How Did Cardi B Become Famous

By Tiara

After dropping her first album in July 2017, everyone quickly noticed how charismatic she was as a person. Her infectious laughter, constant smile, and dramatic voice have made her famous. But what many don’t know is that she spent years developing these qualities before getting into music.

Cardio-dynamic artist Aaliyah Davis (known to most simply as Cardi) started dancing at five years old. By middle school, she was taking hip hop classes and performing with a professional crew. At seventeen, she began teaching herself how to write songs by looking through song lyrics and writing their structure and flow onto a computer.

It wasn’t until 2016 when she finally took her singing career seriously. She enrolled in a recording program and got certified as an audio engineer. Since then, she has been hard at work perfecting her craft while also building up her brand.

A major part of this process has been creating and releasing new material every month. In fact, her next project will be her third studio album! Read more about her artistic journey here.

She’s definitely not your average singer, but she’s sure trying to be.

Released a song

how did cardi b become famous

In February of 2018, twenty-three year old rapper Cardi B dropped her debut album, I Like It. The first single off the album was “Bodak Yellow”, an eerily prophetic track about life in the streets as a young thug.

The lyrics contain some shockingly candid content that speak volumes about how she grew up and what shaped her into the powerful artist she is today.

She also touches briefly on race relations by stating, “I put my money where my mouth is. White bitch, this shit is hard!”

Her clever wordplay and ability to tell stories through music have made her one of the most famous people in America. Her infectious energy has inspired many aspiring musicians and rappers to strive for success.

Cardi herself says it best when she notes, "It doesn't matter if you're rich or poor, black or white, just like me -- fucking crazy.

Went on a tour

how did cardi b become famous

After launching her music career in 2017, Cardi B took her next big move as touring. She organized a national concert series with her stage name as the headliner! The tour was called The Battle of Los Angeles Tour and it happened in March 2018.

The event sold out within 24 hours and over 5,000 people showed up to see Cardi perform for two nights at the Forum in Inglewood, California. This is where she first made a huge impact by performing “Bodak Yellow” for an extremely large crowd that seemed more excited for her new song than they were supportive of the venue.

Cardi has always been well-known for her personality, but this show proved that she can also sing very well too. Many fans have said that she sounds just like Beyoncé when she sings!

After The Battle Of LA Tour, Cardi announced another leg of her tour would be coming back to Chicago. Since then, she has headlined three other shows here, including one at Wintrust Arena which broke attendance records earlier this year.

Sold out shows

how did cardi b become famous

After partnering with The Rap Nation to create her own rap song, in which she rapped about money and sex, Cardi B quickly found herself surrounded by offers. A music video for that song got over 1.3 million views within just one day!

Her first major sponsorship was from Veverisy, an online shopping site where you can find fashion products and get discounts or even free items while buying them. Since then, Cardi has landed many more brand sponsors including CoverGirl (for their Color Surge concealers) and Skechers (shoes).

Cardi is also very popular on Instagram. She has over 40-50 thousand followers, making it easy to promote your product or service via advertising on hers.

Won a Grammy

After winning Best Rap Album for Invasion of Privacy, which she released in March, Cardi took over social media with her infectious energy and personality. Her constant posting quickly got her noticed by music producers and executives who work in the industry.

Cardi was already famous before her win, but now that she has been recognized for her talent, she is getting more opportunities than ever!

She has also received many accolades for her songwriting and lyrics, as well as her influence on other artists. Many people have even referred to her as the future of hip hop.

Music is one of the biggest forms of entertainment, so it makes sense that we listen to lots of different songs from all genres and fields. But none of this would matter if Cardi’s music wasn’t good. It is!

Her catchy melodies and rhyming slang make her songs enjoyable to hear. Plus, she writes about important issues such as gender equality and racism – something most musicians don’t do.

Made a movie

how did cardi b become famous

After shooting her first music video in July 2017, “Bodak Yellow” quickly became one of the most popular songs of all time. The song peaked at number two on the Billboard Hot 100 chart before falling off and re-appearing later as a hit track.

Cardi made her acting debut in the music film Battle Sound, which was released by BET in August 2018. Since then, she has starred in several other movies such as Offering, In Treatment, and Gangsta Grilz. Her performance in Battle Sound earned her an MTV Music Award for Best New Artist in March 2019.

She is currently filming the comedy sequel Gully Boy (2020) with Tollywood actor Inder Sehgal.

Became a brand

how did cardi b become famous

As we all know, the era of having a big social media presence as a celebrity has gone up to a whole new level. With every person able to create an account with a major platform like Twitter or Facebook, it is now possible to reach out to your audience in ways never before imaginable.

For some people, creating their own profile is the next best step to becoming famous. This isn’t always the case, but for most people, it is!

By adding yourself to various online communities and platforms, you are letting other people use these services to talk about you. People can leave comments, mention you, link you into conversations, and even add you to groups or lists.

In fact, many large companies actively look for people with strong personalities so they can advertise products by talking about them.

Cardi B is a perfect example of this. She doesn’t have her own TV show or movie yet, but she is still very successful due to the way she uses technology to promote herself.

Bought a house

how did cardi b become famous

After moving to America from Jamaica as a child, Ayeleye began her career by offering her services as an assistant manager at a Chipotle restaurant in South Los Angeles. It was there that she first met TV producer Mark Campos, who would eventually become her business partner and husband.

A year later, they opened up their own catering company. And then another two years after that, they bought a house together! They now have a daughter named Kia Styler, born in May 2018.

Since buying their home back in 2016, the pair has hosted large-scale parties for close friends and family members in the area. These include Christmas events with presents under the tree and Easter brunch celebrations where bunnies are made and decorated.

They also throw pool nights every month, which is popular among their neighbors. One of these happened just last week when several people attended and had pizza while watching the NBA Finals.

Cardi’s not one to shy away from attention, so it seems like she and her wife enjoy being surrounded by others.

Became a mom

how did cardi b become famous

As we know, Cardi b was not her original self after she got married. Before then, she was known for being very outspoken and candid about all kinds of things.

But once she became a mother, her public persona changed completely. She began posting pictures and videos online showing off her beautiful family life.

And while she’s never been one to shy away from talking politics or religion, now that she has kids everything is totally different!

She doesn’t talk as much about those topics because she wants to keep them in place when her children grow up and ask questions.

So what happened? Why did Cardi b go and do something like this? It seems like she just can’t help it!

We may never know the answer to that question, but here are some theories. Maybe there’s someone out there who knows exactly why she made the shift, so let us dive into them.

1) Her pregnancy caught people by surprise

Cardi b announced her pregnancy back in May 2018 during an interview with Charli White at The Breakfast Club radio show.

At the time, no one knew anything about her fianceé except for his first name and that he rapped. He didn’t even have a last name!

Many fans were shocked to see such an open display of affection between two people they saw only briefly before. And many expressed their happiness and support for both of them.