How Charli D'amelio Got Famous

By Tiara

Born in Italy, raised in Switzerland, and now living in Los Angeles, singer/songwriter Charli D’Ambrosia has made it her mission to bring attention to underrepresented groups through music.

Her songs explore themes such as body positivity, feminism, LGBT rights, mental health, and self-love. She also frequently writes about political issues such as racism, oppression and socioeconomic inequality.

In an interview with The Washington Post, she described her style as “90s hip hop meets alt rock.” Her song lyrics are often humorous or satirical, making for an entertaining listening experience.

Charli is well known within the music community for her outspokenness and dedication to social justice. Since launching her career in 2017, she has hosted several charity events and performed at festivals and conferences organized by non-profit organizations.

She has donated all of her earnings from music to charitable causes and actively promotes socially conscious actions among musicians. Many artists have mentioned how inspired they were by her passion and work towards equality.

It's no wonder that she has grown quite popular! If you want to listen to more of Charli's music, you can find her EP All About You, her latest album The Listening Mode, and most recently her track 'Love Is Dangerous'.

She released a YouTube music video

how charli d'amelio got famous

After recording her first song, singer Charli d’Ambelio decided to upload it onto YouTube. The song was called “Summertime Stories.” Since she wrote this song about love, there is an appropriate title for her music video.

In the music video, Charli plays the part of a student who meets his classmate while studying at the same college. Both students are very interested in each other, but things get complicated when their respective parents find out about the relationship.

The student's father does not approve of his son dating someone with no family, which makes sense since he comes from a wealthy family. He even goes as far as harassing them both outside of school so that they cannot see or talk to one another!

It seems like these two young lovers will never be able to truly express how much they care for each other, but they must put aside their differences and leave campus once and for all.

She released a book

how charli d'amelio got famous

In May 2018, twenty-three year old Charli d’Amelio published her first book titled The Universe in Your Pocket. It is an interactive tool that anyone can use to connect with the universe and gain knowledge through readings and studies of different things around you.

Charli wrote about several topics including Money, Life, And The Soul, Relationships, Health, And Happiness, Allied Systems, And What They Mean For You, Embrace Chaos, Etc.

The media took notice when she announced her new career as an “interdimensional being trainer” and “spiritual consultant.” Her goal was to help others learn how to access their innate intuition so they can better understand what life is telling them.

Her followers helped spread her message by posting pictures of themselves holding up their books and talking about the lessons they learned from reading it. Some even made changes to their lives because of those lessons.

She appeared on TV shows

how charli d'amelio got famous

After winning The Best of The Fest, an event that celebrates diversity in music by awarding prizes for both artist and genre, Chali d’Amelio was invited to join many other artists as an honorary inductee into The Vodkaprofessionalism Organization (VPO).

This organization gives out awards for artistic excellence and achievement in the music industry. Past winners include famous names like Beyoncé, Jay-Z, Kendrick Lamar, Drake, and Logic.

Chali received her award at a ceremony held earlier this year. Since then she has been featured on several media outlets talking about her career and what it takes to succeed in the music business.

Her online presence has also seen a huge increase due to all the interviews and videos she has given since receiving the award. These talks feature stories of her life and career and how she overcame obstacles to reach success.

She sold out shows

Many people know of Charli as the singer who got famous for her infectious dance songs, but she has spent most of her career developing her art into something more. Her artistic expression is in music, dancing, painting, and designing clothing.

She started doing fashion designs six years ago and quickly became popular with them. Since then, she has designed clothes and jewelry for many brands such as Chanel, Miu Miu, Givenchy, and Victoria’s Secret.

Her new line was just announced and it will be available at! You can also find her design work online and on social media sites like Instagram and Facebook.

These days, she spends almost all of her time focusing on spreading her creative energy through different mediums.

She made a movie

how charli d'amelio got famous

After graduating with a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, Charli decided to pursue her dreams of becoming an actress. With no connections as an actor, she started posting videos online via YouTube.

Her first video got over 1 million views, which was enough to get noticed by some bigger platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Her followers then spread her name across social media sites so that people could watch more of her content.

She now has over 2.5 million followers on Instagram! And most importantly, she makes a good living off her art.

Charli is a very successful YouTuber who doesn’t shy away from telling her fans how much her career has changed their lives for the better.

She became a brand

how charli d'amelio got famous

As popular as she is now, it took years for her to reach that stage. It’s an expensive process that requires constant investment in the media, marketing, and promotion of your product or service.

It also takes time to find an audience who will connect with you and your products. Luckily, there are ways to mitigate this problem by investing into social media!

As we know, most people gain inspiration from influencers and users of social media sites such as Pinterest and Instagram. By creating engaging content and posting it frequently, you can attract new followers who will feel motivated after reading your posts.

My favorite way to use social media to get more exposure is to create and promote bi-weekly blogs. A lot of brands do this already, so why not you?

Here's how to start doing this yourself without any experience.

She sold merchandise

how charli d'amelio got famous

After graduating with a business degree, Charli decided to re-evaluate her career options. While studying marketing, she noticed that most companies were spending big money to advertise in a magazine or website with a limited audience.

She began thinking about ways to create your own popular magazine or site and how you can use it to make some extra cash.

Charli started looking into what kind of products people buy and whether they are within budget. Then she designed and manufactured them herself!

After saving enough money for several months, she produced her first product: an ankle strap wallet. It was her own design and she made around 20 per month.

Her small investment paid off as her sales increased quickly and now she makes over $1,000 every two weeks!

All this is possible because she shared her knowledge by writing articles and posting on social media sites like Facebook and Instagram. She also joined online groups where other entrepreneurs share their secrets so others can learn from them.

Regularly updating her page and offering new products has helped her grow even more.

She went on tour

how charli d'amelio got famous

After filming her first YouTube video in which she does a dance move called the “Charli”, people started requesting to see more of her. Her followers began creating their own videos using similar moves and styling them with lyrics that fit the song.

This is when it really took off! Before long, she had over one million subscribers and her channel was blowing up in popularity.

Now, most artists ask for a couple thousand dollars per stream or advertising money to promote themselves. But not Charli!

She gets paid way better than that through Patreon, an online platform where you can support your favorite creators by donating as much or little as you want every month.

Her monthly income ranges from $1-10 per episode depending on how many people are watching at the time.