How Did Brittany Xavier Get Famous

By Tiara

People know who Brittany is now, but how she got there isn’t always clear to those that don’t follow her online very closely. She’s been featured on major media outlets like The Huffington Post and MTV, as well as smaller sites like and Refinery29.

It seems almost impossible to pin down exactly when it all started, but we can say with certainty that it began in May of 2015 when she first posted what would become her most famous photo.

That picture was of her kissing another woman, and it went viral - spreading across social media platforms before being reported by many news sources.

Since then, she's continued to make waves both for her candid photos and her provocative quotes. And while some may consider her boldness controversial or even shocking, others celebrate it as an example of strong willed individuality.

This article will try to dive into more detail about just how this beautiful, successful artist made such a splash in the world of internet culture.

She became a blogger

how did brittany xavier get famous

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She created a book

As we mentioned before, Brittany started her career as an Instagram star by creating a book. What she initially called Her Best Self Was in A Good Place With Me Yesterday was later rebranded as The Power of Happy.

This is not your average self-help book. It’s not about changing yourself to have more confidence or learn how to be happier. This book is all about giving you the tools to create your happiest life possible.

Brittany explains that being happy isn’t something you achieve once a day, it’s a way of living that makes you feel good consistently. And I agree — this is what makes it real.

She says we are born with a certain level of happiness preloaded, but over time things happen to drain us. Relationships end, health issues arise, money worries take hold – everything gets added onto our plate and that can make us less happy.

It’s hard to stay motivated when you don’t know where your next meal will come from or whether you’ll get paid today or tomorrow. But we’re naturally inclined to people who show persistent optimism, so why not let those around us influence how happy you are?

That’s the basis of The Power of Happy. You’ll find lots of tips and tricks to help you become a person who lives with constant joy, no matter what situation you’re in.

She appeared on TV shows

how did brittany xavier get famous

After filming her first episode of The Block, where she played an aspiring chef, producer Mark Griffiths asked if she would be interested in trying out as a contestant on another show he was producing called The Kitchen. He said that he knew someone who had made it to the next round of competition and they needed your help deciding who should make it or not!

He told her that she could even be paid for this opportunity and she could bring anyone you wanted to watch over you while you competed. You can’t say no to money!

Brittany thought about it for a few days before making her decision. At first she was very nervous but then something clicked and she decided she wanted to give it a try.

She trained hard and prepared herself for what was going to be a big challenge. When her time came, she totally owned her experience and didn’t let anything get in her way of achieving her goal.

She made a movie

how did brittany xavier get famous

Many people know her now for making one film, but she actually started off as an influencer years ago! In fact, back in 2015, when she was just 19-years old, she launched a successful YouTube channel where she would review and discuss different beauty products.

Her followers soon grew to over 100,000 and she received lots of compliments for her reviews that were both honest and helpful. People even asked if she paid for them or if they were given to her by the manufacturers.

Since then, she has kept up with all of the latest trends in cosmetics so her viewers can learn how to use new products effectively. Her channel is still active today!

She also does not hesitate to share her personal experiences while using products, which most other beauty gurus do not. This helps her audience feel more confident in trying out new products for themselves.

Brittany’s talent did not go unnoticed though. It quickly got the attention of top YouTubers who invited her to join their channels. Since then, she has worked hard to grow her following even further.

By posting videos about various cosmetic products, buying them herself and giving detailed reviews, she has built up her credibility and fame very well.

She went on a tour

how did brittany xavier get famous

After she graduated from high school, Brittany traveled across America to meet people and promote her dance studio. Her goal was to start dancing professionally and eventually teach others how to as well!

She called this journey “Dance On A Budget” or DOOB for short. People who joined DanceOnAbudget.

She had a relationship with Tristan MacManus

how did brittany xavier get famous

After breaking up, she met him at a party where he made his first impression by complimenting her dress before asking if he could take off hers. They spent the night together and now they have a kid!

Brittany and Tristan got into an argument over whether or not she wanted to be in a open relationship after she found out that he was still seeing someone else. He then ended things and moved out.

But it wasn’t until months later when she realized something was missing from her life. At this time, she decided to look for love again but only under one condition — no children unless you want them.

She never felt like she “meant business” as far as having kids went so she didn’t pursue anything seriously. But she always hoped that would change once she met the right person.

It did! And she gave her heart to him without any conditions. Now she has a baby girl she calls Layla Rose who brings her even more joy than she thought possible.

She had a relationship with Drake

how did brittany xavier get famous

After meeting at a party, she found out his name was not only Daniel but also “Drake”. At that same event, he gave her his phone number and they started talking more frequently.

At first, she didn't think much of it since he was famous. But then things got weird. He would constantly check up on her and make sure she was okay before going home or leaving for the night.

It got to a point where she just accepted his help and let him do whatever he wanted to do. It made sense because he paid attention to her and knew what makes her happy so he helped her find those people and places.

He even accompanied her to events as her guest so she could focus more on socializing with other people instead of having to worry about protecting his safety too. People noticed a change in her demeanor and how friendly she became towards him.

Her friends began asking if she was dating someone and she would always say no. They would ask why she was never around his phone anymore and she would tell them that he took care of her and left her alone.

That's when everyone realized something wasnt right and she was totally transparent with them.

She became a billionaire

how did brittany xavier get famous

In May of 2017, just over a year ago, entrepreneur Brittany Xavier made her first appearance on TV as a contestant on The Rich List, a show that tests your knowledge about wealthy people.

The episode featured seven contestants trying to identify famous faces in a picture. When it was Brittany’s turn, she correctly identified Taylor Swift as an actress.

She then proceeded to describe how Taylor had inspired her to start her business and become rich herself. After listening intently, the hosts asked if there were any questions for Brittany.

One host wondered whether or not being surrounded by lots of money makes you feel good or bad. To this, Brittany replied with something very important: “It depends who you are.”

Brittany is one of the most successful entrepreneurs in America — and she knows exactly what makes her happy.