How Did Coco Get Famous

By Tiara

Coco is an American singer, dancer, and actress who started her career as a contestant on season 4 of The X Factor! Since then, she has gone onto have several other hit songs such as “Bitch I’m On A Roll!,” “Expectations,” and her most recent song, "Rich," which was featured on the movie Rich in Love.

Her rise to fame began when she posted a cover of Beyoncé's track "Run Up The Ramp" on YouTube along with the caption "NEW MUSIC!" She quickly received over 1 million views within 24 hours, enough for The X-Factor to notice her.

After being chosen by Simon Cowell to be part of his team, she continued to climb the music ladder until she landed at number one on the Billboard charts with her own single BITCH IM ON A ROLL!. Her success has since skyrocketed, making her one of the top artists in the industry!

She is also famous online, having over 10 million followers on all major social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook! No wonder she boasts that she loves internet attention.

Coco is known for not taking herself too seriously and constantly posting fun pictures and videos.

She appeared on TV shows

how did coco get famous

After winning The Best of Show, an interactive design competition for high school students, she was invited to appear on several talk shows. These include: MTV’s The Re-Generation Guide, CNN’s show Chat Room with Gary Younge, Fox & Friends, and Nickelodeon’s Game Time!

After her appearance on Fox & Friends in May 2016, she received over 6 million views within 24 hours, catapulting her into internet fame. Since then, she has gained more followers on social media sites such as Instagram (220k) and Twitter (1.7m)!

Her success has also opened up opportunities for other projects. In July 2017, she launched her own clothing line called “Coco by Team Coco.

She released a book

how did coco get famous

In 2017, Coco Youela Bascara published her first autobiography titled My Story as An Immigrant. The title is significant as it highlights one of the main themes of the book: how she overcame the challenge of being an immigrant to develop into someone who has success in their field.

Bascara was born in Spain but moved with her family at a young age when they relocated to France. It wasn’t easy leaving your home behind, which makes the fact that she eventually made it onto the New York Times best-seller list even more impressive!

She is now a successful businesswoman, motivational speaker, and TV host. Her career took off after she launched her YouTube channel in 2016 where she shares her life experiences and lessons learned through self-reflection and storytelling.

Her channel has over 1 million subscribers and her videos have received millions of views due to her sharing personal stories about overcoming adversity and challenges in your life.

She made a movie

how did coco get famous

In 2017, actress and singer Coco Obonada got her big break when she starred in an independently produced film titled After. The movie was not only popular but also garnered enough praise to win Best Feature at the Independent Film Awards last year!

After tells the story of two best friends who decide to take their romantic relationships one step further by moving in together. Things get complicated though when one of them is hired for his or her job and they realize that they each have something hidden that could potentially hurt the other one.

Obonuda plays Beatrice, one of the main characters in the movie, and she received many compliments for her performance. Her character’s storyline has been described as “harrowing” and even inspired some audience members to discuss how similar her own experiences were.

Bobby Nukela, one of the screenwriters of the movie, said of Coco’s performance, “Beatrice is someone with strong convictions, which can sometimes make her come across like a bit of a control freak. But what I love about her is that she never loses sight of why she wanted things in life- be it friendship, romance, career success- she always keeps herself motivated.

She became a brand

how did coco get famous

Since her debut in 2015, Coco has never stopped setting new trends or breaking down barriers to show us how beauty is expressed through fashion, lifestyle, and media. Her ability to combine all three makes it easy to identify what products she using or designs she incorporated into her looks.

She’s also very vocal about the importance of self-love and body positivity. These two things are integral parts of Coco’s style and personal identity.

Her influence as a style icon extends beyond just her appearance. You can find references to her look and hairstyle throughout popular culture. In fact, some people even create tributes to her by copying one element or another!

So if you want to be like Coco, check out some of her styles and see what pieces you can include in your own wardrobe or daily life.

She went on tour

how did coco get famous

After launching her own line of beauty products, Coco made her way to New York City for an event with very little preparation. Except for one thing – she packed her bag full of snacks! As she was waiting in line before the show, a photographer approached her to ask if anyone had ever asked her about her dog.

He did not give up easily, but he eventually landed on asking how she got her start as a fashion influencer. At that time, she told him she would never be famous because she does not have a dog. He then asked what kind of dog she has, and she said something along the lines of “I don’t know, I just bought it”.

The audience probably already knew what happened next, but let’s recap anyway. The photog called his friend who works at the venue to see if they could set up some interviews with Coco after the show, and their boss gave them permission!

Coco spent the rest of the night talking to media outlets while people took photos and videos of her sweet puppy, whom she named One Time. Since then, Coco and One Time have become major internet sensations. People can’t get enough of them!

Not only is Coco well-known for having a cute dog, but she is also known for being down to earth and honest. Many celebrities are admired for how down to Earth they are, and Coco is no exception to this rule.

She got married

how did coco get famous

After dating for several years, celebrity chef Coco Choux decided to take her wedding ceremony very seriously. On March 18, 2016, she exchanged vows with photographer Daniel Zeller under an open sky in front of beautiful nature.

Coco had planned this romantic event for over a year, so she was not surprised when it went smoothly. But what made the media notice about the couple was their elegant dress choice.

Many people noticed that Coco wore a long white gown designed by herself! This is definitely an important detail that most brides do not pay attention to.

But for Coco, this design was more than just pretty. It symbolized her new life as Mrs. Daniel Zeller!

After celebrating with some champagne, the happy newlyweds took some sweet family portraits before heading back home together.

She had kids

how did coco get famous

As we mentioned earlier, after she gave birth to her son Mason in June 2016, Price got candid about motherhood with an Instagram story where she posted a picture of herself holding Mason while giving him a kiss.

“I feel so blessed that I get to be a mom,” she said at the time. “It is such a gift!”

She continued by telling her followers it was difficult juggling work and mothering at times but now that they have their little one, everything changes.

Her love for children has always been there, she says, adding that as a kid she loved being around others who had parents and understood what that feels like.

“Having my own child gives me even more reason to appreciate those moments and make every moment special because this will never happen again,” she wrote.

After sharing her first official photo together as a family, she closed her message thanking everyone for their comments and messages since having Mason and wishing them all good luck in their lives.

She became rich

how did coco get famous

After launching her own line of beauty products in 2017, Coco Rao received national media attention for her expensive brand. Her self-branded cosmetics were described as luxurious and feature very high quality ingredients.

Coco’s first offering was an eye cream that cost $150 per tube! This is well over $30 per use which is quite costly compared to most drugstore brands.

Her best seller product was called Chai Power Elixir which retails for around $70 per bottle (compared to its competitor’t price of under $20). Both are said to improve skin tone and texture and reduce puffiness and dark circles.

She also offers makeup such as lipsticks, concealers, and foundations that are almost exclusively organic and/or natural ingredient based. Many of these products have nearly unheard of amounts of ingredients making them seem more expensive than they actually are.

Her followers eventually found out that she paid very little for some of her products so it seems like she is just passing off cheap goods as premium.