How Did Billie Eilish Get Famous?

By Tiara

As we all know, Billie Eilish is one of the most famous singers in America today! She broke into the music industry at an early age with her first hit song being “Bad Guy”. Since then she has released several more songs that have become very popular including “Old School”, “Leave Me Alone”, and her debut album “When The Night Is Over”.

Her success as a musician comes not only from her musical talent but also her engaging onstage personality. Many musicians are known for their charismatic performances, and Billie is no exception.

She is always displayed to be having fun while performing which helps to draw audience attention. People love listening to her sing because it seems like she truly enjoys what she does and wants to keep singing even if people are not fully focused on the performance.

Overall, Billie is a talented singer who knows how to connect with audiences. Her catchy lyrics and voice have helped her gain fame and continue to grow her career.

Released a debut album

how did billie eilish get famous

Born in South California, where her family resides now, young Bexley Hills native Billie Eilish grew up listening to music of all genres. Her parents are both musicians — her father is a drummer and bassist while her mother plays guitar.

Her older brother Liam was already pursuing his career as a singer when he inspired Billie to try out singing herself. She would often join him for rehearsals and eventually she decided to pursue it seriously.

After recording several songs under his own name, Liam recruited Billie to be his writing partner and collaborator. They soon developed their own style that they have today.

Their first major success came with the song “Bad Guy” off of Eilish’s self-titled EP which received over 2 million views on YouTube. The pair then began collaborating more frequently and quickly found an audience.

Since then, they have penned many other hit songs such as “Pretty When You Cry,” “Dance To This,” and “Just Keep Living.” Both artists also write most lyrics themselves so this is another key part of their process.

Became a YouTube sensation

how did billie eilish get famous

Before she was famous, people may not have recognized her very well. But now that she has grown in popularity, she boasts over 10 million followers on both Instagram and Twitter!

She is also known as The Baby Voice, which is why many refer to her as ‘The Baby Singer’. This is because of her uncanny ability to imitate young children when they are singing or talking.

Her songs often deal with difficult topics such as depression and suicide, making them appropriate for their audience. Many find her music inspiring and/or educational.

Her most popular song is probably “Bad Guy”, a breakup anthem about a jealous lover.

Appeared on TV shows

how did billie eilish get famous

Before she was famous, Billie had to prove herself as an artist. She needed to show her media presence by appearing on television talent shows such as The Voice or Rising Star.

She also needed to create music that people would like to listen to. People who liked her songs were willing to promote them through social media and YouTube. This helped Billie get more exposure for her work and it helped her gain recognition as an artist.

Her first big break came when she won The Voice in 2016! Since then, she has only continued to grow in popularity. Her song “Bad Guy” even broke into movie soundtracks and received multiple award nominations.

Billie is very passionate about what she does and she always puts her all into everything she produces. This includes giving back to charities and promoting socially conscious issues.

Sold out concerts

Before she was famous, Billie Eilish lived in anonymity. She did not have many close friends and she made few appearances outside of school or work. If anyone found her online, it was probably through music sites that feature song lyrics or interviews with journalists.

It is hard to tell how much people knew about the 17-year-old singer before she became famous. But one thing’s for sure – they all wanted to know more.

Billie exploded onto the scene in early 2018 when her first album dropped. The soundtrack to some of the year’s biggest movies, including The Nightmare Before Christmas and The Addition, featured songs like “Bad Guy” and “Never Let You Go.”

These tracks got lots of attention and helped establish Billie as an artist. They also sparked conversations about who she sounds like and what genre she fits into. Many compare her to another rising teen star, Taylor Swift!

But it wasn't just media coverage that propelled Billie's career. It was the fans. Her loyal audience has been growing since she started recording music at age 11.

Since then, she has sold out shows across the country, landed major collaborations, and even inspired fashion trends. In fact, some say she will be the next Katy Perry!

While most kids get help promoting their albums via social media, Billie took things one step further.

Became a celebrity

how did billie eilish get famous

As we know, Billie is not your average 21-year-old kid! She is famous, of course, for her incredible music career, but she’s also very popular online. Her infectious energy has attracted many followers who enjoy listening to or making her songs in the studio or onstage.

On both YouTube and Twitter, you will find lots of fans creating their own remixes and covers of her songs. Some even create full stories using lyrics from her tracks! It's totally beautiful to watch how creative people inspired by her talent showcase their artistic skills.

Her success as an artist comes down to two things: her catchy melodies and videos that are just plain fun to watch.

She consistently delivers earworm after earworm, with every song being a winner. And her entertaining style — showing off her fashion choices, acting out new dance moves, sharing personal anecdotes – they all add up to make her seem like a really normal person who happened to be successful.

Published a book

how did billie eilish get famous

Nine-year-old Billie Eilish published her first book this past May, titled Just Listen! The beautifully illustrated hardcover is centered around the theme of listening, with each chapter focused on one topic like Listening to Stories or Listening With Your Hands.

Eilsh writes about different ways we can listen, such as by ear, eye gaze, touch, and silence. She also suggests practicing active listening, which includes nodding along to show you are paying attention.

Her final suggestion? “If someone is talking and you think they’re not telling everything, try to learn something from them.

Became a billionaire

how did billie eilish get famous

As mentioned earlier, before she was famous, Billie spent most of her time in school prepping for the next grade while also spending time with family members. She didn’t really start to get into music until middle high school when she first picked up the guitar.

It wasn’t until her freshman year at South Broward High School that she decided to take music more seriously and auditioned for group singing classes. Her talent quickly shined through as she nailed every song she sang!

Her teachers encouraged her to keep practicing and recording songs, so she did just that. In fact, she made her debut online back in August 2015 with an acoustic cover of Taylor Swift’s “Wildest Dreams.”

Since then, she has recorded several other covers which have gathered quite a bit of attention and praise. Many consider her voice to be one of the best in the industry and she has collaborated with some major artists such as Ariana Grande and Twenty One Pilots.

Billie eventually took her talents beyond the internet by releasing two albums under her stage name (BilleEilsh). The first album, Just Listen!, came out last September and is still selling well over a month later.

Quit school

how did billie eilish get famous

Before she was famous, you probably know Billie Eilish as that kid with black hair and dark eyeliner who sang catchy songs about partying and eating pizza!

She’s now 22 years old, but back when she was in high school, her career wasn’t looking so good. In fact, it looked like she might not even make it out of college.

Billie dropped out of Piscataway High School near New Jersey just one semester before graduation to pursue music full-time. She eventually landed a job at an online shopping site selling jewelry and clothes, which paid her enough to survive.

But it took more than that for Billie to really pick up steam as a musician. She had to take some serious risks by quitting her steady job and investing all of her money into creating and producing her own music.

Budgeting only a few thousand dollars per album, Billie would save what she could from her current position to fund new recording equipment or creative ideas. Her success comes down to her hard work and perseverance in the face of adversity — something every young person should learn from.

Now, she is one of the most well-known artists in the world. Forbes has ranked her among the top 100 highest earning musicians in America, and she alone makes over $5 million annually.

Her song “Bad Guy” became a viral sensation last year, catapulting her into superstardom.