How A Famous Singer

By Tiara

There are many different ways to make an audience laugh, from making fun of things that seem serious to joking about situations that are not funny at all. These types of humor are usually referred to as dry jokes or situational comedy.

With situational comedy, context is important. You must understand what has made someone else laugh before you can start telling your own joke. This is because people who tell their own stories often miss how other people’s experiences influence them. For example, if I told you a story about me traveling around Europe for two weeks, it would probably lack punch unless I also mentioned my roommate’s crazy antics in our room.

A famous example of this type of storytelling is The Aristocrats, an episode of Saturday Night Live where host Ron Swanson tells his own story while explaining why government is a bad idea. He begins by saying politicians are only interested in themselves and their personal success, then goes onto say that they are too selfish to care about others.

After he says this, the camera cuts to show him throwing up his hands in disgust. At first we think there was no reason given for his outburst, but later on we realize that he was thinking of one!

That is the beauty of telling your own story through comedic writing; you get to include everything related to yourself without anyone feeling left out. Your readers will enjoy reading about your experiences more than listening to someone talk about theirs.

Taylor Swift

how a famous singer

As we know, Taylor is quite the popular singer! She has received many accolades for her music and career, including three Grammy Awards.

But what most people don’t realize is that she started her career as an actor!

From 2004 to 2006, Taylor starred in the TV show “Taylor Swift” which was about a young girl who becomes famous after singing a song at her school talent show.

She even won the award for Best Performance in a Video of this song! Her success quickly took off from there.

Since then, she hasn’t stopped working hard and achieving more things. Now, she owns several businesses and recording studios, she writes her own songs, and she makes tons of money.

Justin Bieber

how a famous singer

As we grow up, we develop an understanding of what things mean to us. For some people, it’s music that helps them achieve this. Many artists influence their lives and self-image, making songs and albums that they listen to very important.

Music has played an integral part in the life of Canadian singer/songwriter Justin Bieber. His favorite song as a child was definitely not one you would expect.

Bieber loved The Jackson 5 track “I'll Be There for You” so much that he performed the lyrics back when he couldn't speak English. He later found out the rest of the song's lyrics and realized they talked about death!

He also remembers listening to a lot of Whitney Houston songs while growing up, such as her hit ballad "My Heart Will Never Reverge." Although she is now considered controversial due to her personal struggles with alcohol and drug use, she made lots of heartwarming music during her career, most of which are popular today.

You can tell there is still something special about her voice even though she could sometimes sound a little shaky or raspy. This effect makes it more powerful and beautiful, just like hers.

Lady Gaga

how a famous singer

As we know, Lady Gaga is just about two years into her career as a singer, but she has already left an unforgettable impression with her unique style and music. She does not seem to be hesitant to experiment with her songs or styles, which have garnered her many fans.

If you need some inspiration for song writing, look no further than one of her most popular tracks- “Glamorous”!

This catchy tune tells the story of a person who believes he is worthless and unappreciated until he meets his match — glamour. The lyrics also describe how this person comes in contact with this new form of beauty and it changes him completely.

The next day they go out together and people notice the change. It is their own personal glamour that attracts attention, making them feel good about themselves. This brings us back to the original theme, let yourself enjoy the small things in life because these little glimmers of self esteem can really help you rise above your current state.

Your inner being knows what you want, so listen to it.

Ed Sheeran

how a famous singer

Many people know the singer/songwriter Ed Sheeran for his catchy songs with lyrics that stick in your mind, such as “Shape of you” or “Disconnecting from you.”

However, some may not realize just how successful he is!

He has had six number one albums across all genres, five Grammy Awards, and over 50 million followers on social media. He is also known to be very generous, donating money to charities and helping others in need.

Sheer will always put his energy into what he loves, which is singing and writing music. It does not matter if he needs a break or not, he will keep putting more effort into his career to succeed.

His hard work seems to pay off since he has been consistently producing hit after hit. He knows it might not happen immediately, but he keeps going until he gets his success.

Taylor Swift

how a famous singer

As most of you know, Taylor Swift is one of the biggest music artists in the world! She has had an incredible career that includes seven number one singles, five Grammy wins, and over $100 million in album sales.

Swift’s success as a musician comes from her ability to write catchy songs with powerful lyrics that have strong emotions. Her songs often deal with issues such as love, heartbreak, fear, hope, and faith.

She is also known for her fashion style which usually features very expensive clothing. Many people consider her to be famous not just because she is rich but also due to how popular she is on social media.

You can learn a lot about writing by studying the work of talented writers. You can even use your own experiences to add depth to your stories. In fact, I would suggest doing this whether you are planning on becoming a writer or not.