How Did Brittany Xavier Get Famous

By Tiara

Social media is an integral part of our daily lives. You can find yourself spending hours per day browsing, creating, commenting, liking, and sharing content everywhere from YouTube to Facebook to Twitter.

It’s no wonder that we as humans have become addicted to social media! It gives us constant exposure to new information, brands, products, and people.

We promote ourselves by posting pictures and statements about who we are and what we like, which creates an opportunity for others to connect with us. We create connections with other individuals, businesses, and charities through postings, comments, and likes.

It's all very inspiring –- kind of like watching someone else achieve their dreams.

For some, it’s more difficult than realizing their own dreams because they're working hard to reach their goal while people around them may not be as supportive. For example, maybe a friend posted a picture of themselves drinking champagne during an important meeting or party and you commented saying how much your friend looks tired.

This could be due to jealousy or perhaps they just didn't feel like celebrating anymore. Either way, this isn't the most positive feedback for their self-confidence.

For another person, however, these types of comments would be used as motivation instead.

She did a guest appearance

how did brittany xavier get famous

A few weeks ago, one of our editors met an interesting person at a party. This individual was talking about their very popular YouTube channel when he mentioned that they got famous because of a small role they had in a movie.

His friend asked if anyone knew what this movie was and he described it to them. The listener then said she would totally watch the movie so she could see his point more clearly.

A week later, her roommate came into the room with a shocked look on her face. “You’re not going to believe this, but you have to watch this video!” she exclaimed.

The two of them sat together and watched as the speaker talked for several minutes before suddenly stopping and saying, “And here is where I wanted someone else to do my job!”

He laughed hysterically for a couple seconds before walking away. His audience stared back confused until someone finally called him out. They told him that he needed to update his profile to indicate which agency represents him. He thanked them for pointing it out and took care of business.

That night, her roommate texted her something crazy. Someone posted a link to the movie on Instagram along with the name of the actor who played her part. People were commenting and giving their opinion – some praising him and his performance, while others claimed she actually stole the scene.

She appeared on a TV show

how did brittany xavier get famous

A few years ago, someone noticed that Brittany was posting pictures of herself with really long eyelashes on social media. Many people commented about how beautiful her lashes were, so she began doing it more often.

She eventually decided to make it her career by creating an online lash business called The Lash Lounge. People can buy fake eyelash extensions or pay per clip for the real thing!

Brittany also started filming YouTube videos about beauty products and such. Now, she has her own channel where she teaches others about makeup and hauls some fun products too!

Her channel now has over 1 million followers and she is very popular. Her fans call her BrittanyBX, which is short for Brittany Xavarian.

She opened a retail store

how did brittany xavier get famous

After graduating with a degree in business, she decided to take her dreams seriously and open up a business. With no experience running a business or owning a shop, she picked somewhere close where she lived so that she could help people come visit her every day!

Her small business was designed to make shopping more fun for everyone – she calls it The Fun Shop.

Brittany does not only focus on selling products but also creating an environment where people want to spend time and hang out. Her space is filled with things like snacks and drinks, toys, games, and even gadgets and gizmos anyone can use or add onto their home.

She gives away most of the items in the stores free of cost to increase exposure and word-of-mouth marketing. People love coming here because there are never empty shelves and they get lots of cool stuff almost always.

She made a movie

how did brittany xavier get famous

Many people know of filmmaker, producer, and writer by his or her pen name, Drake. Others recognize him from his music career as an artist. But few realize that he is also a very successful entrepreneur. He has launched several companies, including OSTVM (Own Your Style TV Channel), Life In Loops podcast, and most recently, his self-produced film, The Breaks.

The media have coined a new term for his style of leadership — “spontaneous inspiration leader.” This isn’t just because he likes to put on flashy clothes and use dramatic language when talking about business and life; it’s because he seems to gain strength and momentum from creating and delivering his own experiences, projects, and products.

He doesn’t spend time thinking about what next project he will launch, how many followers he will attract, and so forth. Rather, he consistently creates and delivers whatever he puts his mind to, often with little advance preparation.

This article will talk more in depth about one of Drake’s startups – his filmmaking company. It will include tips and tricks you can apply to your own creative pursuits and businesses.

She went viral

how did brittany xavier get famous

Social media is an integral part of our daily lives. You read about it, but how often do you actually use it? With the ever-growing amount of time people spend online, creating your own profile and sticking around to check out what others are doing is becoming more of the norm than anything else.

That’s why it comes as no surprise that many celebrities have their very own social media pages where they can share their love for fashion, life, and everything in between!

But there is one little person who managed to surpass all of those famous names when it comes to engagement. Her name is Brittany Xavier and she seems to be having the most fun of anyone we know.

She began her journey towards internet stardom back in May 2018, so it has been almost two years since then! Since then, she has over 2 million followers, which makes her popular quite easily!

Her style looks totally unique and always put into context the theme of the day or event she is attending. This way, her clothes match withingher genre and/or audience!

Since she started her career nearly two years ago now, she has done lots of sponsored photoshoots, interviews, and even some videos just like any other celebrity would.

She starred in another TV show

how did brittany xavier get famous

After filming her first season of The Office, director Jay Richardson asked if she wanted to do something different. He mentioned that he had an idea for someone who was very passionate about music and could potentially make money off of it.

He told her that there were ways to make good money online by creating YouTube videos and marketing them through social media sites like Facebook and Instagram.

Since she was always talking about how much she loved singing and dancing, he thought she might be interested.

She starred in a movie

how did brittany xavier get famous

After graduating high school, actress and singer Brittany Xavier decided to pursue her dreams of being an entertainment professional. Unfortunately, she did not receive much feedback from potential employers about her skills as a performer.

Xavier thought that it would be best to start her career by filming a YouTube video singing a popular song with the help of her smartphone. She chose to sing “Bruise Me” by Ariana Grande.

Her video got lots of views which led to her landing several acting gigs. Since then, she has been featured in TV shows, movies and music videos.

She has also recorded several songs of her own including one titled “Hey Mama.

She released a book

how did brittany xavier get famous

In May 2018, twenty-something entrepreneur Brittany Xavier published her first book, The Power of Positive Thinking. As she explains in the introduction, she was tired of people telling her to put more positive energy into your life, and instead she made the decision to write about it!

Xavier’s book is designed to help readers learn how to use positive thinking as a tool to achieve their dreams. By replacing negative thoughts with more optimistic ones, you will begin to develop confidence in yourself and your ability to accomplish things.

She also talks about why positive thinking is important, and some easy ways to do it. You can check out all of that here!

Her book has been very well received so far, and she even landed an appearance on the Oprah Winfrey Show.