How Are Famous Surgeons Similar To Pelicans

By Tiara

A famous surgeon is someone who has made a significant contribution to the field of surgery, typically by developing new or better techniques that help other surgeons do their job more effectively.

Just like all great players in any sport, successful surgeons are always looking for ways to improve their craft. They read up on newer methods and strategies, then implement them into their practice.

Surgery is no different than playing basketball, football, golf, or tennis — every player must learn how to execute his or her position best if he/she wants to win.

In fact, one could make an argument that becoming a well-known surgeon requires you hone your skill set even more than being a professional athlete does!

As such, it’s pretty obvious why people go into medicine – we’re really fascinated by how our bodies work and want to keep working when things aren’t going too well.

But there’s a big difference between doctors who are known for their success and those who are not. The ones who succeed have something special about them -- they’re smart, hard workers who don’t give up.

Both are famous

how are famous surgeons similar to pelicans

Being a surgeon is no small feat. You have to be very passionate about medicine to become a doctor, just like you need to be quite into birds to want to study pelicans.

Surgery is definitely a skill that takes lots of practice, but being a well-known physician isn’t anything special. It can easily be lost at any time, even if you’re working extremely hard to keep up your skills.

Something we can learn from pelicans is that even though they are not human beings, they still enjoy interacting with other animals.

Pelican fanciers will constantly look for ways to watch or get close to these beautiful creatures, which is why many aquariums don’t allow them to swim alone.

By looking at how surgeons interact with each other as well as patients, we can see that their passion for what they do makes them memorable people. They go out of their way to help others, which is something every person should strive to achieve in life.

Both are reptiles

how are famous surgeons similar to pelicans

As mentioned before, surgeons are doctors that specialize in surgery. Just like people, not all surgeries go as planned. Sometimes a surgeon needs to take extra time to explain things to you so you can understand them.

Just like pelicans, some famous surgeons can make you feel uncomfortable or even scared of their intensity and focus when they work. This is because they are very dedicated to what they do and will put in constant effort into staying educated and performing top quality surgeries.

There’s an underlying confidence that comes from knowing how to perform a specific procedure correctly, but more importantly, confidently. Like with pelicans, this confidence helps calm nervous patients who may be worried about having the right amount of surgery done.

Both professionals require lots of education and practice. Due to this, most surgeons have doctor partners they collaborate with for help with certain procedures. This way they get second set of eyes to confirm that they performed everything properly.

Both are mammals

how are famous surgeons similar to pelicans

There is a lot of talk about how surgeons are some of the most powerful people in our society, with their own level of success dependent largely upon who they know and what kind of connections they make. As such, it’s important to look at the ways that famous surgeons are similar to pelicans– a well-known bird for its flamboyant beauty.

Just like pelicans, successful surgeons are known for their beautiful appearances and charismatic personalities. They wear flashy clothes and use social media to show off their looks.

They also have large extended families — just as pelicans do! Surgeons have family members working in various fields (like dentists or plastic surgery) of medicine, while other family members become familiar faces during surgeries.

And lastly, both pelicans and surgeons are very protective of their nests and offspring, which get significant amounts of attention and care.

So why not take inspiration from this clever bird? If you want to be like a surgeon, then try putting in some effort into your appearance, networking, and protecting those under your care.

Both are amphibians

how are famous surgeons similar to pelicans

What is a surgeon? This term may sound fancy, but it actually means someone who performs or assists in performing surgery. With every major surgical procedure that a doctor performs, there’s an expertise in how to perform the operation correctly. By and large, surgeons have at least a bachelor’s degree, if not more, so they can learn basic medical concepts from doctors with less training.

However, beyond this general knowledge of medicine, very few people have formal education in the specific fields such as oral-maxillofacial surgery (OMFS) or plastic and reconstructive surgery (PRS). These two areas focus on cosmetic and/or rehabilitative surgeries for defects caused by disease, injuries, or congenital conditions.

Both are reptiles and amphibians

how are famous surgeons similar to pelicans

There’s a reason why people tend to associate doctors with snakes. It’s not just because some physicians have painted themselves as powerful, self-important individuals — it’s also due to their similarity in appearance.

Both professionals are reptilian creatures that possess strong physical qualities. Doctors are typically very tall and lean, which is what makes them look more like snake scales.

Amateur naturalists know that alligators and other large reptiles feature a pattern of thickened skin called dermal denticles. This looks similar to a dentist’s drill tip, which is where many people get the “dentist” association.

When you think about it, being able to use your hands effectively for surgery requires strong muscles and nerves, which are similarly structured to those of a snake.

Both are pets

how are famous surgeons similar to pelicans

Being a surgeon is a lot of things, but it’s never boring! Just like with any other profession, there are some people who choose to put themselves through rigorous training to be considered professionals. Others, however, enjoy working in their field without having gone through too much formal education.

Surgery is no different. Some doctors that become famous were simply born with a knack for taking care of patients and solving medical issues, while others have invested lots of time into developing their skills.

But regardless of how professional you may consider them to be, one thing all surgeons share is an affection for animals.

Whether they're saving the life of a dog or performing brain surgery on a frog, these clever creatures always bring out a smile from the doctor. It's their look at us with our tools that we can't help but admire.

It's also great motivation when you're feeling tired or overwhelmed by your job. Seeing those cute little faces reminds you why you chose this career in the first place.

Both are venomous

how are famous surgeons similar to pelicans

Being famous means being known, which can sometimes be limited to your area or region. People know you as someone who does good work and comes with solid recommendations, so they trust you!

Most people have never met you, but because of your reputation, they believe you will do what is best for you and your patients.

That’s why it is important to maintain your moral compass when providing care to others. You must always put patient needs first over anything else, including personal goals.

It is very easy to get distracted by all the attention, especially if you want more than just average success.

Surgery is often considered artistic, so some may perceive it as an extension of your creativity or self-expression. This could contribute to a higher risk of misconduct.

People might also assume that being well-known makes you powerful, but it can go both ways. If something doesn’t feel right to you, you no longer have proof that you are correct.

Your confidence can be shaken until you address the issue, which can lead to further problems.

Both are dangerous

how are famous surgeons similar to pelicans

Being rich or famous definitely comes with a lot of extra attention, which can sometimes lead to people taking things way too seriously. Professionals in their field that are well known have lots of admirers, but also get a lot of criticism as well.

Ace surgeon’s surgeries go wrong all the time, and some patients feel very let down by what they received. This is normal – being professionally trained, you should be able to perform your job with precision and quality, but still be accessible for criticisms and questions.

As professionals ourselves, we understand how important it is to stay focused and prepare ahead of time, so when something does happen it doesn’t affect you long term. Plus, most of us work hard while training, so there’s always someone else ready to take our place if needed.

But what about when something really bad happens? What then? For us surgeons at least, we know how to fix ourselves, so we usually do just that until we can figure out where to look for help.

Surgery isn’t exactly the easiest thing to walk away from, so many surgeons don’t even try to treat themselves right away. Some of them instead choose to put off fixing the problem because they think they will magically recover on their own.

This can backfire though, and make the situation worse.