How Did Charli D'amelio Get Famous

By Tiara

Before we get into it, let’s talk about how popular Charli is! She has over 2 million followers on Instagram, she made her TV debut last year in Vlogger Wars, and she even landed some major media coverage with her “Bitch I’m On Fire” video that got almost 1.5 million views within 24 hours.

Her success comes from creating engaging content that his or her audience finds entertaining and inspiring. Her very first set as a YouTuber was baking, so she started filming herself while eating baked goods and editing them together to create an eerily-accurate depiction of someone who has no clue what they are doing when it comes to cooking.

Since then, she has branched out into other culinary styles, including making recipes for drinks and desserts, reviewing products, and talking about life and politics. All this passion for food and creative expression come naturally to her, which is why she enjoys sharing it with others.

She also doesn’t shy away from telling people if something seems expensive, especially since she bakes enough food to satisfy most anyone’s hunger. That is not said because she wants your money, but because she knows how much power food can have by changing what you eat and/or giving you inspiration to try new things.

On top of all that, she is just a really fun person to be around.

Won beauty contests

how did charli d'amelio get famous

In May of 2018, Charli d’Amelio won The Winner Is! competition in New York City. This event is similar to the Emmy Awards or Grammy Award ceremonies, except it focuses only on fashion instead of music.

Charli was awarded her prize at the Vanity Fair Oscar Party that same month where she received an impressive gift bag full of high-end cosmetics. Her cosmetic line has since exploded in popularity due to her popular products such as the Perfect Nude Foundation and Stay Sexy Forever lipsticks.

Her winning look featured very natural makeup with just a light bronzer and some blush for contour. Many people noticed how beautiful she looked and wanted to try out looks like hers!

Beauty is a form of expression, and looking great is an excellent way to show your inner self-confidence and strength. If you want to get into modeling, doing your make up like Charli is one of the first things people will ask you about.

Became a meme

how did charli d'amelio get famous

After her dance move was picked up and spread across social media, Charli began to receive more engagement! Following trends is one of the best ways to gain exposure for your online presence or career.

Charli has done some very popular dances such as The Baby Dance, The Morning Workout, And Then We Danced!, and most recently, I Didn’t Like You At First. All three of these dances have sparked lots of reactions and conversations about self-confidence, love, and friendship.

Some people even said that they were inspired to do their own dancing after watching hers! This gave her new followers who started doing their own dancing. It also helped her establish herself as an artist because now she has a brand name.

She has continued to update her YouTube channel with more music and videos related to dance and fitness. Since May 2018, when this article was written and published, she has over 1 million subscribers and almost 2.5 million total views.

Became a brand

how did charli d'amelio get famous

Being famous is definitely not easy, nor does it happen overnight. It takes time to get noticed, and then you have to make sure that people know who you are!

In an era where technology has connected almost everyone, being a known face is much easier than ever before. With the help of social media sites like Instagram and YouTube, anyone with a large audience can become very popular quickly.

Charli d’Amelio is one such example – she became famous for her dancing. The 21-year old dancer got her start by posting videos of herself singing and dancing on YouTube. Her dance style is called electro-ballroom and she has over 1 million followers on both platforms.

Her success comes from creating engaging content that his or her audience loves to watch. She also uses her fame to promote diversity in music and other industries.

Sold her own brand of lipstick

how did charli d'amelio get famous

Born in Italy, Charli d’Amelio moved to Canada as a child. She later returned home before attending university where she majored in marketing. After graduating, Charli started selling her own line of lipsticks called “Charli Ora Lipstick.”

Her first product was a nude color that she marketed as being universal. Since then, Charli has designed various shades and formulas of lippies that are still sold today.

Since launching her business, Charli has appeared on TV shows such as The Morning Show, Live with Regis & Kelly, and The Rachael Ray Show. She also hosted a fashion show for Channel V.

She is an ambassador for Make-A-Wish and has visited kids at their birthday parties. In addition to doing makeup, Charli designs jewelry and clothing lines.

Became a recording artist

how did charli d'amelio get famous

After leaving The Chainsmokers, Halsey took some time to focus on her career as an artist. She released two more EPs before releasing her first album in September 2018.

Her debut LP, Closer, features all songs that made it onto the radio. One of these tracks is “New Rules”, which was written by Halsey and Alex Greczyn.

The song is about how relationships become stale when one person doesn’t want to make changes. Both people stay in their comfort zones instead of looking for ways to rekindle the passion and intimacy between them.

Hence, the lyric “I don’t wanna see you through your window anymore”. It's very direct and honest. This lyrics has received mixed reactions but most agree that it's powerful.

Closing out this chapter of her music career, Halsey announced she would be taking a break from making new music.

Sold out concert

how did charli d'amelio get famous

On March 21, 2019, Charli d’Ambelio held her first ever live performance at Club Octagon in Toronto. Almost one month later, it has been listed as one of the top ten most sold-out concerts of all time by TicketHub!

Charli is known for singing catchy songs with lyrics that convey powerful messages about love and self-love. Her music often touches upon themes such as body positivity, feminism, and suicide prevention.

Her song “I Wish I Was Your Girl” was inspired by an unnamed fan who described themselves as having low self-confidence and feeling insecure about their weight. The song is also significant to Charli because it was written after she had a near death experience (NDE) while swimming.

You may have heard of NDEs before – they're when someone experiences something beyond the physical world, typically characterized by feelings and thoughts of absolute bliss or pure joy. These experiences are very personal, but some people say they feel like you'll never really die, and you learn more about life, yourself, and the universe. Some describe it as traveling through a white light or experiencing God.

It's important to note that not everyone experiences a profound NDE, nor does being experienced mean it will be meaningful for you. You should weigh the importance of these experiences for you individually.

Became a billionaire

how did charli d'amelio get famous

As discussed earlier, being famous for doing nothing is not a good way to stay in fashion. If you look at most people around us, they are trying to do something with their lives — go into business, study a career, achieve their dreams, etc. Being known as someone who does not try or want anything makes you run short on credibility.

Charli made her money off of two things: investing and designing. She invested in businesses that would make lots of money through capitalization and buying out other companies, then she designed products for those businesses!

Her first investment was a company called Glamd0lle, which sells bronzers and lip treatments. Since she designs cosmetic items, she rebranded the product and changed its name to The Refinery. Her new business won several awards and has continued to grow since then.

Her second investment was in an online shopping site called Shopify, where she is paid per referral sale she encourages others to make. This revenue source has grown rapidly because she marketed it well and is still receiving rewards for her efforts.

Married her husband

After high school, Charli D’Amelio married David D’Amelio, with whom she had two children. The couple divorced in 2014 but remain close friends to this day.

Charli met David at 18 years old while they were both students at Southern New Hampshire University. They got engaged five months later before tying the knot in October 2004.

David is an entrepreneur who now owns his own business and also runs a website design company. He is well-known for creating and running his own successful websites.

Since their separation, he has always supported Charli as she pursues her dreams. She graduated from Columbia School of Journalism in May 2018 with a master's degree and is now pursuing her journalism career full time!

You can learn more about Charli by visiting her online profile where you will find her professional bio and links to her social media profiles.