How Did Amber Heard Get Famous?

By Tiara

If you’ve been paying close attention to the news, then you know that actress and lawyer Amber Heard has some big legal issues in front of her at the moment. She was arrested for domestic violence against actor Johnny Depp earlier this month, and since then she’s lost her house, car, and even her daughter!

Heard is currently trying to navigate through all of this while also seeking professional help for her mental health. It seems like she’s struggling with past trauma and grief, which could be related to what caused her relationship with Johny to come crashing down.

But aside from all of that, how did we get here? Why are there so many controversies surrounding Heard now? This article will go into more detail about that. So stay tuned and read up!

Disclaimer: The content in this article should not be used as moral guidance or examples. These details are for educational purposes only. We do not condone abuse nor would we advise acting out violently towards anyone.

The timeline of events

This article will focus mainly on the recent allegations made by Heard against husband Johnny Depp. But before we dive deep into the reasons why people may have an issue with her, let us first take a look at the timeline of events.

We will try our best to address any inconsistencies or things that may seem odd.

She starred in the movie Aquamarine

how did amber heard get famous

After making her acting debut as Tracy DiVincenzo in 2004's The Rebound, Heard quickly landed supporting roles in films such as What’s Your Number? (2009) and This Is My Wife (2012). Her breakthrough role came two years later when she was selected to play Dominque Aichbort in Jemaine Clement and Taika Waititi's comic sci-fi hit, What We Do In The Shadows.
For three seasons, Heard played vampire Jessica, who fell for human Mark (Kunal Nayyar), while both of them were trying to convince each other that they didn't want more than friendship.

Their romantic storyline received significant attention from critics and audiences alike, with many praising it for its humor and emotional resonance. Both characters ended up leaving their respective relationships, only to find love with people outside of the genre.

Amber earned strong reviews for her performance, winning several accolades including Best Actress at the 2017 Toronto International Film Festival and a Screenplay Award at the Australian Independent Movie Awards.

She was in the movie The Mothman Prophecy

how did amber heard get famous

While filming her role as Drusilla, a character inspired by real-life vampire goddess Berenice, actress Amanda Clayton made some controversial comments about religion.

Clayton said that Satan is we worship Jesus but his true form is Lucifer. This theory received a lot of attention because she repeated it several times while giving an interview.

Many people interpreted her statement to mean that Satan is actually God himself. Some even went so far as saying that she believed in the devil’s existence!

She later apologized for these statements and said they were simply meant as satire. Sadly, many still don’t believe her apology was genuine, and most assume she just doesn’t like Christianity.

This isn’t the first time something similar has happened either. Back in 2011, actor Neil Patrick Harris accused Christian singer Katy Perry of being racist towards black culture.

Harris claimed that Perry used the word “n***er” during a concert and mentioned how white people make money off of black culture. He also stated that this type of behavior makes him feel uncomfortable.

She was in the movie The Rumor

how did amber heard get famous

In 2007, she received widespread media coverage for her performance as Jodie Foster’s daughter in the thriller The Rumor.

Amber played Nicole, a sheltered young woman who befriends an older man (played by John Malkovitch) while traveling across Europe with his teenage son. Things get complicated when it is discovered that they are having an affair.

The film received mixed reviews but many praised Amber’s performance. She won several awards including Best Actress at the 2008 Independent Film Awards and the 2009 Online Film Critics Society Award for Best Supporting Female.

She continued to appear in films throughout this period, most notably in Paul Wehling’s 2011 romantic comedy Living In Your Head. You can find her here.

She was in the movie The Longshots

how did amber heard get famous

While filming her role as “Tina”, actor Johnathon Schaech noticed his co-worker was very pretty. He tried to flirt with her several times but she always blew him off, making it clear that he wasn’t her type physically.

He persisted though and asked if she wanted to go out sometime. Her response? To do what? He suggested they watch a movie together and you know what, she agreed!

They both called their bosses to say they would be late for work because they were going to watch a movie together and then hung up.

The next day she told everyone about how she did something crazy and slept over at his house. They made love all night and now she thinks he may be developing feelings for her. You can probably figure out the rest from there!

She also let people know that while doing research for her part, she read some books about seduction which helped her try things like kissing, etc.

She was in the movie The Rumor

how did amber heard get famous

In 2007, she received widespread media attention for her performance as Johnny Sins’s girlfriend in Brett Ratner’s comedy film TheRumor.

In the scene that had garnered press coverage, Sins (played by Adam Scott) tells his roommate about his affair with Heard’s character. He then proceeds to tell his friend all of the romantic things he did while “cheating” on his wife with her.

The roommate (played by Paul Wesley) is stunned into silence before finally breaking down in tears.

He calls his best friend (also played by Adam Scott) to vent, telling him what just happened and how he feels like he has lost his best friend due to this revelation.

At first, the two friends try to reason with one another but soon realize they can no longer be civil towards each other. They decide to have a fistfight which ends when both men are lying face-down on the floor, crying.

Amber Heard made a lot of money playing this part. However, it was also seen as very controversial because many people believed she got famous off of hurting others.

She was in the movie Confidence

how did amber heard get famous

While most people know her for being Johnny Drama’s fiancée, she has also starred in several other popular films. In fact, her acting career is pretty much one long role that keeps getting bigger.

Amber made her feature film debut in 2004’s Confidence where she plays Sandra, an aspiring singer who gets involved with a group of criminals.

She then appeared in two more movies released within the past year: 2011’s No Way Out and this month’s The Receptionist. Both of these roles are quite substantial as well — not something you would expect from someone whose first big screen moment was playing a part in a three-hour musical number!

Her additional credits include small parts in 2006’s Spread and 2007’s Alpha Dog. She also had a brief appearance in 2001’s Thirteen as herself.

It seems like every few months she is in a new movie or TV show, and all of his colleagues and friends praise her talent. It is clear that she enjoys what she does, which is why she continues to pursue it so fiercely.

She was in the movie The Rumor

how did amber heard get famous

As we know, before she became one of Hollywood’s biggest stars, actress Amber Heard spent several years trying to lose that star status. Between filing for divorce from Johnny Depp and being convicted of domestic violence against him, her career as a leading lady seemed over!

But what many people don’t realize is that it wasn’t just because of those two events that destroyed her acting career, it was also due to something much more embarrassing.

In fact, not even her own family knew about it at the time, but The Rumor she starred in in 2004 has a very weird scene where she beats up and kisses a dog.

It all happened back when she was 22-years old and filming her part in the movie which no one had heard of until now.

She was in the movie The Longshots

how did amber heard get famous

After filming for her role as Trudy McNeer ended, Heard began to focus more on her career by appearing in several other films. Her first big break came when she was hired to play Merle Althorp, the daughter of Robert and Lee Strasburg (the founders of popular food brand name Cereal Killer), in the 2011 comedy film The Longshots.

She would go on to have small roles in various movies including What’s Your Number? (2011) as well as its 2017 sequel, You Stupid Bitch! (2017). Both of these films focused on people trying to come up with creative ways to get away with cheating or stealing because they are too afraid of getting into debt.

Her most famous appearance is probably her turn as Johnny Depp’s ex-wife in the 2018 drama film Justice League. As his former spouse, she portrays Diana Prince, aka Wonder Woman.