How Did Cardi B Get Famous On Instagram

By Tiara

Before there was The Situation with his shirt off, before there were constant streams of beauty gushes for every new movie or TV show that comes out, before there was an ever-growing list of famous people you follow on social media, cardigan doner pants era had their moment.

A few years ago, the platform really started to take over. People began creating and sharing pictures and videos of themselves, mostly via smartphone cameras. Now, we have the most popularly known format: the #selfie.

Since then, it has become almost impossible to share anything without being tagged in at least one selfie. It is also hard to go through anyone’s account without seeing a bunch of flaunted self-love.

Cardi b didn’t get her fame by posting still shots of herself, however. She got noticed because she posted constantly, showing off her body and telling everyone what she was doing. Her style and charisma make her very likable, making her more attractive to followers and watchers.

But how did she achieve such success? By using tools and strategies that other celebrities have used to win over fans.

Started a YouTube channel

After launching her career as a rapper, Cardi B has transitioned into being an influencer through her popular YouTube channel. You can find almost anything related to fashion, beauty, or health tips posted on the platform.

Cardi started her channel in January 2018 with over 1 million subscribers now! Her followers have grown tremendously since then, making it one of the most well-known channels for people who love fashion and beauty products.

Her channel features mostly videos that are about beauty and fashion, but she does mix it up by talking about other things like diet advice and offbeat topics like politics and social issues.

She is very interactive with her audience – you will see her asking questions and responding to comments and messages. She also gives away lots of cool prizes via her channel.

Overall, Cardi’s style is always fashionable and unique. People seem to appreciate her no-nonsense approach to life and her humorous takes on life.

Published a book

how did cardi b get famous on instagram

In March of 2018, Cardi B published her first full-length book, I’m Having A Baby! With My Husband!, through Penguin Random House. The book is not only about her personal life, but it also contains some candid stories she shared with the public for the first time.

She shares her experiences as a young adult in no uncertain terms — sometimes even to the surprise of readers. For example, she talks about how she struggled with eating disorders during her early teen years.

Her struggle with body image started later though when she was around 15 or 16 years old. At that time, she says she would compare herself to other teens and get very upset.

It took her several months before she realized what was happening and addressed it by talking to people about her feelings. Since then, she has been able to regulate her emotions better and doesn’t bottle up things as much.

Cardi B is an open person who does not keep anything from anyone, which helped her deal with this problem earlier on. She now encourages others to do the same and calls it being honest with yourself.

Had a song go viral

how did cardi b get famous on instagram

In July of 2018, Cardi B released her breakout hit “Bodak Yellow” with producer TheRunRung. It was an instant smash that got radio play all over the world and earned Cardi two Grammy nominations for Best Rap Song and Best Music Video.

The music video featured lots of flashy cars, fashion trends, and overall mayhem — just like Cardi herself!

It also features one of the most iconic looks in hip hop culture: the pimp roll-up shirt. Many artists have done their own take on this look, but none quite match the perfection of what Cardi did with hers.

So how did she get here? By having a good eye for style and by investing in quality clothing. Both are important parts to your self-image as well as your image to the public.

This article will talk about some ways you can pick up stylish clothes or learn how to re-create popular looks for yourself or others.

Became a brand ambassador

how did cardi b get famous on instagram

After her breakout performance at The Grammy Awards, music fans quickly flocked to see what she had next. And while some may have known her as the famous rapper with over one billion views on her YouTube channel, they didn’t know about her past.

Cardi b has always been very vocal about her love for fashion and beauty products. In fact, she often shares pictures of herself in tight clothing wearing lots of makeup and lipsticked up.

Her knack for snapping aesthetically pleasing photos helped her to curate an impressive collection of images and videos on both her personal account and business accounts like IGTV.

Since then, she’s devoted her time to sharing fun, fashion, and beauty looks and tips through social media. She also donates part of her earnings to charities that help others.

She's even launched her own line of cosmetics! What a beautiful legacy to leave behind. Read on to learn more about how Cardi B became so popular online.

Won a Grammy

how did cardi b get famous on instagram

After winning Best Rap Album for Invasion of Privacy, which she released in December 2018, Cardi took to her social media accounts to give us all a little look into what’s next for her. She announced that she would be taking some time off from music to focus on other things — like having kids!

Cardi has one daughter with rapper Offset, making her his stepdaughter. Since then, however, there have been reports of cheating and violence between them.

In May 2019, Offset posted an ominous status update about his relationship with Cardi, saying he wanted to “break down and explain something to you.” He didn’t specify what was going on, but it seemed clear that someone had done or said something very wrong.

He wrote: “I feel I need to address the rumors and false information being spread around by certain people. People who seem to want to stir up drama and cause fights where none exist. These individuals are not concerned about your man nor womanhood, they only care about their own personal gain. They desire attention so they can become famous.”

After announcing his break-up, Cardi responded with a poem titled ‘Why You Always On That Shit?’ In it, she called out those who try to hurt him and say mean things about his family. At the end, though, she asked why he always needs to bring more negativity into their lives.

Was featured in Vogue

how did cardi b get famous on instagram

As we know, the life of a working artist is tough. There’s no guarantee that you will succeed at your craft, let alone make enough money to survive as you climb the ladder.

That being said, there are always ways to get exposure for your work and grow your audience. For some artists, social media is the way to go. Artists have been using social media to spread their artistic message since the beginning!

Cardi B is one such example. She made her name popular through posting pictures and videos of herself performing her songs along with fun and entertaining stories about her personal life.

Her knack for storytelling has helped her gain more than 10 million followers across all major social media platforms like Twitter, YouTube, and now, Instagram.

Became a fashion icon

how did cardi b get famous on instagram

Before she was known for her rapping or song writing, Cardi B had another career — as an influencer. She is famous now not only because of what songs she spins in the club but also how well she styles herself and the never-ending flow of swag that she boasts about.

Cardi has always been obsessed with beauty and fashion, so it’s no surprise then that she would eventually make it her job to help other people look good too.

As more people use social media to show off their looks and style trends, Cardi has built up her own fan base by doing the same.

From posting pictures of her wardrobe to giving tips on products and hairstyles, Cardi has made it clear that she loves fashion and wants to share hers with others.

She began sharing her love for fashion on her Instagram account back in early 2017. Since then, she has amassed over 15 million followers who enjoy watching and learning from her (and sometimes stealing) fashion ideas.

Now, just like anyone else who does this, she gets paid for it! In fact, Cardi makes enough money to pay your monthly rent several times over.

In a recent interview, she revealed that she earns around $60,000 per month through sponsored posts and advertisements. The rest of her income comes from merchandise sales and sponsorships at events she goes to.

Opened her own store

how did cardi b get famous on instagram

As we all know, Cardi b has always been in the media’s eye since she made her debut as a rapper. But it is more recent where her success really took off!

She opened up her very own fashion line back in June of 2018! The collection includes clothing items such as t-shirts, sweatshirts, tracksuits, and even jewelry. All are designed by Cardi herself and printed using computer software to create designs that stand out.

Her style is described as being edgy and cool. Many people have mentioned how her look is reminiscent of early 2000s hip hop artist styles. She also doesn’t shy away from incorporating flashy colors or patterns into her looks.

Since launching her brand, Cardi has received lots of attention and praise for it. Her merchandise quickly sold out and now she has collaborations with other brands to add to her collection.