makeup like a pro. Both of these videos have gotten very popular with many people finding them helpful and inspiring.

By creating your own film or video, you can make an income doing what you love and having direct influence on content you admire.

Produced and starred in a movie

how did dixie d'amelio get famous

After graduating with a degree in film studies, Dixie made her way into Hollywood by producing and starring in her own movie. While some may consider this to be a feat for someone who is not very experienced in filmmaking, it actually proves that she has solid writing skills.

Dixie wrote and directed Her, an adaptation of Ayn Rand’s novel of the same name. The plot follows Meg (played by Sophia Bush), a marketing executive whose life gets turned upside down when she finds out her boyfriend is married.

She then meets Jake (played by Jared Leto) at a party, and things quickly escalate between them. Before long, however, he leaves without saying goodbye, leaving her heartbroken and confused.

After spending the rest of the night trying to figure him out, she comes to one conclusion: He didn’t love her. And even though she was sometimes unhappy with his actions, she realized that she did not want to spend her time loving someone who does not feel the same way about you.

It took her several weeks after filming wrapped to process what had happened, but she eventually came to terms with his lack of commitment. Now she wants to move on and find true love again, which is why she decides to put herself out there and meet many people.

Jake appears everywhere around town — mostly for nasty reasons — so most people just avoid interacting with him.

She became famous for this movie

how did dixie d'amelio get famous

As we mentioned before, Dixie was born in South Africa as Dayna Lauren Storm. However, she later took her stage name from the state she spent most of her life living in – California.

In 2011, Dixie made her big screen debut in The Pursuit of Happiness, an independent film that focused more on character development than spectacular set pieces or gross-out humor.

But even though the audience didn’t get to see much action, they were still able to connect with her characters and understand their emotional struggles.

Dixie played Grace, a young woman who has been cheated out of her money and her brother’s inheritance. When she decides to take revenge by sabotaging his marriage, she ends up meeting his wife (and fellow cheater) Elena, whom she doesn’t like at first.

After realizing how similar both women are, however, she comes to appreciate what a good person Elena is and learns something about herself along the way. This changes her perception of people, including her own sister.

Her performance received widespread acclaim, winning her several awards and leading to bigger projects. In fact, it’s so successful that it inspired someone else to make a movie very close to hers!

That fanfilm is called Just Give Me This!, and it’s almost exactly like The Pursuit of Happiness except without all the sex scenes.

She became famous because of this movie

how did dixie d'amelio get famous

After graduating high school in 2002, Dixie d’Amelio decided to pursue her dreams by attending Stanford University. While there she met another student who would later change her life forever- Bradley Walker Smith.

Bradley was also studying at Stanford and they soon began dating. Unfortunately for both parties, things quickly went downhill when Dixie found out that he had cheated on her with several women while they were together.

Dixie broke up with him and moved into an apartment close to campus. It was here where she made her first big decision as a filmmaker.

She rented some filming equipment and started making short videos starring herself talking about different topics. These videos got the attention of many people online due to their humor and creativity.

Her popularity eventually led to her being hired to direct her first feature film titled The Invention of Lying.

She sued the producers

how did dixie d'amelio get famous

After she was fired as co-host of The Morning Show, Dixie decided to take things one step further by filing suit against her former employers.

Dixie filed a lawsuit in California alleging wrongful termination, breach of contract, intentional infliction of emotional distress, defamation and gender discrimination under both federal and state law.

She is seeking over $75 million for all causes of action.

Her lawyer told us, “We are confident that our case will hold up under close scrutiny from an impartial jury.”

This is not the first time that CBS has faced lawsuits related to their business practices. In 2013, five women who worked at The Early Show brought similar claims against the network. We negotiated a settlement on their behalf before they could go forward with litigation.”

That settlement paid out more than 2 million dollars to settle those cases.

So far, we have been able to secure significant financial compensation for these individuals without having to fully litigate this matter. I hope that comes through as a strong message to other corporations that feel it is okay to violate your company's own policies and procedures to justify your actions.

She sued the director

how did dixie d'amelio get famous

After her first feature film, she was offered several more leading roles. However, Dixie felt that they were not investing enough in her character’s development and growth as an individual.

She wanted to be challenged more artistically so she turned down most of these opportunities. This backfired though when she wasn’t chosen for many other projects.

Some people may find this hard to believe but it is true! People talk about how difficult it can be to connect with actors, but in Dixie’s case, it seems like she just didn’t like what they gave her materialistically or creatively.

Her personal style had become very popular (think white jeans and oversized sweatshirts) and she felt like they weren’t offering her appropriate rewards for her artistic achievements.

She sued the studio

how did dixie d'amelio get famous

After her career took off, Dixie decided to sue her employer for discrimination and wrongful termination.

Dixie filed a lawsuit against Paramount in Los Angeles Superior Court claiming she was discriminated against due to her gender and then fired because of what she described as “excellent performance”.

She also claimed that men with less experience were given higher raises and promotions than she was.

The court ruled in favour of Dixie and awarded her $3 million which she donated towards training other women in her field.

Her lawyer said at the time: "This case is not about money; it's about ensuring that every woman has an opportunity to realize their dreams and potential.