How Did Cardi B Get Famous On Instagram

By Tiara

As you probably know, singer/songwriter Cardi B made her big break in music with her track “Bodak Yellow” back in 2017. The song quickly soared to viral success not only because of its catchy lyrics but also due to Cardi’s infectious dance moves paired with the rap verse she delivered.

Cardi has always been very vocal about her love for fashion, so it was no surprise when she began sharing pictures of herself dressed up in fashionable looks on social media. But it wasn’t until later that her style really started to stand out.

Her penchant for flashy jewelry and striking hairstyles helped make her look more unique than most. While some may say that what she wears is over-the-top or provocative, we see it as just being her personal style. Others seem to admire it, though!

In this article, we will take a closer look at one of Cardi’s greatest strengths: her impressive collection of stylish jewelry. These include necklaces, rings, bracelets, and even earrings that all feature fancy gemstones and interesting designs.

But before we get into all of those, let us take a quick look at another one of Cardi B’s favorite styles: her hair.

Started a record label

how did cardi b get famous on instagram

Before she was famous, Cardi B had to work hard to get noticed. Back in 2016 when her first album dropped, I’m Having Fun Being Me didn’t do too well. People weren’t listening to it as much because there were already lots of artists with majorly popular songs on Spotify.

It wasn’t until two years later that her song “Bodak Yellow” became an overnight success. The lyrics about going out and drinking and chasing pussy got people talking, which is what you need for your music career to take off.

Since then, Cardi has consistently put out quality material that gets heard by many people. She also cultivates a very supportive community around her through posting pictures and videos of herself and others, encouraging fans to follow along and supporting each other.

Became a singer

how did cardi b get famous on instagram

Before she was famous, Cardi B was sharing her music with the world via YouTube. Since then, she has transitioned into becoming an artist who is recognized worldwide.

In fact, her song “Bodak Yellow” alone has over 40 million views on its own!

Cardi first began writing songs when she was in high school. She would write poetry or lyrics to other songs that she felt needed some revamping. Then she would record them as her new song!

Her talent for lyricism really shined through while she was at Florida A&M University where she majored in communications management. While there she wrote several songs which got her noticed by people around campus.

After graduating, she took her talents to another level by recording her songs and uploading them onto YouTubed videos. It was here that her followers started noticing her voice and how well she sang!

Since then, Cardi has become one of the most popular artists out there! Not only are her vocals incredible, but she also knows how to put together a catchy rhyme or verse!

She is known for her personality as well- people love listening to her music and watching her live performances because they feel like they know her.

Launched her own brand

how did cardi b get famous on instagram

As we know, The Artist is in control of their career at any given moment. If an artist does not have enough confidence in themselves to handle their media exposure, it can sometimes make or break your relationship as an audience member.

Cardi b made the decision to launch her own fashion line back when she was still performing under the name Belcaladey Nailz. Since then, she has grown and evolved the collection with help from other professional vendors and brands.

She collaborated with several companies such as Allure magazine, where she designed nail designs for them, and also released some products herself! She even launched her very first jewelry collection this past summer.

By owning and running her own business, Cardi has shown that she knows what she’s talking about when it comes to marketing and branding.

Appeared on Netflix

All of a sudden, you notice your favorite artist or celebrity has exploded in popularity because they have completely lost their privacy. They share every part of their life with the world for everyone to see. It is considered “influencer” culture where people gain attention by posting pictures and videos of themselves for others to admire.

This is very problematic. As humans, we feel connected when we know at least some parts of someone else's personal life. We feel like we are not so different from them, as we both come from similar backgrounds and experiences.

It can also distort what true authenticity looks like. What would be private to one person may not be self-harming for another. This creates an uncomfortable environment that most people do not enjoy being a part of.

Cardi B made her fame almost exclusively off of this concept. While she did have success before, it was mostly due to her clever lyrics and humorous comments. But once she opened up about her personal life, she became famous for more than just that.

She now boasts over 10 million followers on social media sites such as Twitter and YouTube, which makes her one of the top YouTubers and best known celebrities in America. Her influence spreads far beyond entertainment though, as she uses her platform to speak out against injustices towards minorities and promote socially liberal values.

Helped launch the Fashion Nova brand

how did cardi b get famous on instagram

Before she was famous, Cardi B worked as an intern at fashion company FIT by FCFS! She is always sharing pictures of herself in new outfits on her personal account, which now has over 2 million followers.

Cardi’s knack for snapping stylish looks comes from constantly looking through fashion magazines to find clothing that grabs her eye and then creating their own look with similar pieces.

Her ability to mix and match clothes makes it easy to coordinate with whatever you have to do — like going out or filming your favorite show.

Became a business owner

how did cardi b get famous on instagram

As we know, the way most people get famous is by owning their own channel or sharing their knowledge with others. For instance, I will make an educational video about how to do something so other people can learn from me and teach others!

Cardi b made her name as not only a successful musician but also as a business woman. She launched her career at a very young age when she released her first album in 2018. Since then, she has starred in several music videos, won multiple awards, and achieved success beyond what anyone could have ever imagined for her.

Her rise to fame was definitely influenced by having your own channel. Starting your own channel gives you total control over what content you put out there and allows you to focus solely on entertaining your followers.

She may have got where she is now through singing, dancing, and rapping, but it’s her entrepreneurial skills that really set her apart. By offering her services as a personal trainer, nutritionist, and fashionista, she has provided value to her audience and helped them achieve their goals.

By opening up her website and social media pages, she has given us more opportunities to follow her career and learn from her.

Enjoyed YouTube videos

how did cardi b get famous on instagram

Before she was famous, Cardi B spent most of her time doing things that we can all relate to- hanging out with friends, listening to music and dancing, surfing the net for fun activities.

Cardi started posting her own videos back in August 2017 when she only had around 2,000 followers! She would make entertainment style Vlogs where she’d talk about life, beauty products, or just jokes she wanted to share.

Her first video got over 30,000 views within one week which is pretty impressive given it was before people really knew who she was. Her success didn't stop there though, since then she's posted several other entertaining videos which have gathered even more attention and fans.

It seems like no matter what she does, she gets enough exposure for it, and now she has her very own TV show too! What a beautiful thing this is for our world.

Became a celebrity

how did cardi b get famous on instagram

Before she was famous, you could probably tell that Cardi B was going to be big someday. She had her eye on a prize for quite some time!

Cardi started uploading pictures of herself back in May 2018. At this time, she already had over 1 million followers on Instagram. Her popularity quickly took off as people became obsessed with her witty captioning and funny comments.

She is known for posting very candid photos of herself. This includes shots where she is wearing little or no clothes, close-up views of her stomach, and even full frontal nude pics.

Her style is always seen as being extremely sexy and bold. Many think she looks like a pro wrestler mixed with Cara Delevingne.

Since then, Cardi has only continued to gain more fans and media attention. Now, she is one of the most popular YouTubers, celebrities, and musicians in America.