How Did Charli Xcx Get Famous

By Tiara

Twenty years ago, music was different. Artists didn’t have big social media followings or fans creating fan art and remixes of their songs. It's hard to imagine someone like Taylor Swift being able to buy a house with all her money!

Music wasn’t the source of income for most artists either. Only the top musicians were making enough money to survive, and even they don't make as much money now due to how much competition there is in the industry.

Now that we're living in a golden era of music where anyone can be famous, it may sound crazy but before 2003 only a few people knew what it took to succeed in this business.

But not everyone has a knack for writing lyrics or recording music, so how did those who do get through? By offering your services to other companies! This article will talk you through some ways popular songwriters and producers get work.

I've included examples of both artist-writer pairs as well as example industries within which writers are employed. These could include publishers, record labels, management agencies, etc.

Had a song go viral

how did charli xcx get famous

Back in May, Charli XCX released her new track “Boys”. The song quickly picked up momentum online with its catchy chorus and lyrics like, ‘I want boys to talk to me about philosophy’.

The music video for the track features some very interesting choreography and special effects. It also featured some sexy looks from Charli herself!

The song was met with positive reviews and even earned Charli a Billboard Music Award nomination for Best New Artist. It is now ranked as one of the top songs of 2017 by many music websites and lists.

Charli has said that she wrote the song when she was 17 years old and it definitely shows. She uses powerful lyrics that appeal to both men and women and the music really sets the tone for the rest of the song.

She is clearly not shy when it comes to expressing who she is and what kind of relationships she wants.

Signed with a record label

how did charli xcx get famous

After she released her first album, I’m A Guy, in 2014, Charli XCX started to receive more attention. In fact, she received so much attention that she was signed to a major music recording company!

Charli collaborated with several other artists for their songs and got featured on their tracks as well. Her contributions include singing, writing lyrics, and even serving as the main vocalist for some of these songs!

Her songwriting skills really shined through during this time period. She not only wrote her own songs, but also worked with other writers to create material that we have heard on various songs since then.

Many people may not know it, but Charli is actually quite talented at composing music as well. This talent seems to be developing as she gets older. It was definitely apparent while working together on songs!

She has made many successful collaborations including collaborating with Taylor Swift on his/her track “Blank Space” and Rihanna on her hit single "Bitch Needed Some Therapy.

Released her debut album

how did charli xcx get famous

After dropping her first song in May 2017, Charli XCX quickly rose to fame with her infectious dance tracks like Boys” and “I Do What I Like (Baby)”.

Her music is known for its upbeat tone and catchy lyrics that emphasize sexuality. Many see her as an influence of the new era of pop artists such as Taylor Swift and Ariana Grande.

Appeared in a movie

how did charli xcx get famous

A new celebrity is born! On October 4, 2018, Charli XCX appeared in an indie film called I’m The Man Who Can You Trust? It was released online through Vimeo as well as several other streaming services.

The film follows two best friends who break up after one of them sleeps with someone else. As they go about their separate lives, these individuals are approached by each other to help facilitate their romantic relationships.

Charli plays Lindsay, a yoga instructor whose life has completely fallen apart due to her friendship breaking down. She now feels alone and like she doesn’t have anyone that cares for her.

Her friend Sarah (played by Haley Lu Richardson) convinces her to give dating a try, so Lindsay agrees to meet men at a local bar while Sarah watches her phone.

At the end of the night, when Sarah checks out Lindsay’s cell, she notices something strange. There’s a video recording of Lindsay having sex with another man right next to a still photo of Lindsay kissing her girlfriend goodbye before walking away.

Sarah immediately calls the police, but it’s too late-the video has been shared all over social media. Now everyone knows what happened to your broken girl.

Had a UK tour

how did charli xcx get famous

After releasing her first album The Charli Project in 2017, British singer-songwriter Charli Xcx took time off to focus on other projects. She was featured on several songs for the movie Sonic the Hedgehog as one of Dr. Eggman’s assistants, she released an EP with fellow musician Troy Baker called Dolly Daydream, and she lent her voice to the video game Ratchet & Clank: A Crack In Time.

In early 2019, however, Charli announced that she would be returning with new music. Since then, she has been performing around the world and meeting incredible fans at every show!

Her return back into the spotlight has not gone unnoticed. Her second studio album is titled Pop which comes out September 24th via Asylum/Atlantic Records.

Became a fashion icon

how did charli xcx get famous

Before she was known for her music, Charli XCX became a style icon in her own right. She is credited with popularizing a variety of looks that are still in style today. These include leather jacket dresses, oversized sweatshirts with fur hoods or sleeves, high-waisted shorts or pants, and flannel shirts.

In early 2018, Charli launched her first line, Charli, which quickly gained popularity among fashionable people. Since then, it has been described as “the most anticipated new clothing collection of the year” by many sources.

Her net-worthy shift dress received significant attention when it was featured at New York Fashion Week. Many artists have since designed customized versions of this look to add their own personal touches.

Charli continues to design new pieces for her label season after season, proving her talent as a stylist.

Won awards

how did charli xcx get famous

After launching her music career as an independent artist in 2014, Charli XCX was able to gain recognition for her work when she won Best New Artist at The MTV Europe Music Awards that same year!

Since then, she’s gone on to win more than just one award — she has three Grammy nominations! She also received two Brit Award nominations this past December.

Her success hasn’t been limited to the music industry, either. In addition to winning several Billboard Music Awards, including Top Dance Album and Hot 100 Song of the Year for “Boom Clap,” she is also a nominee for Favorite Electronic/Rock Band at the 2017 People’s Choice Awards.

She even made it onto Time magazine‘s list of most influential people in 2016.

Became a billionaire

In early 2018, just as her breakout song “Boys” was reaching its one-year anniversary, Charli XCX announced that she would be hosting her own festival. The aptly named Poptopia took place at Glenfield Ranch in Santa Susanna, California this past July.

Charli has always been recognized for her musical talent, but it wasn’t until after the release of her second album, I Never Learned To Dance (2015), that people really started to take notice.

Her infectious hit single “Boom Boom Pow” skyrocketed her fame and fortune, with the music video accumulating over 150 million views on YouTube alone! Since then, she has released several more singles including “Popstar” and “Migration.”

Since announcing the event in April, tickets have sold out within minutes every time. This is no surprise given how popular Charli has become since launching her career.

Not only does she host successful festivals, but she also boasts some impressive income numbers. As of September 2020, she made $2 million per month by endorsing beauty products on their Instagram accounts! She even makes an appearance in our article here about top female influencers who make money online.

She is such a strong influence on others that she now has her very own line of clothing inspired by her style. These t-shirts are actually collector items because they never go up in price.