How Did Conan O'brien Become Famous

By Tiara

As we all know, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno was one of the biggest success stories in late night television. It had three solid run-ins as “The Best Late Night Talk show” before it lost its way in 2013 when Letterman took back his time slot.

Jay Leno is now hosting The Joker's Stray-Gator Comedy Club Tour, which he has been doing since May 2017. He will be retiring from TV at the end of this year after more than 20 years as host of The Tonight Show.

Conan O'Brien left The Tonight Show in 2014 to pursue other projects, but returned for an unexpected final season earlier this year. While most people agree that Conan deserved his well-earned place in comedy history, how he got there is sometimes overlooked.

In this article you'll learn some interesting things about how Conan became famous! Read on to find out what they are...

Became a comedian

how did conan o'brien became famous

As discussed earlier, being famous really is just knowing what you like and doing more of that thing to win over other people’s praise. For Conan, his knack for comedy won him fame quickly. He started telling jokes in front of people at a very early age!

He would tell stories about things he had experienced or events that happened around him with humor and charisma. People loved his wit and funny anecdotes so much that they wanted to hear more from him.

Conan soon took his talent as a joke-teller to next level by experimenting with different types of material and styles of delivery. This allowed him to find the perfect mix of humorous storytelling and self-reflection while keeping an audience engaged.

His creative process also involved looking back at his life to find inspiration for new jokes and stories. Every story he tells comes from something that actually happened, making his tales more authentic and believable.

Started doing comedy shows

how did conan o'brien became famous

After leaving The Jay Leno Show in 2009, he spent time trying to break into television as a comedian. He started by creating YouTube videos of himself telling jokes for fun.

Conan’s popularity quickly took off, so NBC invited him to create his own late night talk show in May 2011. Since then, he has hosted The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Late Night with Conan O’Brien, and now, The Joker's Tale.

He is also very popular online — he has over five million followers on Twitter and almost two million subscribers on his channel on YouTube.

Made a TV show

how did conan o'brien became famous

Before he was famous, Conan O’Brien made a lot of funny jokes on his late night talk show. He featured celebrities in sketches that poked fun at their profession or field of expertise. These “talk show” segments are what got him noticed.

Conan pitched his show to NBC by telling them it would be like The Jay Leno Show, only without all the politics. His argument won over and he received his network television show in 2009.

He is now one of the most popular comedians in America and has even spawned several successful stand-up tours.

His popularity increased after he took control of the Late Night with Conan O’Brien franchise in 2010. People loved his take on the job and how he interacted with guests, colleagues, and fans.

Since leaving the show in 2015, he has hosted events for Netflix and YouTube while developing new projects such as writing and starring in a sitcom pilot.

Became a celebrity

how did conan o'brien became famous

As mentioned earlier, Jay Leno was at the top of The Tonight Show for years before he decided to move onto other projects. He made his farewell appearance in February 2015 as host of The Tonight Show, and ever since then, Conan has been taking over America’s hearts and keeping them for quite some time now!

Conan took over The Tonight Show from Jimmy Fallon back in July of that year and hasn’t looked like himself since. His humor is totally unique and he always puts his own spin on things, making him very popular with television viewers.

He also doesn’t shy away from getting political either, which many people have noticed they agree with! While most late night talk show hosts are well-known for being politically liberal, Conan comes across more socially conservative. This isn’t to say he is not passionate about politics or anything close to that though; he just chooses his words carefully and seems to take what is said seriously but not necessarily offensively.

Since leaving The Tonight Show in January of this year, Conan has hosted several different shows including Talk Soup, Cactus Challenge, Champs Sports Bowl, and Just For Laughs (JFL) Festival. All these programs gain him great exposure while showcasing his talent as a comedian.

Made a movie

how did conan o'brien became famous

Many people know of comedian, actor, writer, producer, and radio host Conan O’Brien by his famous impersonation voice or his hosting work at NBC, but how he got there is quite an interesting story. He spent several years struggling as a comedy performer before getting significant recognition with his role in the 2013 film The Night Before.

The movie follows three friends who meet for one last night of partying before one of them gets married the next day. As they spend the evening together, it becomes clear that their friendship will be permanently altered due to some unexpected developments.

O’Brien played Charlie, one of the main characters. He received good reviews from critics and was nominated for Best Supporting Actor at the Academy Awards.

He has since appeared in two more films, including another party setting movie called The House With A Million Secrets.

Brought back the TV show

After leaving The Jay Leno Show in 2009, he created his own late night talk show for NBC. His new show was called The Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien. He hosted it from September 2010 to March 2015 when he announced that he would be terminating his contract with the network.

Conan made many famous friends while hosting The Tonight Show including Jimmy Fallon, Mandy Moore, Bill Belichick, Robert Kraft, Peyton Manning, Drake, Justin Timberlake, Jessica Chastain, Ne-Yo, Ariana Grande, and more.

He also gained fame by bringing back an old television show format. Before there were cable networks like MTV, Comedy Central, and others, people only had one option to watch live comedy — broadcast television. But most of those shows are structured as a talk show where the host asks questions and guests respond.

So, Conan designed his show so that he asked a question and then the audience answered.

Opened a restaurant

how did conan o'brien became famous

After leaving The Jay Leno Show in 2009, comedian Conan O’Brien opened up his own eatery in September of that year. His restaurant is located just outside Chicago at the base of Mount Kilimanjaro.

O’Brien calls his new establishment The Bumpus Humps Tavern because it features big hairy humpbacked monsters for walls. He also has an ongoing joke about how he will not be hosting any late night talk shows after this one since this place already has a rooftop with a view!

He still does comedic bits for NBC while holding down his position as co-host of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. But aside from that, he mostly spends his time eating and drinking here.

His staff members have nicknamed him “Conanimal” due to his constant napping. Many believe he gets paid too much money to sleep so much.

Became a billionaire

how did conan o'brien became famous

While hosting The Jay Leno Show, he was hired to be the late night talk show host for NBC in 2009. He is probably best known as the comedian who took over The Tonight Show when Steve Jobs passed away back in 2013.

He made his name by being funny while incorporating jokes about current events into the show. His style of comedy has been described as “clean”, which means that it doesn't include much use of vulgar language or strong themes.

But he does make frequent references to alcohol and smoking, and sometimes uses them as tools to convey an important point. For example, he might joke about how drinking can help you lose weight or how giving up cigarettes will save your life.

His success allowed him to invest in businesses with lots of money, including media companies and technology firms. These investments have helped grow his net worth even more.

He's also invested in real estate and other areas outside of business. These diversified investment strategies have kept his overall wealth constant, although his income fluctuates due to changes in the stock market and finance sectors.

Overall, though, he's a wealthy man who enjoys spending his money on expensive cars, private planes, and homes around the world.