How Did Becky G Get Famous

By Tiara

As we already mentioned, she is very popular in both America and abroad for her singing and dancing skills. Her most famous song to date is probably “Boom!” which was featured as an anthem at the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro this past summer.

Her first major break came when she was hired by French music production company SONIC BIG BANG! Productions to be part of their team for The International Music Festival & Conference (IMFC). They needed someone who could sing, dance, and play guitar well so they gave her all three assignments.

She mastered all three and now tours around Europe performing these songs along with other artists like Selena Gomez, Markiplier, and even Ariana Grande!

It sounds crazy but it really paid off because she has been touring ever since then! She also released her own album titled Beton just last year that received great reviews from critics.

Becky will always be known for her talent not only as a musician but as a dancer and singer too.

She released her first single

how did becky g get famous

In May of 2017, seventeen-year old singer/songwriter Becky Göttner made her debut as an artist with her breakout song “Becky”. The catchy track quickly garnered over 1 million views on YouTube and received heavy radio play across Mexico and Central America.

It was also picked up by several music streaming services such as Spotify and Google Play where it reached number one in the Latin American charts!

This got the attention of some major record labels that wanted to collaborate with the nineteen year old on new material. They asked if she had any songs ready to release but she said no. At this time, she didn't feel prepared so she turned down their offers.

A few weeks later though, she found herself at a mall listening to music for the first time in months when she heard her own song again. It struck her then how much effort it took to get to this point and she decided to write and produce another song.

After recording the lyrics and melody, she called upon a friend who helped her finalize the production and recorded his voiceover. Then she uploaded the finished product onto SoundCloud and hit publish.

The next day she started receiving messages and comments asking about the song and what kind of music she makes. This gave her the push needed to start sharing more information about herself and her work.

Since then, she has been hardworking towards establishing herself as an artist while simultaneously growing her fan base.

She released her first album

how did becky g get famous

As mentioned earlier, before she was famous, Becky Garcia had to struggle hard to get noticed. She needed to develop her talent as a singer and performer to gain recognition.

She started recording songs back in high school and eventually got into YouTube singing. Her catchy vocals and humorous lyrics soon garnered many followers.

Her songwriting skills also improved rapidly due to her practice. Before, she might have sounded like another pop star with similar music. But now her own style can be heard!

After years of working on her craft, she finally decided it was time to launch her career. In May 2016, she made her debut as an artist with the release of her first full-length studio album I Choose You!

Since then, her musical success has been remarkable! She is constantly touring around the world to perform for appreciative audiences.

She went on tour

how did becky g get famous

As we mentioned before, she started singing in karaoke bars and eventually got her big break when she was chosen to represent Mexico at The Latin American Music Awards! Since then, she has been touring nonstop with her music and videos that have garnered her many fans all over the world.

Her song “Bailando” is one of the most popular songs for dancing around in and getting people moving! It even made it onto the Billboard Hot 100 as a track you can use to learn how to dance!

She also released an album titled Yo Soy which means I am in English.

She won a Grammy

how did becky g get famous

In May 2016, just over one year after she made her solo debut with “Bailando”, the twenty-six-year-old singer received her first major music award: The Best New Artist prize at the 61st Annual Grammy Awards.

She accepted the honor by thanking God for giving her this opportunity to share her voice with others and encouraging other artists to follow their dreams.

Becky also thanked her family and friends who have supported her throughout her career, including earlier this month when her mother was involved in a serious car accident that left her hospitalized.

She is doing well now but it could easily been much worse, so once again, we want to send our prayers and love to Becky and her family during this difficult time!”

After winning the best new artist, many thought that Becky would be leaving the competition as a winner, but unfortunately, such was not the case. Just weeks later, she returned for another round of the Latin Billboard Music Award where she took home two more prizes. You can read all about them here.

Since then, she has gone on to win several other awards, most notably from the American Music Awards, which are considered the Oscars of the music industry.

While these accolades are certainly impressive, what really sets Becky apart is how she got there.

She signed a record deal

how did becky g get famous

After she released her first album, you can probably guess what happened next! Before long, people were talking about this new singer with a catchy song that had everyone dancing or singing along.

Her debut single was “Bailando” which features Puerto Rican rapper J Balvin. The music video for the track is very popular due to its dance-focused style and the fact that it features bikinis!

After the song hit number one in several countries, it quickly climbed up the charts around the world. It stayed at the top of many Billboard chart lists for weeks and even made it onto their Dance Tabs Chart where it remained for six consecutive weeks (no small feat).

It also received lots of praise from different media outlets including MTV, Yahoo!, Cosmopolitan, and more. Many considered it an easy listening tune with some nice lyrics and infectious melodies.

She released another album

how did becky g get famous

After her first big break in music, she quickly landed herself a second record deal! In fact, just two years later, Becky had her own radio show and was working with some of the top artists out there.

Her new album even reached number one at the Billboard chart! While most people may not know who Becky is now, she’s certainly made an impact on the music industry.

She’s shown that if you put in the work and are willing to try new things, you can succeed in this business. Many musicians are inspired by what she has done for themselves so far.

Reading her book will give you all the tips she has for becoming famous as a musician. These include doing your homework, being persistent, and always putting yourself out there.

This article will talk more about how she got her start and some important lessons she gave for aspiring musicians.

She became a comedian

how did becky g get famous

As a child, she was funny! Her classmates would tell her new jokes all the time, and she’d laugh along with them. At eight years old, she made her stage debut as an improvisational comic in front of the crowd at a birthday party for a friend.

Her knack for comedy didn’t go unnoticed though. After high school, she enrolled in acting classes to pursue that career path, but it wasn’t enough.

She needed to do something more creative, so she picked up sewing and making costumes. It paid off – her first job was designing and making costumes for Disney’s New Year’s Eve celebration at the Magic Kingdom.

From there, her skills only improved. Before long, people were asking her to make costume designs for other characters, which she did!

Becky now has her own line of merchandise where you can get officially licensed “Becky Gomez” clothing and accessories.

She starred in a TV series

how did becky g get famous

After filming her first season of The Block, which is an American reality show that follows people who live in a house with no furniture, Becky got invited back to stay for another season as a roommate! Her new roommates were already famous, so she decided to follow their lead and become famous too!

She made a YouTube channel where she posts videos about fashion and beauty tips and tricks. Many of her videos are also focused on how to improve your self-confidence or why certain hairstyles look good on you.

Her style has always been very fashionable but after she started doing makeup, it really took off. People have even said that she makes perfect looking faces while wearing nothing more than mascara and some blush.

Becky’s popularity continues to grow because of all of the pictures and videos of herself she shares on social media sites like Instagram.

Her followers increase every day due to her kind personality and effort to spread kindness through her postings and messages.