How Did Amber Heard Get Famous

By Tiara

As we all know, after her dramatic separation from Johnny Depp in 2016, his lawyer filed for divorce, alleging mental and physical abuse.

He also accused her of trespassing at their home and stealing thousands of dollars’ worth of belongings. In response to that last accusation, she alleged he was an alcoholic who had been secretly using drugs since they were married.

After months of legal battles over child custody, property division, and criminal investigations, it seemed like things might finally calm down. But then, earlier this year, bombshell reports surfaced about another woman.

Amber allegedly began filming a sexual encounter with Nathaniel Francis “Nat” Galbraith before announcing it on social media. He is not only a successful filmmaker but also a well-known conservationist and philanthropist!

Since learning of these new allegations, many people have questioned whether or not she deserves our respect as a professional actress. Some even believe she has lost the privilege to use her platform to promote messages that matter.

However, none of that seems to fully explain why someone would go through so much effort to hurt you unless there was something more at stake than just your reputation.

Fortunately, we may never find out what drove her to make such vicious claims, but one thing is clear — she definitely won’t be receiving any credit for her efforts.

She dated Johnny Depp

how did amber heard get famous

After meeting at an event in 2007, she started dating his business partner and frequent collaborator, Ian McShane. The two went public as a couple that year when they were photographed leaving a party together.

A source close to the pair says it was always clear how much they cared for each other. They’ve been through a lot together since then — including surviving a devastating loss.

The source adds that while their relationship is strong, there are times when one of them feels like walking away. But they both know that if they do, things could get very bad for one or both of them.

They also say that while some people may think they have no sense of humor about certain situations, they really do.

She was in the Pirates of the Caribbean movies

how did amber heard get famous

After her breakout performance as Elizabeth Swann, the pirate Captain Jack Sparrow’s daughter in 2008’s The Curse of the Black Pearl, she received many offers for acting gigs. Most were not movie roles though, they were TV series or commercials!

Amber has had an impressive career since then, including starring in the hit show Grey’s Anatomy as Dr. Izzie Stevens. You may have seen her before in other popular shows like CSI: Miami and Revenge.

She also starred in a few more recent films such as Suicide Squad and Venom. All these different projects showcase how talented she is as an actor.

She sued Johnny Depp

In May of 2017, actress and singer Amber Heard filed for divorce against her husband of three years, actor Johnny Depp. The couple has two young children together — daughter Lily Mae, 5, and son Jack, 3.

Heard accused him of domestic violence in January of 2018 and he was arrested for battery. He pleaded not guilty and the case is pending.

After their separation, Heard obtained a protective order against Depp. It expired in August when she withdrew it. Witnesses told police that they saw no signs of physical abuse but heard loud noises coming from inside the house and people outside arguing loudly before the door was locked.

For his part, Depp denied all allegations of assault and claimed Heard made up stories about hurt feelings to get a restraining order so she could be alone with their kids.

The divorce was very public. Both parties gave statements to the press and social media followed suit with speculation and rumors. Many speculated about what would happen to the family.

In fact, one famous blogger predicted that the fight would become “the most popular movie event” ever. They said there’s an excellent chance someone will make a documentary or feature-length film about it.

She won the lawsuit

how did amber heard get famous

After her split from Johnny, he filed for divorce in May 2017. In his filings, he accused her of domestic violence, false imprisonment, and battery. He also said that she was not supportive of his career as an actor and public person.

Amber denied all these claims in court and called him a liar. She even produced text messages proving that he had tried to hurt her before by stabbing her phone with a knife and hitting it on the ground.

After months of legal back-and-forth, the case went to trial in March 2018. The judge determined that there were too many discrepancies between what Amber claimed happened and what witnesses testified to see happen.

She therefore ruled in favor of Amber and awarded her $50,000 for pain and mental suffering. However, she declined to award any money for loss of income or attorney’s fees.

On top of this, she ordered Johnny to pay half of their 5-year-old daughter’s medical bills because he is still legally responsible for her.

She became a movie star

how did amber heard get famous

After landing her first big break in 2007’s James Bond film, Die Another Day, as Agent Renee Zellner, she got even more recognition for playing Domino in 2008's The Fast And The Furious. As you probably know, she received an Oscar nomination for this role!

She has since appeared in such blockbusters as Justice League, Suicide Squad, Ocean's Eight, and most recently, Venom. All of these roles have made her famous, but it was her turn as Johnny Depp's ex-wife in 2019's Allegiant that really put her on the map.

Heard is best known outside of Hollywood for her relationship with Miley Cyrus. They met while filming the 2017 biopic Behind The Music, which focused on musician Adam Lambert. Since then, they've had two kids together and engaged to each other.

She dated Elon Musk

how did amber heard get famous

After meeting at an event in early 2017, Musk introduced her to his then-girlfriend of one month, model and actress Dasha Zhukova. The two soon began dating and got engaged just over a year later! They broke up shortly before their wedding earlier this year.

At the time of their engagement announcement, many people questioned whether or not they would actually get married given that they had broken down and called off their own engagement only months prior.

But now, it seems like everything is back on track for them as reports claim that they have decided to make things work together once again. In fact, she even proposed during an intimate dinner with friends and family last week!

Not only does she seem to be completely open to starting a new relationship, but she also looks very happy and content with him too. Many fans are hoping that these rumors prove true and that she will eventually walk down the Aisle with him.

She starred in the TV show The Loud House

how did amber heard get famous

As most people know, actress and singer Amber Heard has had an impressive career that includes starring roles in major films such as Suicide Squad and Ocean’s 8. But before all of that she made her debut on television with the Nickelodeon series The Loud House!

In The Loud House, Heard plays Lincoln Parke, one of many kids who live at the home of Leslie (Ashley Tzemah) and Gerald (Matthew Moy), two parents trying to raise their five children together after divorcing.

Amber is the only child of divorced parents herself, which may help you understand some of the traits of both Gerald and Leslie’s daughter. In fact, several scenes feature characters talking about how much like her father Gerald is or how much like her mother Leslie is.

After filming for the season was completed, it was announced that Heard would be leaving the show so she could pursue other projects. Since then though, she’s returned as a guest star for eight episodes.

She posed for Vogue magazine

how did amber heard get famous

After she divorced Johnny in October 2016, he filed to forbid her from using social media or having any contact with their two children. But that didn’t last long!

Amber quickly found new ways to stay connected by creating an Instagram account under the name @bombshell_amber. As she would later tell People, it was meant as “a fun way to share my love of fashion and beauty.”

She mostly posted pictures of herself looking chic, but sometimes she’d include some kind of caption.