How Did B Simone Get Famous

By Tiara

As seen with most people that become famous, it took a lot of work and dedication to achieve your goal. Becoming popular is not easy, but you can do it!

There are many ways to gain fame for yourself or others, so there’s no wrong way to go about it. You don’t need to be rich or have lots of followers to get noticed, nor does being known mean you will make money. It may just change how other people perceive you!

B Simone is an artist who gained internet popularity creating art inspired by something called ‘the pose’. What is The Pose?

The pose is when someone puts their hands on their hips and sticks out their chest as if they were very confident and strong. Some people use this pose in yoga to develop strength and self-confidence.

Artists create pictures based on Thepose. So why didn’t everyone know about B Simone before she got famous?

It seems like her success came down to luck more than anything else. But even though she was lucky enough to be discovered via The Pose, she still had to put in effort into making her art look professional.

This article will talk about some things you can do to spread your artistic talent to wider audiences. These include writing an artist biography, starting a journal dedicated to your craft, and sharing your work online.

Heck, even having your own website is now affordable.

Had a book published

how did b simone get famous

A few years ago, blogger B Simone wrote an article about how she made her career as a yoga instructor. In it, she mentioned that she had to work hard to get noticed as a teacher before things took off.

She said that if you’re not talking about yoga and teaching then who is? So, starting out, people may have seen her as “more of your average person doing normal everyday exercises like yoga,” but now she has proof otherwise!

Her articles are interesting and they get lots of comments and shares, which is great for her personal growth as well as her readers’. Her writing style is also very unique – she uses examples and anecdotes from her life to help convey her points.

B says practicing yoga helped her deal with her mental health issues so making others practice or learn about yoga is another way to spread her message.

Became a yoga teacher

how did b simone get famous

After moving to San Francisco, B started practicing yoga in 2003 under the guidance of YogaWorks, one of the first studios with an instructor’s license. Since then she has trained as both a certified Iyengar yoga practitioner and personal trainer, specializing in vinyasa flow classes.

B now teaches at various levels across the country. She is also the co-founder of The Bridge Project, a non-profit organization that brings free yoga lessons to women who have just been released from prison.

The long term goal of her teaching is to help students find their inner strength through practice of the ancient art of yoga. B says, “I want people to feel good about themselves so they can go forward in life feeling confident in themselves.”

She adds, “Yoga is for everyone – it doesn’t matter what body shape you have, how old you are, or where you come from. It only takes twenty minutes a day, and you will see results.

Started a school

how did b simone get famous

A few years ago, internet entrepreneur Brenna Silvers started an educational platform that she called The School of Entrepreneurship. Since then, her company has grown to include almost-monthly courses with very low start up fees for every course!

The courses focus on entrepreneurship, leadership, marketing, business strategies and more. Students can easily access the content through their computer or mobile device, and it’s all supported in both English and Spanish.

Brenna is well known for creating high quality, engaging lessons that help students learn important skills. She also doesn’t hesitate to use real life examples to illustrate concepts.

Her teaching style is motivating and interactive, which makes it easy to grasp new ideas and concepts. And since The School of Entrepreneurship offers monthly courses, there are always fresh material to study.

Since its inception, over 500,000 people have enrolled in one of Brenna’s courses. This includes people from all different age groups, various income levels and across several countries.

Many of these students later go onto succeed in entrepreneurial ventures themselves, either by starting their own businesses or taking other courses at The School of Entrepreneurship.

This inspired Brenna to write this book, where she shares his stories of how individuals managed to leave their job and embark upon an entrepreneurial journey.

Became a brand

how did b simone get famous

As mentioned earlier, starting your business is not easy. It takes time to find your niche and hone your skills in it. But with social media being such a way of life now for most people, this is easier than ever before!

With that said, how did beauty guru B Simone get so famous? She made herself known through her work online and via social media.

By creating her own channel on YouTube, posting videos related to makeup tips and beauty products, hosting live streams, and doing sponsored reviews and giveaways, she was able to spread her brand and knowledge about cosmetics.

Her followers grew rapidly as she provided quality content and interactive conversations with others who admired her skin care expertise.

She also cultivates relationships with other brands and influencers which help promote their product lines as well. By supporting each other, they both gain exposure.

Got into acting

how did b simone get famous

A popular way to become famous is via acting! This is definitely not limited to just performing plays, but also including film roles or doing television shows. While some people are born with an instinct for acting, most have to work hard at it.

Acting is a very talent form that takes time to perfect. There are many ways to learn how to act, from using scripts to practicing your skills in front of a mirror or someone you know.

By putting in effort into learning how to act, you will eventually find yourself in an audition room trying out for different parts. All too often this does not happen quickly though, so don’t give up!

Keep working on your craft and you won’t need to worry about what role you should be looking for next! Many actors never get their big break until they keep going even if no one seems to want them, or until they create their own success.

Married to Leonardo DiCaprio

how did b simone get famous

In May 2018, just over one year since their wedding, B got engaged with her boyfriend’s ring! The couple first met in 2015 while filming the movie What Happened, Miss de La Cruz, which is about a wealthy college student who gets into an accident that leaves her paralyzed.

B played the part of Margot, a kind-hearted friend who helps her recover from the tragedy. They develop romantic feelings for each other but are unable to connect because she’s too focused on getting better.

The two remain close friends even after the film ends. When he decides to propose, she accepts without hesitation. Many people wonder how they managed to stay together for so long. But now it seems like there’s no stopping them!

They made such a beautiful pair and loved exploring different aspects of each other’s personalities. It was very clear that B loves being married and has all the tools to be the perfect wife.

But what many don’t know is that before she said “I do,” she had already checked out the marriage thing. She wanted to make sure this was the right next step for her and her life.

That’s why she always includes a question about money when couples discuss moving in together.

Had a baby

how did b simone get famous

As we know, people make fun of parents for doing things to get famous, but what if I told you that it was done before they were even married? In fact, some celebrities are still popular because of their babies!

Actress Jennifer Lopez gave birth to her third child in May 2018. Since then she has starred in several films including A Raisin in The Sun and Hustlers. Her son is 2 years old now!

And actor Bruce Solomon, or better known as rapper B Simi (his stage name comes from his middle initial) had a kid with his wife over five years ago. They named him Elijah after one of his favorite Bible characters.

So how did he become so well-known? By giving away all of his money and resources through his YouTube channel! He’s also donated food to those in need and spent time talking about self-care and wellness practices.

His followers have helped take his career to new heights by supporting his efforts and spreading his message.

Had a movie released

how did b simone get famous

In 2014, actress-turned-director Bria Simone filmed her debut feature film, What Keeps Us Alive. The movie is about two friends who discover a mysterious object in their backyard that they believe can bring them fame.

It quickly becomes apparent that this new discovery is more than just cleverly crafted marketing material, however. The movie — which many have referred to as “The Fame Hunter” or “Fame Junkie” due to its heavy emphasis on the trope of using celebrity status for personal gain – is very much inspired by real life events.

So how did B get famous?

She made you watch it!

B has said multiple times that she wrote what she calls the ‘viral script’ for What Keeps You Alive during an early morning yoga session when everything was sort of swirling around in her head. After finishing the screenplay, she took it to a small group of people she trusted and asked if there were any way she could make it happen.

One such person happened to be a filmmaker herself, so she gave her advice and tips on how to pitch it to Hollywood. When nothing worked, she helped her spread the word and got others involved until it was possible to take the project to wider audiences.