How Can I Check My Oman Employment Visa

By Tiara

When you are living in a new country, it is important to keep up with all of its regulations. This includes visas! Employers typically run background checks before offering jobs to prospective employees so making sure your visa status is correct is essential to being hired.

As mentioned earlier, working as an employee in Oman requires that you have both local work authorization and employment visa documentation. Local works means going into workplace to apply or proofing their residency through other means (rental agreements, bills paid directly from service providers etc.).

Employment visas allow you to live and work in Oman long term, so they are more formalized and require additional documents beyond just residence status. To make sure everything is legal and verified, professionals can be expensive so most people do not check until they need to hire someone.

In this article, we will go over some easy ways to verify if you are allowed to work in Oman without having to pay excessive fees for services. These tips can easily be done online and takes no longer than one hour to complete.

Phone your embassy or consulate

how can i check my oman employment visa

It is always best to check your visa status before you travel as not having valid visas can prevent you from traveling or even staying in the country. Visas are usually confirmed through your embassy or consular office, so make sure you know where they are!

Some countries do not send out confirmation letters or statements via email, so it is important to verify this yourself directly with their offices. Some ways of verifying if you have a visa include going online, calling them, and asking within e-mail or chat what steps must be taken if you need to return home early.

The process will also depend on whether you’re visiting for business or pleasure. For example, to confirm working visas, proof of employment being obtained or attended will be required.

For more information about how to stay safe while travelling, read our article here.

Call the employer

how can i check my oman employment visa

It is your responsibility to check if you have run out of visa or work permit in Oman. If this happens, then it’s important to give as much notice as possible because there are sometimes restrictions on how long employers can hold onto employee visas.

If your employment has come to an end and you need to know whether you still have legal permission to stay in Oman, then you must first speak to your employer. This means calling either their office or mobile phone and explaining why you needed to leave.

Oman is a relatively small country so most employers will be able to tell when someone needs to be off-boarded. They may even offer to help with applying for new permits or visas at that stage!

However, some employers don’t mind having staff who burn bridges after they have left. In these cases, staying away from friends, family and colleagues is almost impossible unless you want problems. You should always try to remain friendly, but only under normal circumstances.

Confirm work location and schedule

It is very important to confirm that you have adequate time after work to return home before confirming your departure. If there are no commitments or activities planned for the next day, then it can be ignored for visa purposes.

It is also prudent to make sure that your job will not require you to be away from home for more than two weeks at a time. This could potentially affect how you manage your daily life including school attendance for children!

If you do find yourself with limited availability after work, consider looking for part-time employment or switching jobs if possible. You should always try to keep what you do private as well.

There’s nothing wrong with being honest about your career, but remember that your visa status may be checked later so it is best to be frank unless you know your options well.

Check local laws

how can i check my oman employment visa

As mentioned earlier, it is important to make sure that you are in compliance with all regulations when working as a foreigner in another country. This includes your visa status and employment rules set by the government of the country you are in.

Oman has specific guidelines for foreign workers which include having proof of adequate health insurance coverage. They also require employers to be aware of their legal rights regarding unpaid leaves or severance payments. These policies vary from one employer to the next so do not assume that things will work out automatically!

Some countries may even require employees to have worked at least six months under an accredited organization before being allowed to work independently.

Provide proof of your passport

how can i check my oman employment visa

The next thing you will be asked to prove is that you are an employee in Saudi Arabia or Kuwait. If this is not true, then unfortunately for you, you have no chance at getting your visa approved!

The employer must also confirm that you know about Ramadan and how it impacts work. Many employers make their employees take vacation during this time so they can re-orientate with the new schedule.

This is very common practice and does not indicate bad faith on the part of the company. It just means that someone else has done it before and there are no hard rules as to when Ramadan falls each year.

So if you find out that it is during the week that you would normally start working, ask if anyone was able to come in later or earlier than usual because of Ramadan.

Provide proof of your visa

how can i check my oman employment visa

It is important to note that if you have an expired visa, or one that has run out, then it cannot be renewed, you will need to start the process over again. This can be tricky as you may not know you are allowed to work in the country while this is going through!

It is very helpful to have copies of these documents as they do change so make sure you keep them safe. Make sure to update any addresses before sending off anything new.

If you would like more help with working in Oman or other Gulf countries, check out our Jobs In The Middle East guide here. There you can find information about job hunting, getting employment visas, and much more.

Write down your address

how can i check my oman employment visa

Now that you have received your employment visa, it is time to start thinking about where you will be staying while in Sultanate of Oman.

It’s important to remember that you are not allowed to work in Oman without an approved hotel or residence permit. You can check into a cheap motel for now, but make sure it does not look like it could possibly be converted into longer term accommodations later.

Also, don’t stay at a friend’s house! This could result in trouble if there are no other witnesses. Only stay with people you trust, and who know about your job here.

Stay informed

how can i check my oman employment visa

Keeping up to date with your visa status is an easy way to check if you are allowed to stay in Oman. You can do this by checking employment visas at various government websites, through employers or representatives, and via social media platforms.

It’s also worth noting that not all employers will be honest about whether you need permission to remain in the country. Some may even tell you that they don’t know what your visa situation is!

So how can you verify if you have the right to live and work in Oman? Here we look at some ways to check your visa status quickly and easily.

Checking for permi…

Most countries grant their citizens resident status once they have lived there for a certain amount of time. This is called ‘acquiring residency’. In many cases, however, it isn’t guaranteed until several years later when someone checks if you have the appropriate documents.

In the case of most Western nations, it takes around two years before people start looking into whether you have residence rights. But in other countries like India and Malaysia, it can take much longer.

Countries vary hugely in how long it takes to make sure that everyone has residency papers, so it’s best to assume that it will take at least six months in any foreign nation.