How Did Adele Get Famous

By Tiara

As we all know, recording artists are not just musicians that play music and get famous; they have to be good at promoting themselves as well!

Music artist Alesha Dixon is one of those people who knows how to use her social media to spread her name. Her postings often include pictures and comments about her career as an artist and business person.

She also frequently mentions some of her favorite products and brands she has in her life including Starbucks and Nike. By putting their logos on what she lists as “I love this” or “This made my day better,” she gets credit for advertising for them.

Her followers recognize these references as things she really enjoys so they believe her when she says she does too. This is effective marketing because people trust you more if you live by your words and promote only quality goods.

It may sound weird but it works! — Shanao Obeng, Writer

Not many people can say they had a hand in helping them achieve success, but Alesha definitely can. She shared her story with us here so that you can do the same for yourself or your own dream.

In this article, you will learn how successful singer, songwriter, actress, entrepreneur and radio personality Alesha Dixon built her career by investing in the right resources and giving away valuable information to other aspiring professionals.

Her debut album

how did adele get famous

After launching her music career in 2008 with “Someone Like You,” one of the most recognizable songs for its catchy melody and lyrics, Adele quickly became famous. Now, she is considered one of the top singer-songwriters of our time, having sold over 30 million albums worldwide.

As hard as it may be to believe now, back when Adele first started getting attention, she did not have much going for her. She had little money, no major label support and very few followers on social media. It was almost like you could tell just by looking at her what kind of artist she would become.

But once upon a time, there was this shy student who loved singing and wanted to pursue his dreams of being a musician. He spent hours practicing every day and recording some of his own songs. Then he made a decision that changed his life — he shared his song online!

From there, his voice took off among other people. Many people noticed him and gave him comments and encouragement about his talent. More importantly, they listened to him play his guitar and sing along!

His passion won him many new fans, which helped him gain more exposure. Before long, people were asking if he would ever put out an actual album, so he gathered up all of his materials and began working on his dream.

Selling millions with a single

how did adele get famous

After winning The X Factor in 2013, British singer-songwriter Adele quickly rose to fame as one of the top singers in the industry. Her infectious singing voice has earned her many accolades, including five Grammy Awards!

Her rise to success was no easy feat though, it took years for her to get there. It’s hard to imagine anyone other than music mogul Simon Cowell predicting that she would win Best Pop Vocal Album at this year’s Grammys!

Many people are familiar with Adele’s songs like “Champion” or “Hello,” but what most don’t know is how she built an audience outside of the music world.

Her second album

how did adele get famous

After being catapulted to fame with her debut album, 21, in 2011, British singer-songwriter Adele needed a break. She had just finished recording what would be her next studio effort when she decided it was time to take some time off and relax.

In fact, Adele took almost three years away from music making after dropping The Ghost Song, an unreleased track that leaked onto the internet earlier this year.

The song is about loss, which may explain why she chose not to release it at the time. Many thought it was about former bandmate John Taylor, who left the group before The Twenty One Session Tour in late 2017.

Understanding your audience

how did adele get famous

As we mentioned earlier, it takes time to get famous. Starting from nothing is not easy, but if you know how to connect with people, then it can help you grow as an artist. Your style will speak for itself, but being familiar with the things that influence your style is important too!

As you begin to explore what makes you popular, make sure to include in this category things like: your lyrics, your voice, your stage presence, etc.

Your lyrical content, theme, and tone are all very influential of who you are as an artist. The more aware you are of these three points, the better.

Your lyrics should tell a story or express an idea – they should never just be there to “sound good”. Your lyrics need to mean something to you, and you have to be passionate about them. Your idea of what makes a song successful can vary, so feel free to go off-script when it comes to that.

Your singing voice is also an integral part of who you are as an artist. If you cannot sing, at least learn how to mimic the sounds well enough for others to understand you.

Your stage presence is another key factor in growing as an artist. You want to be seen, heard, and understood by everyone in the venue, event, or crowd size setting you work in.

Her concert tours

how did adele get famous

After winning The X Factor in 2013, Adele began to pursue her music career with much dedication. She released her first album, 25, which received widespread praise from all corners. Since then she has continued to win over new fans every time she releases an album or performs live!

Her talent as a vocalist is undeniable, but it’s what you can add to that voice that really makes her special. When performing her songs, she incorporates many different styles into hers, making them even more catchy.

She also frequently collaborates with other artists for remixes and/or new songs.

Creative control

how did adele get famous

As we know, music is a very powerful medium. A song can evoke strong emotions, motivate you to action or activity, or simply keep listening due to its beauty. It truly is a tool for healing.

For over a decade, musician Adele has inspired people with her songs that touch upon many different themes and situations. She knows how to write catchy melodies and lyrics that stick in your head, and she uses it to focus not just on yourself but also on other people.

Her talent as a writer is what allowed her to succeed in the music business. She is able to create art that moves others.

As she proves every time she releases an album, her success comes from her audience’s reactions to her work and their conversations about the songs.

The future of Adele

how did adele get famous

After breaking into music with her first song at the age of 16, Adele has been consistently putting out quality material ever since!

Her songs have received widespread recognition and praise from critics across all genres of music, as well as various award show nominations.

She is currently in the midst of a major world tour that she just named A Evening With Adele! She will be visiting many different cities and venues to promote her new album + upcoming tours.

Since her breakout success in 2012, Adele has maintained an active recording career while also taking some time off for maternity leave.