How Did Charli D'amelio Get Famous Video

By Tiara

As seen above, Charli is very popular for posting b-roll videos of her dancing or doing something fun. These are usually set up in advance and she typically uses her own money to fund these projects!

Her most famous video is one she made herself called “Whip My Hair”. In it, she dyed all of her hair blonde and then whipped out the hairdo while singing along to Drake's song "I'm The Best".

She also has a YouTube channel with over 120K subscribers where she posts more casual content. You can check that out here:

She had a YouTube show

how did charli d'amelio get famous video

After filming her first bout with The Slow Motion Team, Charli decided to start hosting a new series on her channel!

Her debut episode was titled ‘Charli’s Best Moments’ and it focused on her choosing which of her best videos deserved to be upgraded into a full-length video.

She released a YouTube series

how did charli d'amelio get famous video

After filming her first few entries of The Reintroduction Series, Charli decided to launch an online show that would include more in-depth looks into her personal life as well as additional videos featuring other beauty gurus!

Charli began hosting her Beauty Diary Channel in January 2018 and has since amassed over 1 million subscribers along with 4.8 million views per video.

Her engaging personality and passion for beauty have helped her reach such success! While her channel features mostly reviews and tips, she does add some fun banter here and there.

Since launching her channel, Charli has done several collaborations including a makeup look using Sigma products and doing a review of the Clarisonic Mia Sonic Skin Purifier.

She is very popular among beauty enthusiasts and people who like motivational clips.

She released a book

In May 2018, Charli d’Amelio published her first book, titled The Power of Inner Nonsense. The self-help tome is about our internal struggles and how we can use them to become happier.

Charli writes about things like fear, guilt, anger, shame, and jealousy and how they control your life.

She also discusses beliefs that limit you — for example, if you believe you are not good enough, then it becomes harder to believe you are worthy.

This way of thinking applies to other limiting factors such as fears, worries, and doubts. By breaking these down, you learn how to remove the block before adding new experiences or opportunities into your life.

Your inner critic stops you from living your dreams and contributing to the world. It is in fact, a big reason why some people stay in unhappy relationships for very long.

Interpersonal relations suffer when there is constant negative talk and criticism. You get the feeling that person doesn’t want what you have – so why try?

That kind of negativity creates an atmosphere where people don’t feel safe. It cultivates insecurity and distrust which further limits possibilities.

She appeared in a TV show

how did charli d'amelio get famous video

After filming her first episode of The Bachelor, Chali d’Amelio got an unexpected phone call. A fan had filmed his or her interaction with the other contestants and wanted to send it online for people to see. He or she asked if anyone would be willing to do a private Instagram chat with just you!

Charli was happy to oblige and now she has over 120k followers on that platform. Her success since then is pretty spectacular – she even landed herself on the cover of Time Out Magazine!

She still enjoys meeting fans outside of social media

Many people have made changes due to her career, but none more so than her father. Before he saw what happened after her appearance, he never spoke to her again. Now they are good friends and talk about life frequently.

Her experiences have also helped others find their inner-self confidence. When she was much younger, she felt very insecure about her body and how she looked. But as she grew up, those feelings disappeared and she learned to love and accept herself.

She did a guest appearance

how did charli d'amelio get famous video

While filming her show, Charli decided to do a little cameo in an upcoming episode. Her scene was to make fun of another famous YouTuber for his very popular prank videos.

Her character picked one of his most watched pranks and made it at the same time of the day. This is when things got weird.

She left the set before anyone could tell who she was so nobody would recognize her. The next week, the prankster’s channel exploded with comments and jokes about what a great actor he must be because he knew someone famous!

His followers even created a new account named ‘Charli D’Amelio’ to praise him for his acting skills. Many people found this funny and started re-watching some of his old content to see if anything else had been overlooked.

After that incident, Charli has never gone back onto YouTube as herself again. People now know who she is and her career as a comedian is thriving.

She made a movie

how did charli d'amelio get famous video

In 2017, twenty-something Charli D’Amelio decided to make her own film! Her movie received over 1 million views in its first month and half of being online. It was even featured as an Amazon Studios Pick!

Charli wrote, produced, and directed her one-minute short movie called “The Best Day Of My Life.” The movie is about a shy girl who learns how to love herself and achieves her dreams by celebrating every day like it could be her last.

It's a motivational video that touches on self-confidence, happiness, and celebration. All three of these qualities are inspired by the viewer to do some thing with their life.

Her movie got famous because it sparked conversation and motivation for others. Many people commented or shared the movie saying it was helpful and inspiring.

Some even said they learned something from it such as encouraging students to enjoy everyday experiences and studying hard doesn't matter if you don’t pay attention to anything else in your life.

Overall, this movie has been a success because it teaches viewers important lessons while making them feel good.

She became a spokesperson

how did charli d'amelio get famous video

After filming her first ever YouTube video, in which she dances to Drake’s “In My Feelings,” Charli was offered many different opportunities. Some were more formalized than others, but all led to her becoming a famous YouTuber and earning good money.

Charli is very popular among young people due to her fun videos that focus on fashion and beauty tips. Many of her followers look up to her for inspiration and how she balances work and personal life.

She always makes time for those who need her help or advice and never misses an opportunity to speak about self-love. Her success as a musician now also contributes to her income as she receives sponsorship dollars for various products.

Her channel has over 1 million subscribers and her popularity continues to grow.

She started a clothing line

how did charli d'amelio get famous video

After launching her first collection, she quickly gained attention for its uniqueness. Many noted how striking some of the looks were, making them want to get creative and re-create these looks themselves. Some even went as far to say that some pieces in the collection looked very expensive!

Charli didn’t take long to start branching out from designing clothes, however. Her next venture was creating her own makeup palette. In fact, she launched it just two months after starting her clothing business!

Her beauty product line is now available at most major retailers such as Target and Walmart. It features eight natural lip shades and five eye shadow palettes that are all under $15 per item.

These products have been received with much praise since their release due to their quality and affordability.