How Did Addison Rae Get Famous

By Tiara

As you read this, there are at least three very popular YouTubers who started with their own channel as nothing but the name Addy. They all got famous through YouTube’s platform for professional users who make an income from it!

That is not to say that they were unknown before then though; most had large followings on other platforms like Instagram or Facebook before making the transition onto YouTube.

By creating your own channel on YouTube, you give yourself a way to easily update those followers about what you have going on and how to find yours if they are interested.

She released her EP

how did addison rae get famous

Many people know Addy for her music, but few realize how she got there!

She made her debut in May of 2016 with an extended play (EP) titled ‘The Best Is Yet To Come’. This album was well-received by both fans and critics and landed her several collaborations including features from artists such as Lauv, AIM, FRNDRFND, and The Rejects.

Her next project came almost one year later when she launched her first single, “Give You What I Give”. Since then, this song has garnered over 1 million views on YouTube and helped her rise to internet fame.

Addy is known for writing catchy songs that emphasize love and self-love. Her music often includes lyrics about relationships, romance, and accepting yourself.

She released her debut album

how did addison rae get famous

After recording several songs, Addy decided to release them as an EP in May of 2017. Her and her team made sure it was professionally done and she launched it herself!

She wrote all five of the tracks herself and she published them under her own music label called The Reverie Music Group.

Her song “Dance With Me” quickly caught attention and landed her some major collaborations. Within two weeks of its release, Ariana Grande heard the track and wanted to feature Addy on stage during one of her concerts!

Since then, the duo has performed together at least twice more! They also had their very first meeting where they connected over their love for dancing and how much fun it can be.

She performed on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

how did addison rae get famous

In May of 2017, YouTuber Addison Rae got her big break when she performed “I Wanna Be Your Lover” on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

Her performance was met with rave reviews from both fans and media members. Many praised how well she carried out the song as well as her stage presence.

Some even went so far to say that she stole the show!

Addison has since received lots of exposure due to her success on The Tonight Show. Since then, she has released several songs including one featuring rapper Yo Gotti called “Love Me Like You Mean It.”

She also recorded an album titled Just Listen in which you can find most of her songs along with some brand new ones. Her music is mostly EDM but includes other genres as well.

She released a music video

how did addison rae get famous

After filming her first song, “Missing You”, in May of 2018, singer-songwriter Addison Rae launched its music video just over a year later in April 2019. The music video features Addison sharing intimate moments with her significant other as she reminisces about their past together.

It is very emotional to watch, especially for those who have been through similar breakups or are currently going through one. There is also a strong message at the end which addresses hurtful comments that some may make during difficult times.

Addison’s music video quickly went viral after it was posted online. It has had more than 2 million views and around 1,000 likes as of this writing.

Many people praised how beautifully written and put together the music video was. Many also mentioned how relatable it was because it showed what most breakup songs focus on: loss of love and loneliness. Some even said it gave them hope because of the reminder that even though you will be lonely sometimes, your loved ones will still value you and remember you fondly.

Since then, Addison has continued to gain popularity due to the success of her music video. She has shared the video on YouTube and social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook many times since its release.

She has also received several messages and comments telling her story – something she says makes her feel good and encourages her to keep posting her own stories so others can relate.

She appeared in a Netflix series

how did addison rae get famous

After filming her first TV show, How to Bake with Yeast, Addison was approached about starring in another baking competition show. The producers of the show wanted to test her skills as a baker by having her make something more complicated.

Her new project was creating recipes for an oatmeal bar mix-and-match box set. This included making your own vanilla flavoring, mixing the different ingredients together, and then putting it into a homemade chocolate or coconut milk gelation bath to create the finished product!

She made six bars total – three each with chocolate and coconut flavor. They were easy to follow, but very creative. All six flavors were well received by tasters who didn’t know what they would get until they opened their package.

After she sold all six boxes, she continued to update the recipe and take suggestions from people on how to improve them. Since she shared the recipe online, many other bakers have made their own variations using the same components.

She won a Grammy

how did addison rae get famous

In May of 2017, Addy Rae was walking down the street in her hometown when she noticed something very special happening. A very famous person with lots of followers had tagged them in a photo!

She quickly took out her phone to see what it was before getting back to work. When she did, she found that someone else had tagged her in their own photos as well!

This kept on happening until Addy realized there were over 200 people tagging her in pictures every day! It was like being subscribed to a fan page where you get notifications for new posts.

That’s how Addy got into music journalism. And now she writes about fashion, beauty, and entertainment products for several sites including,, and

Addy is known for writing fun, entertaining pieces that help her readers find new ways to update their personal style or learn more about fashion and makeup. Her articles always include rich visuals and vibrant text.

She has a sold out concert tour

how did addison rae get famous

Since her debut in May of 2018, Addy’s music has been climbing up the charts! Her first hit song is called “Issues” which was released back in February of this year. The song quickly climbed up the Billboard chart, reaching number three on the Dance Chart. It stayed within the top twenty on the overall chart for over a month before falling off.

Since then though it has returned several times to make an appearance again. Over and above just having some success with her songs, Addy herself has become very popular!

She hosts YouTube live events where she plays her songs for people who ask to hear them. This gives her audience members the chance to listen to her music while also getting some exposure for themselves. These events have gathered quite a few watchers since they were posted online, almost always going viral within days.

Her latest single has millions of views

how did addison rae get famous

After recording her first song at the age of 16, Addi wrote and produced her most recent track within three months. At that time she was still in high school but now she is a popular musician!

Her new song is called ‘Something I Can Never Have’ and it features Canadian rapper Kameelah Williams. The music video for the catchy tune received over 1 million views in under one month.

Addison released the song as an audio stream via Spotify and other streaming services back in March. Since then, it has gathered momentum online and earned her many fans across the globe.