H1b Visa Interview Requirements

By Tiara

An employment-based visa is the H1B visa. This article will go into detail about what kinds of employers can use this visa, how many visas are available each year, and what kind of interviews you will have while applying for one.

The main purpose of an H1B visa is to allow your employer to hire you to work in the United States. The employee must be paid at least as well as they would be in their home country, however. Employers cannot use the visa to pay lower wages than what is allowed under US law.

If your employer uses the H1B visa to pay less than what is legally permitted, then you may still be able to apply for another visa if you qualify. You would also need to prove that you made every effort to recruit local workers first before seeking other options.

There is a caveat with hiring too few employees via the H1B visa. If your job falls within the small business rule (discussed below), then it may not require federal registration or worker’s compensation coverage.

Be a resident of the country you wish to immigrate to

h1b visa interview requirements

To be considered for an employment-based visa, such as the H1B visa, your employer must prove that there are no qualified citizens of the United States who can do the job.

If this is not the case, or if the employee receiving the higher salary is also not an American citizen, then it would be in the employers’ best interest to recruit foreign workers instead. This could mean offering lower wages!

By law, employers are obligated to make every effort to hire within their organization and from out of company sources before considering hiring outside professionals.

This is why most companies use recruitment agencies and/or professional help finding employees. An agency may even represent both parties in the employment contract.

Have a job or a career plan

A non-working visa is the H1B visa, which allows professionals from around the world to come work in America for up to five years. Employers must have a valid hiring process before they can use this visa to hire someone new!

On top of that, the employer needs to be able to prove their investment in training will not only benefit them, but the employee too. The employee also has to show they are willing to make changes to fit into the culture of the company you’re moving to.

If either one of these things isn’t true, then the employer cannot start the employment relationship. This could include not paying salary, or even just letting the individual go because there's no position available at the workplace.

The individuals who apply for an H1B visa must agree to live with the restrictions put on them by the U.S. government. These restrictions limit how much money they're allowed to bring in, what kind of jobs they can do, and if they can own or invest property outside of retirement savings.

There are some exceptions to this rule, such as when your family lives in another country, or if you have health issues that require expensive medication or treatments. But overall, people applying for H1Bs should know about it and be prepared for it.

Have a return ticket

h1b visa interview requirements

It is very important to have a confirmed return flight before you leave for your interview, this can be done in two ways- through airline tickets or via an airfare confirmation website.

It is not enough to simply purchase a plane ticket from A to B because there are many airlines that offer cheap flights which do not maintain quality customer service. If you find a good deal, buy it but don’t expect much beyond what they tell you during the interview!

By confirming with an airline directly, you will get more detailed information about the cabin of the airplane, how close the hotel is to the airport, and if there are extra costs for things like parking or day tours. This way, you are sure to know what to look out for ahead of time!

We recommend using Google Maps or another mapping app to check for available hotels near the airport as well as review some reviews online to see how people interacted with the facility.

Have proof of your ability to pay your way

h1b visa interview requirements

In addition to having enough money to last you for the length of time you are in India, you will also need to have evidence that you can afford to live here on a long-term basis. This could be through proof of income or savings, or both.

It is very difficult to deny someone who has adequate financial resources to come and see us at our country so we do not recommend going into this with no preparation.

Income proofs include: Proof of employment (with confirmation), proof of self-employment, proof of pension, dividend incomes or allowances, interest earnings, etc.

Have proof of your health insurance

h1b visa interview requirements

Even though there is no requirement to have medical coverage while on an H-1B visa, most employers do require this. Because you will be working for their company, they will usually cover you through their employee benefits program or via individual plans.

If you are not currently in the workforce but planning to apply for employment after the expiration of your current visa status, you can still prove that you have adequate health care by showing that you already have it. Simply make sure to update your documents before submitting your application!

You do not need to pay monthly premiums or even yearly dues if your healthcare is otherwise covered through another source, like Medicare or Medicaid. What you CANNOT use as proof of adequate health insurance is a policy with higher annual fees than what you would normally spend per year. For example, if you typically spend $4,000 per year on healthcare, then a policy which costs $8,000 per year cannot be used to show that you have adequate health insurance.

There is one exception to this rule – fully subsidized policies such as those offered through state programs like CHIP (Children’s Health Insurance Program) or MEDI (Medical Expenses Assistance Plan). These types of policies are totally free because the government pays the rest.

Have proof of your savings

h1b visa interview requirements

Along with showing that you have enough money to establish yourself in the new country, there is another important requirement for an H1B visa- proof that you will maintain this established lifestyle after you return home.

If you plan to visit family back in the United States or travel for business, it is very likely that they will ask about these plans during your interview.

They may even insist on seeing documents proving that you have made such trips before! This could potentially hurt your chances of getting accepted into the U.S. as a resident if you are not able to prove that you have done things like this before.

So what kind of proofs can you use? You can show bank statements with large deposits or withdraws, car titles, house deeds, etc. That is definitely practical information.

But beyond that, there are some other ways to prove stable income. A friend’s reference or even a relative who has lived abroad previously is helpful too. If possible, having pay stubs and/or job offers is ideal.

Have proof of your family members

h1b visa interview requirements

While it is not required to have every member of your family here on a visa, you should be prepared with documentation for at least two people per category. This includes passports, green cards, marriage certificates, birth certificates, etc.

It is very common to see employers ask about this during an interview. More often than not they are looking for proof that someone will take care of your relatives if something happens to you while in their country.

Some examples of documents that show your commitment to your loved ones include:

Marriage certificate

Birth certificate

Police record (for criminals)

Court document or affidavit (like wills)

Evidence of health insurance coverage

Proof of sufficient income to support yourself and your dependents

These can all be found easily online or through local government agencies. Make sure to check legal requirements as well as confidentiality rules when searching for these documents.

Have your passport

h1b visa interview requirements

Having proof of residency is an important part of proving that you have enough money to support yourself while living in the United States. This can be done through having a valid driver’s license, bank statements, or house hold documents (proof of residence). If these items are not present, then it may be suspected that you will be traveling for work soon after arriving here!

It is very easy to get this information before coming to America, but once again, staying in touch with people back home makes it hard to stay in stealth mode.