How Did Dermot O'leary Become Famous

By Tiara

As we all know, The X Factor has been bringing in some major viewers for Channel 9 since its debut back in 2011. It is now one of the highest rated shows in Australia and is consistently in the top 5 programs across the board.

It’s no surprise then that Olly MacMaster, winner of season 1, went on to have quite an impressive career. He released his first album in early 2016 which peaked at number 2 on the Billboard charts. Since then he has had several more No.1 albums as well as having five number 1 singles!

He also became famous after appearing on a popular show called I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here!. While there he made headlines for saying racist things about Asians, calling them “p***y eating sloths with their bags hanging out” and claiming they like being rich because they are ‘lazy good-for nothing f*****s’.

Now before anyone gets too excited, this isn’t actually Ozzy Osborne – it's just someone who looks and sounds a lot like him. Many people noticed the similarities however so it was clear to see what he said wasn't completely fake.

Dermot O’ Leary eventually apologized for these comments but not everyone forgave him. Some even felt that by doing so he took away from Ozy’s achievements.

Was a contestant on The Bachelorette

Many people know him as The Bachelor, but before that he was a popular TV personality who became famous for being on another dating show called The Bachelorette. He is also well known for his role as Ryan in the sitcom Life Is Beautiful.

The bachlorette was an interesting concept to watch. It seems pretty self-explanatory at first, but then you have to wonder what exactly it means when there are only two of them!

They spend their time together trying to find love and eventually get engaged. Then they invite all of their friends and family to celebrate this big event with them. This can sometimes get confusing because some relationships are not mentioned during the wedding ceremony.

Does everyone really understand how each other feels? Probably not, which is why there has been so much talk about whether or not the marriage will last. Some people feel like the couple should break up earlier than actually breaking up.

Hosted The Great British Bake Off

how did dermot o'leary become famous

After leaving school with no job or career plan, Irish television presenter Dermot O’ Leary made his way into the entertainment industry via hosting TV shows. He is best known for being the host of The Great British Bake Off which has become one of Britain's most loved show brands.

O’ Leary began his career in media as an actor before transitioning to presenting. His first big break came when he hosted Ireland's Got Talent alongside Aoife O'Neill. Here he won over audiences with his comedic style while also showcasing his talent baking.

He was then selected to co-host The X Factor UK where he became well known for confronting contestants during their meetings. This earned him many fans and accolades.

Since then O’ Leary has continued to grow his profile through other projects including hosting Channel 4 game show Funniest Celebrity Moments. Since GBBO ended its run in 2018, he now works as a producer and face of marketing agency MSA.

Was a contestant on The Celebrity Big Brother

how did dermot o'leary become famous

After appearing as a guest on I’m A Celeb, he was offered his own show. His new show is called The X Factor, which will feature him looking for the next big singing star! He has already found his first artist to work with – Taylor Swift.

He will be working with her in an upcoming episode of the show where she will perform either a cover or one of her songs. Obviously, people are very excited about this collaboration!

His other collaborations include One Direction, who sang their song ‘What Makes You Beautiful�’, Miley Cyrus, who performed her hit track ‘Wrecking Ball’, and Ariana Grande, who sang her smash hit ‘Break Free’.

Dermot says that he loves working with different artists because it gives him chance to learn more about music.

Started a podcast

how did dermot o'leary become famous

After leaving The X Factor as one of its most famous hosts, Irish TV personality Dermot O’ Leary launched his own show! His new talk show is called Talking With Dermot And he’s already picked up some great listeners. He even had to take time off due to health reasons, but he’ll be back soon and bigger than ever before.

O’ Leary started hosting his radio show in January 2019. Since then, it has become one of the most listened-to podcasts in Ireland with over 1 million downloads. It's also been nominated for several industry awards and won two – including Best Comedy Podcast at this year’s Celtic Media Awards.

Now that he’s got such success under his belt, Dermot is looking forward to taking his show global next season. You can find out more about that here.

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Became a Twitter star

how did dermot o'leary become famous

Before he was famous for being cruel on The X Factor, before he became known as ‘The Irish Whoopee Guy’ or even ‘Derbear Moulder Man’ (his stage name after joining Dancing With the Stars), there lived an ordinary man who did extraordinary things with his life.

He trained to be an accountant, then dropped out to pursue other opportunities, including working in fashion, journalism and television hosting.

In 2006, he took part in Channel 4's talent show New Faces which led him to become one of the channel's new presenters.

But it was The X Factor where he made his reputation – not just as a presenter but also as a media personality.

His brash style and love for provocation have won him many followers online, where he now has over 2 million followers. He is also very popular on Instagram, where he boasts more than 1m followers.

By offering wry comments during live shows and via his weekly podcast, The I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here Podcast, he keeps himself in the spotlight while also giving his audience something entertaining to listen to.

Was in a YouTube rivalry

how did dermot o'leary become famous

After leaving The X Factor as one of its two finalists, host Dermot O’ Leary got his own show via ITV. His new series is called Ireland's Got Talent and it features aspiring performers of all ages trying to win big by performing creative or technical skills.

O’ Leary has said that he wanted to create a show for people who feel like they're never going to make any money doing what they love and want to pursue their dreams no matter how small the chances are.

He also mentioned that he hoped the show would inspire young people to learn more about talent and self-confidence. Given his track record as a TV personality, I think he succeeded!

His first season was very successful and he made many fans across Europe and beyond. Since then, he has hosted several other international versions of this competition including Germany’s Das Supertalent, France's Le Grand Show de la Semaine (The Big Weekend) and Sweden's Your Face Or Mine!.

Was in a relationship with Kendall Jenner

how did dermot o'leary become famous

After years of being surrounded by cameras, having to constantly be on display for the public’s perusal, some A-listers find themselves craving solitude now. For some, it takes more time than others to re-enter into normal social settings.

This is particularly true when it comes to high profile individuals like Kendall Jenner. The 24 year old model and actress has always been very well known but she reached a new level of recognition after she revealed her engagement to celebrity couple Jared Fogle and Caitlyn Jenner. Since then, she has maintained an active lifestyle that includes running, yoga and various other sports.

She even ran the New York City Marathon while still pregnant! While many people admired her dedication to fitness as a mother, there were also those who criticized her for how she handled the media during this period. Some felt she was too accessible or overexposed.

It seems clear that at times, Kendall wishes she could just enjoy one quiet moment alone without someone taking a picture or asking about something related to her career.

Was in a relationship with Hailey Baldwin

how did dermot o'leary become famous

After just one year of dating, Hailey Baldwin announced that she was pregnant with the couple’s first child. The pair welcomed their daughter Norah in May 2018.

Baldwin is now a popular celebrity mom as her Instagram account has over 2 million followers while O’Leary boasts almost 5 million!

O’Leary helped make this famous for his own social media presence. He enjoys sharing pictures and videos of his family and posting stories about life lessons he learns from them.

He also shares motivational quotes and thoughts on fatherhood. Many people enjoy reading what he has to say because it gives you an insight into his personal life.