How Did Charli D'amelio Get Famous

By Tiara

Born in Argentina, Charli D’Amelio is a French-Italian model who got her start via social media before truly breaking through as an international style icon. She has over 1 million followers on both Instagram and Twitter, making her one of the top influencers in the fashion industry!

Charli began sharing pictures and short videos of herself modeling since she was 15 years old. Since then, she’s solidified her position as a major player in the beauty industry by developing her own unique aesthetic and stream of merchandise.

Her look is characterized by large amounts of glitter (both natural and manufactured), bold colors, and overall glamour. Many think she looks like she just stepped out of a movie scene!

As her popularity grew, so did the demand for her to launch new lines or products that fit with her already established design philosophy. Over time, she made enough money from product endorsements and sales of clothing and jewelry to transition into full-time designer.

She now designs her own line of makeup and skincare products, which are sold all across the globe. Her most popular products include Glitter Makeup and Luster Spray, both of which have seen massive success.

Whether you know it yet or not, Charli has had a significant impact on your life. By exploring some of her lesser known qualities, you will see how much she cares about others and works hard to succeed.

She did a Vogue cover

After rising to fame for her striking looks, model Charli d’Amelio decided to take things one step further and try out acting. In fact, she eventually landed a major role in the TV show The Vampire Diaries!

Charli made her acting debut as Suzy in an episode of The Vampire Diaries that was originally aired back in May 2012. Since then, she has gone onto play several more roles on the show including Elena Gilbert (the series main character) and Katherine Pierce (a vampire villain).

Her work has since been recognized with two Teen Choice Awards for Best Actress in a New Series and Two More For Best Supporting Actor in A Comedic Situation.

She is also well known for portraying Dr. Nolan Martin, the Chief Medical Officer at St Joseph Hospital, in the spin-off series from The Vampire Diaries, Stationed. Her portrayal earned her three People’s Choice Award nominations and a TV Guide award nomination.

She did a commercial

how did charli d'amelio get famous

In March 2018, Charli D’Amelio starred in an advertisement for Mango butter. The ad was titled “This is not your average hair product spot!”

The video features D’Amelio using mango butter to apply fake eyelashes and then taking off her makeup including mascara.

She then uses the leftover powder as eye shadow and covers her face with it. When she removes the skin-toned layer of powder, you see that her eyes are completely gone!

Charli also shares how much she loved doing the ad because she got to experiment with new products and use make up brushes she never used before. You can tell she had fun filming this one too because she really enjoyed it.

Her beauty career has skyrocketed since then with many people praising her for exposing the trick to making fake lashes work.

She did a photo shoot

how did charli d'amelio get famous

Many people are aware of Charli as she is very popular on social media sites like Instagram, where she posts mostly fashion pictures. However, most people do not know how she got her start as an influencer!

Charli started posting photos online in May 2018. One day, her friend asked if she wanted to be paid for a photoshoot. Since Charli already had some money saved up, she agreed!

Her first ever paid photoshoot was with the HeelsAndStilettos team, a fashion brand that sells pretty shoes and stiletto heels. The site owner posted about Charli’s success on his page, which then received lots of comments and messages of support.

Since then, Charli has done many more photoshoots, including ones with other brands such as PurseToDieFor and ShopWithClaire.

She did a TV show

how did charli d'amelio get famous

After graduating with a degree in psychology, Charli decided to try her hand at a career that involved talking to people about their feelings. So she started filming The Inner Work of Others, her self-help TV show for Oprah’s network.

Charli spent eight years hosting the show, helping others deal with issues like depression, anxiety, and grief. When it ended its run in March 2018, she had gathered enough clout to be able to launch her own line of wellness products!

Her first product was earrings. They were called Embrace Chimes and they feature inspiring quotes designed to help you embrace every part of your life.

They are available for purchase here.

She did a movie

how did charli d'amelio get famous

In 2017, Charli d’Amelio got famous for doing one of the most unusual things anyone has done in recent memory — she starred in her own film!

Charli wrote, produced, and directed her short movie “The Year I Give My Body to Mars.” It was inspired by an article she read about how we could give our bodies more exposure to acid by injecting them with hydrochloric acid.

She decided to turn this idea into a comedy-drama that explores the effects of acid on relationships. The viewer is left to decide if the ending is happy or sad.

Since it's very personal for Charli, many people connected with the movie. Her followers raised money for cancer research while sharing the movie across social media sites.

It even received praise from celebrities like Jordana Day, who tweeted: "This movie really made me think hard about my own life and what would make me happiest.

She had a book published

how did charli d'amelio get famous

In 2018, Charli d’Amelio got famous for writing her own self-help book! Written under the pen name Charlie D’Amelio, The Power of Inner Nonsense is an entertaining read that explores inner conflict and how to resolve it.

Charli writes about internal struggles such as fear, anger, jealousy, envy and guilt and offers tips on how to better manage them. Her approach is described as “neurological” or “mind body” medicine, which she defines as both mental and physical treatments that work together to improve your overall health and wellness.

The main idea behind this concept comes from studies conducted in the area known as psychosomatic medicine. This field investigates how psychological factors like anxiety can have physiological effects, so they are not only thoughts–they actually impact your blood pressure, heart rate and other bodily functions.

At its core, this theory says that some illnesses are caused by worries and fears that activate the sympathetic nervous system, creating stress responses. At the same time, emotions like joy, gratitude and happiness promote relaxation and de-stress you.

She started a fashion line

how did charli d'amelio get famous

After graduating with a degree in Fashion Merchandising, Charli decided to launch her own collection of clothing. In an interview with Clutch Magazine, Charli mentioned that she would spend hours looking through different styles and brands to find pieces for her new line.

She also said that she loved how people expressed themselves through their clothes and wanted to create more ways to do so yourself. By offering fashionable products, you are letting other people express themselves and enjoy wearing them!

Her company’s name is A.D.A.M., which means Add Diversity And Make Waves (no wonder it is such a popular choice!).

After launching her business, Charli was able to not only promote diversity but also inspire others to do the same by sharing pictures and info about her designs. Her social media followers have grown along with her career as she continues to post pictures and information about her designs.

She became a brand ambassador

how did charli d'amelio get famous

In May 2019, Charli made her Instagram profile private so that only she could see it. However, she did not delete the account completely – she still had an active business relationship with brands!

Charli has done some pretty sponsored things since then. For example, in September she partnered up with clothing company Mango to launch their new collection which was dedicated to celebrating women’s day across the globe.

She also teamed up with beauty brand NUX for their ‘Give yourself a gift’ campaign where you can spend £10 on any product and get a free concealer or primer of your choice.

By promoting these products through her social media accounts, Charli helped boost their sales and recognition.