How Are Famous Amos Cookies Made

By Tiara

Like any good dessert, there are many ways to make famous amos cookies! This article will go into detail about some of the recipes for making these crispy chocolate chip cookies in the baking section of the recipe box.

Having never made them before, I can’t say that one is better than the other. Each person has their favorite way to make them!

It is totally okay if you have to go online to find a recipe or none at all! Many people enjoy creating their own recipes so you should try your hand at it someday.

There are several types of recipes for making this cookie including soft and warm drop style, hard and cold slab style, and hot and dry batch style. We will discuss each type here and what temperature they are typically cooked at.

This article will be very helpful for those who love eating sweets and want to know more about how to make delicious desserts.

Make the batter

how are famous amos cookies made

The dough for our famous amos comes from two main sources, either chocolate chip or oatmeal cookie mix. You choose which one you want to use in the recipe by adding either chips or cookies into the mixture!

The easiest way to make the dough is using a food processor. Simply put all of the ingredients together and process until it forms a ball. Then, roll the dough around your hands and cut into balls. This will take about 30 minutes to prepare since there are so many components.

Bake the cookies

how are famous amos cookies made

In creating our famous amos cookie, what kind of batter we use and how they are baked really make a difference. To test if your recipe is mixed properly, mix a small amount of dough- this can be done in a baking sheet or with your hands!

If the shape does not set into a circle, the mixture needs more milk or butter. If the shape sets but flattens as it bakes, the dry ingredients were not incorporated enough. The whole process depends on having good mixing and incorporating of the right balance of components!

The hardest part about making our famous cookies is trying new recipes to see if we have succeeded in changing them slightly to fit our own personal taste. There are many recipes for the classic chocolate chip that do not call for using all of the chips at once! This way you get some leftover bits which add flavor and texture to the next batch.

Make the icing

how are famous amos cookies made

In addition to adding cream into the chocolate, what kind of butter you use in the recipe makes a big difference!

To give the cookies more shape, soft butter is needed so that the dough will not be too hard to roll in cookie-making machines. To make sure your cookies are crunchy, cold solid butter is needed so that they hold their shape well.

When making the icing, remember that it can contain both white and milk sugar so that it may gel or melt slightly when baking. This way, it'll set properly and stick to the cooked cookie just like real AMOS would!

The final ingredient in the recipe is vanilla, which helps contribute some flavor to the dough.

Try some recipes

how are famous amos cookies made

In case you were wondering how to make your own famous cookies, there are two main components that make up most of the recipe.

Have fun playing with flavors

how are famous amos cookies made

As we mentioned before, famous amos cookies are not your average oatmeal cookie! That is why there are so many different flavor variations of these soft and chewy chocolate chip cookies.

Many add vanilla or cocoa powder to give them an additional taste. Some mix in dried fruits such as cranberries or raisins for more diversity. Others make salty ones by adding white sugar and buttery spread chips.

All of these additions create slightly different textures and tastes that people enjoy.

Eat them all!

how are famous amos cookies made

There are two main ingredients in our famous chocolate chip cookies — butter and sugar. Both of these ingredients are necessary to make a great cookie, so feel free to use either one of them alone to make your own version.

The second ingredient is vanilla extract or powder, which some say does not taste good enough to put into the recipe by itself. When used together with the other dry ingredients, such as baking soda and cocoa powder, it gives the perfect balance that famous flavor we know and love.

Then comes the dough stage, where you can mix, shape, and bake the cookies like recipes call for. The only difference is how many cookies each batch makes, depending on the size of the balls of dough they form.

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how are famous amos cookies made

Many people know famous amos cookies for their toasted coconut, chocolate chip, or oatmeal raisin flavor but what many don’t realize is that recipes for these types of amos have been in existence since at least 1976!

In fact, the recipe for our most popular cookie (Oatmeal Raisin) was published in Baking with Yeast back in 1989! This means that this classic cookie has gone through quite some changes over the years.

The main difference between today’s version and the original one is baking time- both need six to eight minutes per batch. Another change comes in the form of ingredient ratio- we use slightly more butter than milk.

After publishing the Oatmeal RAISIN RECIPE in 1989, the author shared it all around the world by posting it on her website along with the Topping Suggestions.

Ask your friends to try them

how are famous amos cookies made

If you have ever heard of these chocolate chip cookies or butter drop cookies, you have probably seen pictures of them or even made some yourself! These famous style baked goods are known for their drops of sweet cream in the middle and sometimes coconut as well.

The recipe that makes these types of cookie is very simple and can be found anywhere online or through cookbooks. They mix together melted butter, sugar, and milk and then add an egg and blend again until smooth.