How Can I Check My Employment Visa

By Tiara

When you move to another country, your employment visa is one of the first things that can be confusing. It’s important to check yours every few months as there are different requirements for each country.

Not only do they change depending on who you work for or what position you hold, but some countries also require you to re-apply when your situation changes (e.g. if you get promoted).

It's easy to forget about checking your visa so don't worry about it until you notice that you're being asked questions about it!

I've gathered all the information here in one place to make sure everything is up to date and easy to find.

Check your visa

how can i check my employment visa

It is important to understand what documents you have when checking employment visas. Make sure you have all these documents before traveling to Australia as well as while you are there!

If your passport expires in less than six months, then it will not be valid for any length of time after you return from your trip. As such, it is very important to know that you do not need expired documentation at this stage.

Once your passport does expire, you can apply for an extension via Visit ( or Consulate (

Contact the consulate that issued your visa

how can i check my employment visa

It’s their job to make sure you are still allowed to live in Australia and work here, so they will ask about any changes to your employment situation.

They will also check if your visa has expired and what kind of documents you have for this purpose. If it does then they will let you know whether you need to reapply or get new visas.

It helps to be prepared! Make copies of all relevant documents (proof of income etc) and keep them somewhere safe.

Include details like bank statements, receipts and letters explaining your business dealings.

Contact the embassy that issued your visa

how can i check my employment visa

It is their job to make sure you are legally allowed to stay in Australia as well as to check if there are any overdue obligations or warnings about missing an appointment.

If you have lost contact with them, it is our very best tip – don’t wait! Before you head off on holiday, take action by contacting the Australian Embassy in your home country immediately.

This will give you time to fix the problem before you go away. You can do this online or via phone or fax, depending on what type of visa you have.

You should also consider changing your travel plans so that you don’t break the law when you get back.

Make a plan for checking your visa if it is not with you

how can i check my employment visa

If you cannot check your employment visa in Australia, there are some things you can do to make sure everything goes okay!

It’s important to be prepared ahead of time so that you don’t have to spend any extra money or resources while traveling.

So what should you prepare? You’ll need proof of your trip (passport, flight tickets), proof of residence (rental agreements or statements, bank statement showing enough funds to stay for more than two weeks) and proof of employment (proof of salary, job offer letter).

You also want to know where in Australia you will be staying, how long you will be there, and when your work day is. This way you can better coordinate your travel back home and/or next week.

Speak to your employer about their visa situation

how can i check my employment visa

It is very common for employers to forget or overlook some key pieces of information when working in Australia. If you are having trouble proving employment, talk to your boss!

If you are asked during an interview whether you have been paid properly while you were employed here, then tell them who you spoke to about your visa status.

You can say that you discussed this with so-and-so at work and they will confirm that we had permission to be in the country.

Alternatively, if you would like to protect someone’s identity, it's always good to know where there are no records, documents or proof of anything.

Check your bank statements

how can i check my employment visa

Recent developments in employment visa status include employers asking potential candidates to bring proof of their job offer or none-employment activity. If you have received such an ask, check your bank account to see if there are any suspicious payments or transfers.

It is very common for recruiters to make small deposits into someone’s savings account as “proof” that they have money saved. They may also ask to view online banking records to confirm purchases. It is important to remember that it is normal practice for most large companies to do this background checks.

This does not mean that something illegal has taken place but it can indicate possible fraud. Because of this, it is best to assume that anything you provide them will be viewed with suspicion.

If you find something out of order, contact your bank immediately and tell them what happened. Do not keep quiet about it because this could raise more questions later.

Make copies of your passport and visa

how can i check my employment visa

It is very important to have copies of all your documents, including your employment visa. This includes not only a copy of the actual document, but also an exact backup of this document online or in another written format.

It is best to have at least two different copies of these documents, one being either printed or handwritten.

We recommend using the Immigration Agency’s website to access your visa information as this is usually the most reliable source. You can save their PDF files directly from your computer or you can get a mobile app that does the same thing if you have Wi-Fi connection.

You should also make sure to update your visa status anywhere it says “Valid until …..”, this includes changing where you work and what position you hold.

Keep your visa in a secure place

how can i check my employment visa

It is very important to keep your employment visa in a safe location so that you do not accidentally lose it or forget where you put it.

If you are able to access your visa, then you can use the document to prove your job eligibility in Australia. But if you cannot find your visa, then you will be unable to work here!

So how can you check your employment visa? There are several ways to do this. Some of the ways require going into an Australian embassy or consulate, while others are completely online.

This article will talk about some easy ways to check your visa status in Canada and what documents you need to take with you when visiting an Embassy or Consulate.