How Did Charli D'amelio's Video Get Famous

By Tiara

As seen with Ariana Grande’s “Problem,” some people have found success by posting very sexy or suggestive videos. This is not always appreciated because of how it may influence other users in the community to contribute similar content.

Charli D’Amelio was exposed to this phenomenon when her second song received over 1 million views due to its catchy melody and lyrics that emphasize sex.

The song itself doesn’t feature any vocals beyond one short line at the end, but the music alone made it famous!

Her third single, "Die With You," also features no vocalists aside from his own voice, but her music still garnered enough attention for it to reach the top 10 on the Billboard charts.

Overall, these songs are examples of pure talent as musicians who write beautiful songs with rich melodies and textures.

First video

how did charli d'amelio get famous video

In June of 2018, Charli released her first song as a solo artist, “Cool”. The song quickly took off and she has been rolling ever since! Since then, Charli has collaborated with some of the biggest artists out there such as Taylor Swift, Kylie Jenner, Gucci Mane, Travis Scott, and many more.

Her songs have received multiple music award nominations including Best Dance Recording for both her single “Cool (feat. Kygo)” and her collaboration with Taylor, “Look What You Made Me Do”. She also won the Music Award For Favorite Electronic Song in 2019.

She is currently collaborating on new material with Dua Lipa and Ariana Grande.

Second video

how did charli d'amelio get famous video

After receiving mixed reactions to her first viral music video, in which she lip-syncs The Real Housewives of Miami theme song while dancing with some heavy make up, Charli decided to create another music video!

Her second music video is totally different from her previous one. In this new video, Charli does not wear makeup and instead focuses more on her singing voice. She also doesn’t dance much for this one – she mostly just sings and emotes beautifully.

This video was inspired by an artist that Charli had seen before he became famous. This person did not have any professional training but his art touched Charli deeply and helped inspire her to become a musician herself.

Charli wanted to honor this artist's artistic journey by creating her own music video as a way to showcase his talent and potential.

Third video

In May of 2018, Charli released her third music video for her song “Third Time’s A Charm.” The lyrics to this catchy tune emphasize that love is an addiction and warns people to be wary because it can get expensive.

The setting of the video features Charli in what looks like a house party. There are many people dancing and singing along to her track as she performs some cool moves herself. She also does a short dance break with another person who seems very familiar with her style!

At the end of the video, Charli notices someone walking away and immediately follows them outside. When they turn around, she grabs their hand and kisses them passionately before running back into the building where the party was held.

She then gets into a car with the other person and drives off together. At the end, you see there license plate read CHARLI AND AMELIO which confirms their relationship.

Fourth video

how did charli d'amelio get famous video

With her fourth music video, Charli made her biggest splash to date. In it, she takes a more personal approach with your typical song and movie storyline.

Charli plays an aspiring filmmaker who meets someone at a coffee shop while filming their love story. The two soon start kissing and things get pretty hot.

At one point, the other person notices that something is off about her and asks if she’s feeling okay. She responds by saying she doesn’t feel well and walks away.

It eventually comes out that she had been lying in the bathroom all along and she just didn’t want to watch the film because she was too stressed-out.

The couple breaks up but not before deciding they would be better as friends than nothing. At the end of the video, you see both of them walking away separate ways.

Your audience can tell this video is very special to Charli because she seems genuinely upset and hurt by what happened between her and her ex.

She even starts crying during the final scenes of the video. It's clear she loves him very much and will probably never forget these events.

Fifth video

how did charli d'amelio get famous video

With her fifth video, Charli made her way to stardom! In this new clip, titled “The Best Of”, Charli gives us a look into what it takes being famous. She opens by telling us that she is not really in control of anything anymore.

She says she doesn't have total power over her own life because everything from money to relationships depends on how others feel about her. After emphasizing the importance of self-confidence, she brings up another key element for becoming a successful artist - supporting other artists.

By showing off her skills as an artist and encouraging others to do the same, you will help them gain recognition too. This will create a loop system where people are invested in your success and creating more art fans.

Sixth video

how did charli d'amelio get famous video

In June of 2016, Charli uploaded her sixth music video for her song “Sixth”. The lyrics to this track are very powerful and relate to her current situation as well as those around her.

The setting of the video is very simple; it follows Charli as she dances and sings in what seems like an empty room. She is accompanied by only her voice and some small sounds here and there.

As she finishes singing, two people enter the frame. One person puts down their phone and listens to her without interrupting or looking at the screen. The second person looks away from their device and gives her their full attention.

This brings us to the real core message of the song. People who have a lot going on in their lives may not notice anything changing around them, but those close to them will see changes.

They will notice that someone they know has started paying more attention to you, they will notice that they don't take many things for granted anymore, and they will notice that they seem happier than they were before.

Seventh video

how did charli d'amelio get famous video

With her seventh music video, Charli made her biggest splash yet! In this new clip, titled “Ocean”, Charli teaches us how to do some major beach juggling. She also gives us tips on how to give great sun kisses!

In the song, Charli sings about swimming in the ocean as she dances along the shore. The lyrics contain references to beaches around the world such as Malibu, Jamaica, South Africa, and Australia.

The setting of the video is very tropical with bright colors that match those of the beach. At one point, Charli puts on a white dress and has an elaborate hairdo which includes feathers and flowers.

She seems to enjoy being in the water a lot while showing off her beautiful feet in high heeled shoes. While dancing in the water, Charli looks like she is having fun and keeping time with the rhythm of the song.

Overall, the audience gets to see quite a bit of Charli including her long hair, various hairstyles, and different outfits.

Eighth video

how did charli d'amelio get famous video

Eight months ago, Charli made her debut with an eight-minute song and music video titled “Boys”. The track is very sexual, featuring lyrics such as "I want your body" and "You're so sexy."

The song received significant attention quickly, reaching over one million views in just under a week. Since then, it has set up Charli as a major artist.

She has collaborated with artists such as TK and Kehlani, both of whom have released songs about sex. She also featured in Lil Tay's new song, which contains direct references to her previous work.

Charli now has several collaborations lined up for 2020, including features from Drake and Pusha T.