How Did Adin Ross Get Famous

By Tiara

Many people know of Adin Ross through his work as the creator of The Teenage Rebellion, one of the most popular self-help YouTube channels with over 1 million subscribers. He also has several other channel accounts that focus on different life areas such as business, fitness, and psychology.

However, aside from these digital platforms, Ross is well known for something completely unrelated to social media – he wrote the book!

Ross penned his first (and only) New York Times best seller in May 2018 when he published Surviving Adulthood With Help From Your Parents. In it, he talks about everything from having an excuse or reason for quitting your job to letting go of past mistakes.

He also offers tips and advice on how to handle everyday situations like paying bills, doing laundry, and grocery shopping. And yes, even though the book was written for adults, there are some fun stories in it that apply to all ages.

So what made this young writer get so famous? Let’t take a look now!

1) His writing style is entertaining

This doesn’t mean his stories have to be funny or dramatic, but he does write lovable content that his audience can connect with. Even if you don’t relate to every part of his story or tone, you will probably find yourself giving him a chance because of his personality.

Advertised his product

how did adin ross get famous

After he graduated with a degree in business, Adin spent some time working as an accountant before deciding to make a change. He had been watching people use their hands for too long!

He started experimenting by rubbing his hands together and shaping them into different ways. This was when he invented what would become his most famous hand cream – Butterball Powder.

His new invention is actually called Moringa Oily Skin Extract. It contains both moringa oil and vitamin A. Both of these things work to improve skin health and prevent dryness.

Butterball powder has mostly come under fire due to its high price. At around $22 per 250 grams, it can add up quickly if you are buying enough to try out your theory! However, you get what you pay for – it does work.

It also doesn’t require any special equipment to use. You just have to mix it with water or milk and apply directly to your hands.

Made a video on how to lose weight

how did adin ross get famous

Many people have mentioned how much of a success Adi is as an influencer. He boasts over 2 million followers on his various social media platforms, which he actively cultivates.

He started his career by posting videos online about dieting and fitness. His first viral hit was in May 2016 when he posted a six-minute long video titled “How To Lose Weight Fast”.

The video got more than 1.6 million views within one week, and it still receives around 100,000–150,000 views every month today. It also received wide praise and engagement from viewers who found his tips helpful.

Became a millionaire

how did adin ross get famous

Nine years ago, Adi was just another person with a YouTube channel who got famous for making fun of people or taking humorous pictures. He didn’t have too many subscribers then, but his followers grew quickly as he started to pick up some positive feedback from his videos.

He also began receiving donations from his fans which allowed him to invest in equipment and resources to improve his craft.

His hard work paid off when he received his first major sponsorship deal back in May 2016. Since then, he has been sponsored by brands such as SmileToGive, IYI Dental, and Viber for Fun!

On his website, you can find out how to start creating your own content and attracting new watchers. You will even be able to read his full story and see his income numbers. His site is very easy to navigate so it does not feel like there is a lot of ‘novelty’ about it.

Overall, Adi did an excellent job of branding himself and being consistent with his online presence.

Advertised his product

how did adin ross get famous

Many people have made a career off of creating new ways to improve your skin or make it look more beautiful. Companies that advertise their products as “labely” or “of natural ingredients” are usually not expensive, but they do work!

Ross developed his own brand of anti-ageing cream which he advertised as being able to restore young, healthy skin. He also sponsored an online beauty contest called The Ultimate Aged Makeover where you could win his cream free!

He has since partnered up with other companies to create his own range of skincare products. But his main focus remains marketing and helping others develop their own skincare lines!

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Made a video on how to start a business

Starting your own business has become very popular these days, which is why there are so many people with low-paying jobs who feel they can’t make enough money to pay their bills. Plus, with technology making it easy to produce content every day, being self-employed seems like a plausible option.

Adin Ross is one such person. The 24 year old entrepreneur created his YouTube channel back in May of 2015, and since then he has built up an impressive audience that continues to grow today.

He started his career as an accountant before deciding to make the switch and launch his own business. Since then, he has produced various videos discussing different ways to run a startup, take control of your life by investing in yourself, and more.

His popularity has also allowed him to earn extra income through advertising and sponsored posts, as well as creating additional channels and material for other companies to use.

Ross currently makes around $5,000 per month from his online ventures alone, which he uses to help support himself and his family. He also spends what little free time he has producing new content for his channel.

He was kind enough to speak with us about his journey as an entrepreneur, lessons he has learned, and what he will be doing next.

Became a billionaire

how did adin ross get famous

Starting his career as an investment banker, he made the decision to retire early in 2013 at the age of 40. He then started The Ranch Group, which invested in and ran active lifestyle businesses such as fitness facilities and spas.

The company grew quickly and within five years it was worth over $1 billion. It now boasts more than 10 brands and over 4,000 employees across the globe.

But that’s not all! Since 2017, he has donated or invested in almost every major area of health and wellness — from nutrition to yoga to weight loss to mental health.

His goal is to make sure everyone in this country has access to high-quality healthcare, whether you have insurance or not. By investing in research and treatments, he hopes to find solutions for even bigger problems like diabetes and obesity.

He also wants to help people realize they are just as powerful as they were before their life got busy with work and family. Health and happiness depend on your mindset, so he tries to spread messages about how to enjoy what you have and focus on things you will still be able to do later in life.

This article will talk more about one of his main projects – keto.

Advertised his product

how did adin ross get famous

After doing some research, he decided to advertise his lip balm by placing an advertisement in The New York Times. He spent about $140 for this ad which read: “Win A One Year Supply of My Lip Balm!”

He also posted a picture of himself with his lip balm on social media sites such as Instagram and Facebook so that his followers could spread the word.

Many people found his advert interesting and mentioned it on various websites and forums. Some even made their own lip balms using his recipe!

Within one week of advertising his lip balm, Adin had received over 1,000 orders! This was enough to cover his one year supply!

Since then, his lip balm has become very popular and is sold all around the world. Many companies manufacture them using his formula.

Made a video on how to start a YouTube channel

how did adin ross get famous

Starting your own YouTube channel is an incredible way to spread your message, create engagement with others and make money online. However, it takes time to grow and earn significant income as you are investing in yourself.

There are many ways to begin creating your channel but one of our favorite starting points for most people is making a video. Creating a video is a very accessible form of content that anyone can do!

It’s easy to make a quick YouTube clip, but if you want your videos to get seen, they must be longer than five minutes. To keep growing your audience, channel owner’t should aim to produce at least one new video per week.

By producing more content, your channel will gain attention and followers. In fact, research shows that new media users spend around 20 minutes each day consuming multimedia content.